Case Study

Pearl EyeFlax


Packaging Design


Position Eyeflax as an aspirational brand.

Target Market

Women, Husbands, Couples, Newlyweds, Villages, Towns 20-60 years

Brand &

Brand & Brief

They say that a Bindi completes an Indian woman. We say, it's the Faith.

The Indian Bindi market is heavily crowded. Every other manufacturer or bindi brand follows the same design or has similar names. How do we break the clutter and position Pearl Eyeflax as an aspirational brand?


Highlighting and Appreciating Consumers

When women are the end users of the product, why have the other brands not been able to leverage the power of the gender in their branding. This was both a challenge and an opportunity. So we decided to illustrate the woman on the face of the product.


Engaging Emotion

We used a representation of the target audience in the packaging, coupled with attractive, and attention-grabbing colours. This leads to a brilliant final result that helps engage more than just an aesthetic, or visually appealing factors, but deeper factors such as boldness and emotion.

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