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To Make Redbird a premier brand in the car accessory market through thoughtful branding and marketing.

Target Market

Workshops, Repair centers, car showrooms, manufacturing, dealers and retailers.

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Product is the king

DGFI is a car acessory manuffacturer which markets its products under different brands. They wanted to launch Redbird into the premium car accessories space. What works in the car accessory space is either a very good brochure or word of mouth. We thought, let’s start with the brochure first.


Add X-Factor to your car.

Thats the tagline we came up with so that we can be clear about the space we are getting into. We gave the brand a lot of options where illustrations could be used and the product could be highlighted, but in the end, both the client and our team finalised on the current one.


50+ products, shot, edited and retouched

A heavy amount of work went into the brochure. The client sent us just the products and the logo. We had to shoot, edit, and retouch each and every product and place them in a manner that it was brochure ready. In order to achieve the desired output, we first kept a basic outline of the product in the brochure, then shot the product in the similar angle.

The output was an international standard brochure which the client could use in their exhibitions etc.

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