Case Study

Max Fashion


Live Videos, Ad Film


To create a set of videos to showcase and promote MAX's upcoming summer collection.

Target Market

Teenagers, Millennials, Colleges, Corporates /18-32 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Summer Collection‘18 Promo AV

A clothing multi-brand store, that is ideal for youngsters, Max is already popular among the youth and the millennials. This time they chose various RJ’s across the city to be their summer collection influencers. A single directive for the shoot, the edits, the BGM was that it should be as peppy as it can.


We Create Fashion. Today. Tomorrow.

4 A/V’s were shot and compiled at Max fashion stores across the city within 2 days. After a lot of cuts that weren’t giving us the vibe we wanted, the team felt that the best way to do it, was to let the RJs act freely and let them be themselves.


Bring Fun to Fashion

4 Videos that are filled with fun, just the right amount of peppiness and that highlight the Summer Collection as requested. With the RJs being comfortable, and acting as they wished brought a natural life to the videos.

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