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Debating about your favorite TV shows, or movies, or the Economy, or the Market?

Here’s the perfect platform, open for questions and answers regarding your interest – Quora!

Quora is a platform that not only answers questions about Disney characters or your health but even considers the business perspective of your interests.

Quora can also be a podium for pitching business ideas or starting a revolution in the world of marketing strategies. 

If you are looking to build your brand as an expert in your niche or industry, one great approach to do so is to answer questions on Quora. Regardless of whether you’re an expert on a particular topic, odds are you still know more than others. Quora is a powerful platform to start marketing and reach your brand’s audience. 

This question and answer network allows you to connect and communicate with a worldwide audience in order to widen your reach for ideas and creations. Learn how to get the most out of Quora, from creating the best profile to submitting the perfect answers.

Here are some ways to fire up your marketing strategies with Quora

Why Marketers should be using Quora?

Quora is directed by the goal to share and grow the world’s knowledge online. Knowledge exists in a lot of places—books, podcasts, and everywhere on the Internet. It goes beyond hard truths and facts about the universe.

Quora connects people who have the knowledge through Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine learning to those who need it. It works in a way that the right people get the right answer to the right question at the right time.

The more you use the platform the more Quora learns about your expertise and passes you the questions that you are equipped to answer. Work on getting upvotes and support for your answers to increase your visibility in Quora. That can be achieved when you practice answering questions as rapidly as possible after they’re posted. The askers will be more likely to upvote your answer or engage with you if they get an answer immediately. 

Here are some of the most significant benefits of using Quora for your marketing strategy: 

1. Position your brand as a leader in your industry

This Social Media Platform is basically set up to increase the credibility and position of you as a leader in your industry. You can’t build your image in a day, but everyone starts with 0 followers. It doesn’t matter if you’re CEO of one of the big 4 companies or a school student writing from your mom’s basement.

Coming up with the best answers, seeking out relevant questions, and creating the perfect profile is the best way to position yourself as a thought leader on Quora.

Topics on this platform range from anything to everything – be it shopping, cooking, advertising, or just about anything else you can think of. The users who answer these questions are often qualified in those subject matters. 

Quora has become a go-to source for the people who want their questions to be answered by experts.

So, if you start coming up with insightful answers to their questions on a consistent basis, users will start to seek your expertise frequently and that can lead to growth from 0 to thousands of followers in a short period.

2. Drive high-quality traffic

Don’t be a salesman, rather use Quora as an educational opportunity. This can be one of your best marketing strategies. You can gain a ton of traffic to your website and have consistently insightful answers across the board.

When the audience finds your answer helpful, they usually end up clicking through the link to learn more about your company.

Again there are answers with direct links posted to websites. This is one of the most hated mediums of promotion – blatant shameless promotion.

For instance: 

  • “Click on this link to find the answer.”
  • “Get an answer on my website___”
  • “Read my blog ___”

These kinds of answers will get you little to no traffic from Quora to your website.

Here’s an example of a spam answer:

The answer was collapsed and the user was marked spam by the Quora privacy and policy team. 

The correct method of driving traffic to the website is by writing helpful, sincere answers and then sharing links at the end of the answers. 

Once you start writing good answers, Quorans will be convinced about your credentials and your knowledge of those particular sectors. 

You can mention your link in the following ways:

  • “I provide similar Branding advice at ____”
  • “I provide similar views at “My Blog Name”

Try answering this way, you’ll see 8 out of 10 readers might visit your site for further information. 

Here’s the right method to get Quora traffic:

  • Write an insightful and well-researched answer.
  • The answers will establish your authority as a knowledgeable personality on those subjects.
  • Paste your link at the end of the answer.

Again, don’t make the mistake of self-promotion. Quorans hate self-promotion. You might end up receiving downvotes.

3. Content Marketing

Quora is an incredible tool for valuable content marketing. 

Quora gives exposure to your blogs by distributing and amplifying the content. The content on Quora that is indexed by Google is evergreen. Unlike Social media posts, your posts on Quora can appear even 20 years from now.   

You can take 100-200 word snippets of the content from your website and direct readers to visit your site by adding “Visit our blog to get more information”. Or you can write an original response to the questions.

But, if you’re reusing the existing content don’t forget to add quotation marks or brackets. This aids Quora’s machine learning system in identifying the originality of answers, which would otherwise be flagged or removed. 

Quora is a great platform to learn and understand your audience and the questions they have with them.

Moreover, It is the perfect place for content research also. Enter the keywords in the search bar and find all the relevant streaming questions and topics.

Quora will help you understand your target audience better and the type of questions they have and what content you can come up with that can be of use to them.

4. Search Visibility

Quora questions are searchable through search engines like Google. The content you post here remains evergreen, taking people back to your website whenever a problem is trending.

Moreover, you can earn mentions in other publications as well. Your reach with the help of quora can extend beyond the website’s user base. A huge number of sites now are sourcing content from Quora. 

Let’s take the example of, the search for ‘’ shows a large number of posts that appeared on site.

quora for business

5. Increase your reach with Quora Ads

Once you are well established and have gained credibility on Quora, you should start promoting your answers. You have the option to boost your answers for a certain amount of fee and set ad perimeters around it. For example, you can promote a review your customer has given about your brand and any other great answer about your services.

Promoting your answers on Quora is a good move to increase your company or your reach.

quora for business

To start with Quora ads, you need to set up an ads account, just as you would do it for Facebook to boost a post. You will have to define the target budget and promotion period. You can also define a target audience and location as well.

There are different kinds of targeting that quora offer. You can run contextual-based advertising placements that target everyone who has shown an interest in specific topics. 

Then again there is behavioral targeting based on what Quorans have engaged within their past activities, and targeting based on keywords.

Also note that advertisers cannot target the keyword in answers, only in questions.

When an answer is promoted, the question along with it also gets highlighted. The question and answer appear in a pair as a native post in the feeds of the users. The only thing that makes it different is that it will be tagged as “sponsored” along with the name of the brand or company. 

Promoting answers is not only one type of ad that Quora offers, but advertisers can also create text and image ads. 

Wrapping up


Did we cover a lot of ground? I hope your head is not spinning! 

If you think we have done a good job with this article, equip yourself to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that Quora offers.

There’s no doubt that Quora can be one of the best platforms for building a loyal audience and generating leads.

So what are you waiting for? Start making Quora part of your funnel and hop to it!

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