Case Study

SO Design


E-commerce photoshoot.


Ensure that precise photoshoots are delivered to the clothing brand for their online and offline.

Target Market

College students, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Corporates 18-50 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Shadow Mannequin photoshoots.

SO DESIGN FACTORY is a concept clothing brand located out of Bangalore, India. They dare to be different from mainstream apparel makers. SO Design factory offers versatile, fashionable classics, designed for the contemporaries with a style that catches one’s eye.

The Brand releases over 200-300 new styles every season and they required somebody to constantly support them in the e-commerce shoot space. Moshi Moshi took this as an assignment and kept consistency across the photoshoot.


5 Angles, 500 plus products

We marked places on the whiteboard and ensured all our angles and photoshoots were kept around those. Every product was folded and placed cleanly over the mannequins. Though the process was very time consuming, we tried to be as precise as possible.


Iron, Dress, Click, Repeat

Yes, every product had to be ironed carefully ensuring no crease is left out. Our team of stylists and photographers ensured that every photoshoot looked just like the previous one. Quality checks were put at various touchpoints to ensure the entire process right form shoot to the post production was in line.

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