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Website Development


To create a professional-looking website with minimal design. The website required clean and easy features, and different from the regular government websites.

Target Market

B2B Companies, City Administrator, State Government

Brand &

Brand & Brief

To identify the current problems with the existing website and create a user-centric website. The aim was to simplify the website features for users, to access all services and information they need with ease and transparency


Ensure easy and smooth access to users

eGov is a digital platform that works towards enabling an ecosystem for cities across India towards implementing their urban transformation programs, with the best advanced technologies.

The brand vision is to build a thriving, digitally-enabled ecosystem in all 4000+ towns and cities in India, and help people make cities better.

The website was designed in accordance with the brand guidelines, to showcase brand values and vision through the website. The existing website of the brand was not interactive and informative. Hence, the Moshi Moshi team first analyzed the existing flaws with the website and accordingly prepared a user flow.


Communicate the brand’s values and vision through the website

We created a user-friendly layout according to the existing brand book, colours, and brand logo.

Since the website was for the people, we wanted to build a connection with the user through the website. We used light and bright colours like white, blue, and majorly orange for creating an influence on the user’s behaviour. Orange colour also represents good vibes and boosts energy, happiness, warmth and joy. While the blue colour represents stability and peace, white represents safety and purity.

The font used was sans-serif, Roboto and Open Sans to give a professional touch and make it easily readable. There was a lot of white space used to keep the design minimal and clean. To simplify communication and make it feasible, we focused on creating an image-based website.

Our main objective was to create a user-friendly website to help people get easy access to the required information.

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