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Uniso has had the first movers advantage in the Indian market. Positioning them as India's largest chain of lifestyle stores was the task at hand.

Target Market

Youth, Couples, Homemakers, People looking for gifting ideas, experimental shoppers, value-conscious buyers,

Brand &

Brand & Brief

India’s largest chain of lifestyle stores.

UNISO’s philosophy revolves around contributing to a better everyday life by providing a wide range of products, which are designed to be practical and useful alternatives. UNISO is India’s largest chain of lifestyle stores which offer you quality products at the lowest possible prices so that you pay less, shop more.


Bringing Brightness to Your Lifestyle

The Lifestyle sector has been advancing fast due to the innovations and the utility it brings in people’s lives. We looked at UNISO as the next big talk of the town. Using modern textures we came up with the new brand character for UNISO. It had to be bright colours, yet it had to give a lifestyle feel to the customer. UNISO is a Brick & mortar chain, so its touchpoints had to be equally strong.


The Ultimate Shopping Destination

Their branding and website reflected as the above mentioned. Embracing uniqueness the want to stand apart from the crowd, and brightness to their customers’ lives. Making the brand seem like the ultimate shopping destination.

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