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From the 90’s? Well, here's a cafe, bar, and a restaurant for you.

Target Market

Teenagers, Millennials, Colleges, Corporates - 21-40 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Are you a Millennial? The fun part is now you can be one.

A multi-cuisine restaurant and bar based in JP Nagar, Bangalore. The concept is to create a space for the go-getters and those who choose to think beyond the conventional.

The idea was to create a brand that highlighted these beliefs, show it in their space, their logo, and their entire identity.


The Majestic Tiger

A modern, cutting edge tiger emblem inspired by the jungles of Gir was designed to speak the brand language? Why? Because the millennials are bold, they are calculative, they are the go-getters, they are ferocious, they are not afraid of anything. Aren’t tigers the same? A lot of other designs were also explored before locking down on the final millennials logo.


Being Bold

A logo and brand idea that embraced this idea of boldness, and reflected it across the space of the restaurant. Also based in a color palette that reflected the colors of the majestic tiger.

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