Case Study

Carbon Bae


Themed Photoshoot, Model Photoshoot, Ecommerce Photoshoot


The brand required a youth-based photoshoot for their social media and eCommerce platform campaigns.

Target Market

Teenagers, College students, Corporates, Home Makers 18-40 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

CARBON BAE is all about beauty & personal care !

From God’s Own Country, we are using Coconut Shell Steam Activated Charcoal as the base ingredient. Charcoal made from steam activated coconut shell is among the best in terms of quality because it offers a very high surface area to adsorb, deep cleanse, purify, trap toxins and impurities which along with the supremacy of penetrating ayurvedic formulations making unique & most potent product lines. The brand required a few products to be shot and showcased for their upcoming social media campaigns.


People - Powered Beauty & Personal Care from the Land of Coconut Trees,

We kept the Model shots very simple and to the point. No extra props. We wanted to highlight the usage of the product and how it focuses on personal care more than anything else. 8-10 young models were interviewed and finalised for the shoot. Over 100 angled shots were taken after which the below few were finalised.


Carbon bae like minimal

It was Christmas themed photoshoot, so while shooting their other products we kept the theme very minimal. Christmas props were silver sprayed to ensure minimalism in order to carry out the photoshoot. The Idea behind minimalism was inspired by their packaging.

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