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Brew Homes


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Home brewing is a quite popular concept in the west and Brew Homes wanted to be the First Indian Home brewing brand.

Target Market

Corporates, Youth, people who party at home, home brewers, people who like experimenting, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs. 25-55 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Brew comes home with Brew Homes

Homebrewing is quite a popular concept in the west, and Brew Homes wanted to be the First Indian Home brewing brand. With a new brewery opening every other day in the city, the concept of home brewing has been picking up pace.

Fun fact – Brewing doesn’t just mean beer, it can also mean coffee.

The brand wanted the logo and branding in a way that its audience could directly relate to something that is cool and contemporary.


Humour in an Innovative Logo

Me – “Oh! Crap. I just spilled the beer.”
Designer – “That would make a great logo.”

Embracing their desire to bring something new to the country, we worked on a new perspective to the overflowing beer glass classic. Including colour variations, and word type into the logo. Also taking a new approach to their packaging, and general brand identity. Bringing in a playful note, with well-placed humour.


Embracing Brand Identity

Illustrations that perfectly embrace the brand identity, and bring out the best of the packaging and the space that they host in. A playful, fun, and new environment for beer-lovers to spend time and enjoy in.

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