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Corporate Branding, website UI/UX design


To establish a brand identity in the highly competitive world of studying abroad. To provide experienced assistance to those attempting to study at an international university.

Target Market

Domestic Students, Colleges, Universities, International Students

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Making Your Future Easier

UniHelp is a platform that helps build and maintain a network of international students. These students are based in the US, Europe, the UAE, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan. The Ambassadors on this platform are students in their senior years at colleges in other countries. Having been through the process, they are the best guidance for young, high school students aspiring to study abroad.


The Graduation Cap

To perfectly capture the idea that this app is based on, we combined the two most aspects of UniHelp. The Graduation Cap, to signify the success of the app and the student in establishing a good future; along with the U of UniHelp, that signifies the focus of this app, and education on YOU, as an individual.


Higher Education - Simplified

The endless amounts of information, and admission process requirements for each college, students can get a bit overwhelmed. With the counseling provided by the ambassadors over the app, students can find the courses best suited to them, as well as scholarship and career opportunities. The logo, icons, and illustrations created reflect these features and highlight college students.

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