Case Study

Louverline Blinds


Website UI/UX


Positioning gets tough when the market gets crowded.
An interactive Website positioning them as the pioneers in an innovative manner, did the magic.

Target Market

Corporates, Interior Designers, People buying flats, villas, apartments. 22-60

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Designing Sunlight for You

Louverline Blinds has been a pioneer in the arena of sun protection and window blinds. Been in the industry since 1998, Louverine has specialised in providing innovative, high quality window treatments and custom made window blinds. Blind is their product, Designing sunlight is what they do.


Setting a Standard in a Growing Market

As more people are coming online everyday, a website that could literally let you feel the product would take the brand to a next level.


Playful Subtlety and Blinds

An interactive Website positioning them as the pioneers in an innovative manner did the magic. We managed this with a playful, but subtle colour palette, that makes for an extremely classy website, giving the brand a platform that brilliantly captures the essence of what they provide, even beyond their product.

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