Social Media Case Study: Colive


Colive offers ready to move rental homes in 150+ cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The major objective of the brand is to “Create the future of Living” and to become India’s most valuable community living brand.

Co-living is a modern form of housing where residents share common interests & values in a shared economy. The brand offers rental homes that offer flexible and affordable options for students, working professionals and others giving them the comfort of urban living.

The rooms are designed to cater a home to all users. The interiors and common spaces are designed with premium amenities and tech enabled security features.

The brand offers smart, secure, stylish serviced rooms built for your comfort.



Colive approached Moshi Moshi with two primary objectives of getting the users perspective of the brand to be changed on social media and also generate more check-ins into the Colive homes.

The brand was looking forward to doing the same by means of running strong social media campaigns and running Search Engine Marketing.


The brand’s social campaigns were mainly categorized into the following four funnels to solve multiple issues that the brand was facing:

  1. Functional Campaigns:
    This stage is designed to revamp the brand’s image. Provide clarity on various aspects like bringing to light the positive experience of users, and much more.
  1. Brand Scaling Campaigns:
    People know about Colive but we will build the brand as a highly valued brand. Numbers don’t lie and are proof of how big Colive is example: 500+ properties, 60+ locations, etc)
  2. Project Positioning Campaigns:
    Now that people know how big the brand is, it’s time to highlight the projects, the services and locations
  3. Community Building Campaigns:
    We need to revamp the brand’s image as much more than just a living situation but it is a community, talking about the Colive stories, networking opportunities and focus on sustainability.

The visual identity of the brand was revamped to suit the brands personality and content was modified by developing a strong brand tonality which resonates with our audience.

Social Media Case Study: Colive


Social Media Case Study: ColiveOver the span between October ’21 to January ’22, the brand saw a promising growth across its social channels, with about 908 followers, 34,11,250 accounts reached and 11,901 accounts engaged.

Are you struggling to get your brand presence improved on social channels, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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