Case Study

Bounce – Super Drinks


Animation Video, Social media marketing


Creating a unique uber-cool digital presence for the energy drink brand Bounce.

Target Market

Students, Young Adults, Office goers, Media Industry Employees, Athletes,16-32 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Energy for the Young mind

Bounce Super Drinks is India’s first low-calorie drink that provides nutrition and is really tasty. With a range of flavors, the drink offers a lot more, much healthier options as compared to aerated drinks, fruit juices, or caffeinated loaded drinks.


An Identity we can all Relate to

To engage the target audience, we created social media creatives, copies, and contents that are relatable to the generation concerned. Creating situational posts, and giving Bounce the identity of a solution for some not so great situations, gives it the twist it needs.


Comical and Lovable

Creative, comical, and relatable content is what we produced, and what our target audience loves. With the social media posts, and the relatable “Bounce Guy”, we gave the brand a visible, and lovable identifier.

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