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Heard of copper-infused latex? It's a new thing in the Indian market and Deepseven is one of the first brands to bring these premium mattresses to India. The branding had to be very sophisticated.

Target Market

Premium Mattress market, First-time buyers, Married couples, Value buyers.

Brand &

Brand & Brief

World-Class Mattress Innovations

Ideal Sleep solutions (DEEP SEVEN) was started with a sole aim to change the way mattresses are designed and sold. DEEPSEVEN has introduced the world-class mattress innovations to the Indian market. The introduction of Copper-infused foam is one such notable aspect.


Copper latex infused Mattresses

Icons, Elements, and characters weren’t giving the feel of a premium mattress brand as we had imagined. We went ahead with a typographic play. Using font and bold colors to express the premium nature and status of the brand in all external presentations.


A minimal photoshoot for a minimal brand.

The Photoshoot became a major part of the website. When you are going online with your product, the product should look amazing and the photoshoot helped us achieve our objective of a world-class website for a world-class mattress brand.

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