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Seldom Interiors


Corporate Branding,WEBSITE UI/UX


To become the first choice of customers looking to metamorphose their houses into signature homes.

Target Market

Corporates, Interior Designers, People buying flats, villas, apartments, Independent consultants 25-61 flats, villas, apartments, Independent consultants 25-60

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Signature homes that Reflect your Tradition and Culture

Seldom means rare and they strongly believe that interior design is not just cabinetries but a home that has meaningful culturally-aligned personalized spaces. Diamond Wall (parent company) has received major appreciation from their customers regarding the quality and the aesthetics of the interiors across all their projects. Which then prompted them to launch a separate entity named “Seldom Interiors Private Ltd”, which has a singular focus of delivering highly sensitized home interiors for apartment/villas.


Inspired by Nature, With a Touch of Uniqueness

We used the inspiration of Weaver birds, and a fingerprint to create a logo that embraced different qualities. The idea of building a nest (home) from basic materials and the process that goes into building homes and giving them the uniqueness of each feature within a home. Apply the same analogy to Seldom and also where Seldom’s logo is inspired from.


Metamorphosis Brought by Seldom

The aim and result was to make Seldom the first choice of customers looking to metamorphose their houses into signature homes. We attempted to achieve this by using nature and a basic tenet of humanity to grasp the concepts that Seldom reflects.

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