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Sankesh Surana


E-commerce Website,E-commerce Photoshoot,Corporate Branding


Website UI/UX, Logo Design, Branding

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Millennials, Couples, Marriages, Corporates 30-60yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

How we went about designing a motif for Sankesh Surana?

Sankesh Surana is an independent designer and is known for his unique jewellery collection. The brand wanted to position itself as a luxury jeweller in the handcrafted jewelry segment. There were 2 major requirements by the brand. A website and a Motif which would form a part of their brand identity.


Suppose we choose a theme of textures, animals, or nature, we could use such patches to represent how all those elements can blend easily with the Sankesh Surana Motif. Any pattern juxtaposed with the motif would add life and meaning to both, the element and the motif.


Plains of gems

A combination of Architecture, Culture, Beauty, and Rich Flora & Fauna, the main source where the design inspiration comes from. After going through tons of design inspirations and references the below motif and website were finalised for Sankesh Surana.

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