Case Study

Koyas Incense


E-commerce Website Design, Social Media, Packaging


To develop a Digital identity for one of the biggest incense makers in the south indian region. A website, videos , social media and everything else that would help us build the brand digital.

Target Market

Home Makers, Wives, Parents, People who enjoy fresh and clean households, 22-65 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Koya’s- Bringing the essence of tradition to you.

What started as a small entrepreneurial endeavor in 1970, Koya’s today is a pioneer in the world of Incense Industry and is leading the charge with Innovation, Quality & utmost Customer satisfaction. Koya’s is a household name today with its top brands like Maya Supreme, Chandan, Demand, Intimate, Heaven Wood, Panchagani & Mogra being the hottest selling Incense brands in the market.

Koya’s required a digital platform for their incense market and wanted a unique website which is unlike anything anybody has ever seen.


Cultures and Traditions

Koya’s is an Agarbathi, and Healthcare company. Offering a range of incense sticks, as well as a range of soaps. They embrace natural and herbal ingredients and form products that help the modern Indian feel in touch with the nature India has to offer.

To bring out this natural essence of Koya’s we redesigned their website and made their products readily available to anyone interested. Keeping in mind the ingredients and bright packaging they use, we designed a website that highlights these factors as best it can. Fresh elements like their fresh ingredients helped bring the website to life, and make it more attractive.

We designed two websites, one for Koya’s Incense, and one for Koya’s Healthcare. This division of products meant clarity for the client, and an interface that individually suited each range of products. While the idea and colours remained similar, the messaging and the interface were made to suit the particular product.


From just Charcoal to Tradition Sticks

Well, Initially they are, but as time comes they become a part of the tradition & culture. We Re-designed the entire website keeping koyas tradition in mind. We wanted to highlight how koyas has become a part of everyone’s daily life.

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