Case Study

Elevate – The Interior Studio


Corporate Branding,Brochures and Menu


The 21st century Interior store for the 21st-century customer had to have an elevated branding.

Target Market

Corporates, Interior Designers, People buying flats, villas, apartments, Independent consultants 25-60

Brand &

Brand & Brief

One-Stop Solution for Interiors

Elevate is your one-stop solution for all interior needs as they provide you with an extensive range of uniquely crafted products that elevate your space. A 3 story tower that houses over 2000-3000 products required a branding that could help them increase their store Walk-ins.


Uniformity and Elevation

All their touchpoints had to be uniform and look elevating. The idea behind Elevate’s branding was to bring things together and create magic. An Arrow going left and an arrow going right to merge to create the elevated logo. Being an interior studio, their focus was heavily on warm colors and minimalism which could reflect their products and services.


Leaving No Stone Unturned

People perceive the brand as you would like them to. Being in the relatively newer part of the city, they wanted to position themselves into the niche interior segment.

Right from carefully selecting images, to photoshopping products to look like real ones, to its layout, to the placement of text, Moshi Moshi ensured that there’s no stone left unturned.

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