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Spice Route Legal


Website UI/UX design


To establish an identity in the world of leading legal service providers. To be associated with precision, innovation, and practicality.

Target Market

Finance Companies, Corporates, Sports and Media Companies, Content Companies, Individuals, Tech Companies

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Many companies threaten to sue for bad designs, some actually can.

Spice Route Legal aims to provide legal services to companies keeping in mind the lack of jurisdictional boundaries in modern trade and commerce. They work in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to, Technology, Corporate, Equity, Litigation, Intellectual Property Rights, and Media and Sports.


Precision and Expertise made Accessible

To match the precision of this brand, we designed and built the website around their brand colors and expertise. Creating an accessible, and efficient interface, accompanied with content that clearly conveyed the brand beliefs.


Practicality to Assist Legal Leaders

Being one of India’s leading law firms, they advise governments, domestic and international companies, consortia, and investment funds to effectively work within the complicated legal landscape. Their cross-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary expertise produces innovative and practical solutions to complex situations. Similarly, we created a practical website that assists them in effectively carrying forward their work.

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