Case Study

Book Matz


Corporate Branding, E-commerce Website


To establish the brand as a leading online bookstore, that provides a wide range in children’s books.

Target Market

Avid readers, children, parents, educational institutions, libraries

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Bringing Wonder and Literature to you Digitally!

Bookmatz is an online bookstore, focused on making the lives of children filled with curiosity, wonder, and literature. They want to influence the growth and development of the youngest generation, with room for their own growth at a later point.


Knowledge, Books, and Possibilities

While designing the logo, the essence of what Bookmatz has to offer was kept in mind. Therefore, creating a logo that combined infinite knowledge, with the word book, and emphasized the letters with the three brand colors. Together implying infinite knowledge, and infinite possibilities.


Adding Colour and Books to Young Lives

Keeping their target audience of children, and parents in mind, they requested a combination of colors that popped and stood out. Yellow, pink, and green combined to form the ideal brand colors and the logo, helping showcase their brand values.

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