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To Develop a Corporate video to celebrate 20 years of SAP Labs india. The video would showcase how far they have come and how far they are to go.

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Potential Clients, Potential Employees, Investors, Partners, Corporates

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Brand & Brief

The Big 2.0 is here

To highlight the successes of SAP Labs, and showcase what makes the employees of this office and campus as efficient and beneficial as they are.


Innovation and Employee Satisfaction in 2 Videos

SAP Labs are the R&D entities of SAP. They work towards constantly developing improved SAP solutions. Located around the globe, there are 20 labs in 17 countries. They appreciate an innovative and open mind, and their vast growth in 20 years in India reflects the same.

We created two videos for them, the first one was to thank their impeccable employees – the power behind them. Highlighting the features of their campus, and what SAP Labs provide as a brand, and as an employer, shows viewers a part of what has led to this tremendous success.


20 years of SAP Labs India

Creating a space that is inclusive, encouraging, and innovative altogether can be difficult for a brand of any size, especially for one as large as SAP Labs. With a huge population within the campus, they provide their hard-working employees with amenities and facilities beyond the professional sphere and allow them to grow as individuals as well.

In this video, we hear the employees give us their personal opinions on their work environment and how it has helped them grow over time, to be the productive backbone of SAP Labs as they are.

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