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Pool King


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To create a series of A/V's to increase awareness about an upcoming 8-Ball Pool app by the industry leader Junglee Games.

Target Market

Online gamers, Millennials, Youth.

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Play with the Champion

Pool King is an online multiplayer 8-ball pool game app. It allows you to interact and compete with other pool players from various places across the country. With brilliant graphics, intuitive controls, and a foolproof security system that ensures all details are secured, Pool King brings a whole new level of thrill to the game.


India's Largest Online Pool Community

We created 5 short videos, highlighting the in-house billiards and pool expert in India – Pankaj Advani. With him making impressive shots to show the skill and precision required in the game, we aimed to get some youngsters interested, and the flame in some older players rekindled.


Pankaj Advani on Poolking

With the use of advanced physics, the app is built to give you a realistic experience, and to not take away from the feeling of playing on a real table. We wanted to showcase that feeling of reality in our videos, and did that with the help of a star in the world of pool. Creating videos that establish an identity as a unique and appealing platform, for those interested in 8-Ball pool at any level.

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