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Corporate branding, E-commerce Website


Rebranding an ethical fashion brand around 2 core philosophies i.e., be responsible yet not loose the fashion.

Target Market

Millennials, Colleges, Corporates, Environmentally responsibly people. 18-60 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Organic Clothing that represents Nature

A New age Ethical fashion brand which is built upon on 2 core philosophies i.e., being responsible at the same time being fashionable. Rebranding an ethical brand to meet the needs of the modern world turned out to be a task of its own kind.

Northmist started with the vision of being more sustainable. Over the years they have successfully been able to change the lives of both farmers and customers, all while being environmentally responsible. This is their story of being thoughtful, responsible and sustainable.


Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion

While most of the ethical brands focus on being ethical, they miss out on being fashionable which sometimes becomes a downside for the brand. But not Northmist, and surely not when Moshi Moshi is around.
To come up with sustainable branding for a sustainable brand, we went into the basics of where sustainability and responsibility derive its meaning. And what could be more sustainable than a leaf? The process of photosynthesis, its responsibility towards humans and other living beings on Mother Earth!


Bringing Art and Nature together

A watercolour effect, a neat design, and a colour palette that embraces one of the most beautiful colours found in nature, in it’s variety of shades. With the new brand look used to create a website that highlights their ideologies, and the products they offer beautifully.

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