Case Study

Fan Play IOT


Logo Design and Website Development


To create an engaging website and logo with a contemporary approach towards the youth. The website required consistency with quick and easy navigational features.

Target Market

Sports Players, Sports Fans, Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts

Brand &

Brand & Brief

To revamp the company’s existing website and showcase the fun, playful elements of the brand through its design, colours, fonts, and illustrations. The aim was to bring together fans and players by increasing engagement and awareness of the IoT devices through the company website.


Increase user engagement and ensure smooth functioning of the website

FanPlay is an engagement platform, which provides IoT based solutions in Sports, Fitness, and Healthcare areas. With IoT powered devices and intelligent technologies like wearable technologies, they provide meaningful insights on fan’s emotions, improve athletic performance, monitor progression, and measure player’s efficiencies.

Moshi Moshi team created the logo to highlight a Fan and an Athlete motivating each other towards achieving their full potential. The heart in the middle of the logo indicates the shared passion for sports and health, thus depicting the spirit of the company ‘sportifying healthcare’.

The website was revamped, in accordance with the theme and colors of the logo.


Communicate the brand’s playful language through design

We used bold, bright and modern colours like yellow, blue and orange to represent playfulness. While yellow colour implies joy and energy, blue stands for a fan’s loyalty and trust, and orange colour means creativity, strength and good vibes. The font used was Sans Serif font, Monsterrap as it offers the chance of easy readability and represents playfulness.

To simplify the IoT communication, we used character illustrations to make it more interactive for the user. We designed a storyline to give fans the feel of the stadium and live games while they are watching the match from their homes.

Our main objective was to create an error-free website with consistency and smooth navigation to help increase the website’s conversion rate.

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