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Diamond Drops


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To launch a cleaning solution brand into the market, and position it differently. We wanted to take a natural route for the brand.

Target Market

Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Corporates, Homes

Brand &

Brand & Brief

The Greenest Cleaning Solution

Diamond Drops is powered by our Patented Diamond Tech Cells that convert tap water into Activated Ozone Water. This Activated Ozone water is capable of destroying germs and microorganism within minutes. The product is patented and the brand also wanted to leverage the USP of the product i.e., No chemical cleaning solution. The challenge was that almost every brand today is trying to capture the natural market, and how do we stand out?


A cleaning solution so SAFE AND NATURAL, it feels like Nature itself

Our inspiration to create the Brand positioning and Visual identity for GREENEST technology came from Nature itself. No hidden chemicals. No artificial fragrance. Responsible eco-friendly technology. Converts tap water into Activated Ozone water. Destroys germs in minutes before releasing O2 back to nature. Diamond Drops brand experience should be a reflection of their commitment to creating sustainable products that last a long time. which is why the infinity drop became a key of our visual identity.


Transparent and Truly Natural

Diamond drops is Responsible, Transparent, Innovative, Reliable, and Quality-Driven. Most importantly they are Truly Natural. Keeping these cultural values in mind; we tried creating a communication guideline for them, which should be used everywhere. We used similar communication on their website and across all their collaterals.

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