Case Study

Momo Jojo


Restaurant & Branding


Target Market

Teenagers, Millennials, Colleges, Quick Snackers, Chinese food lovers, Cor- porates / 15-50 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Meet the new food villain.

Momo Jojo is the new food villain in the town.

The idea behind momo jojo was to reimagine dumplings! Momo Jojo exists for the sole purpose of spreading love for Momos. The sheer variety of thir chef-crafted momos will make you drool. Visit our store or order online for an unforgettable snacking experience. The brand wanted a unique brand identity for their upcoming stores. We thought why not let’s showcase the history of how momos became a part of the Indian food cuisine.


Love for momos

We went about redesigning the entire identity for momojojo that would differentiate it from its competitors. An illustration based branding which would help the brand be easily recognizable in the crowd. The menu was kept dark and rustic so that it goes well with the illustration theme.


There was a momo and then there was a jojo.

Since the name reminded everyone of the popular powerpuff girls villain mojo jojo, we thought the branding should justice to the name.
The branding i.e., Menu, Phamplets, standees and other marketing collaterals were well received by the target audience and helped the brand establish the identity it was aiming at.

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