Case Study

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An old Momo Joint required rebranding and a completely new thought process for their new brand. Everything right form the name had to be developed from the scratch.

Target Market

Teenagers, Millennials, Colleges, Quick Snackers, Chinese food lovers, Corporates / 15-50 yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Hunger is an Emoticon

Previously known as momo jojo, The brand wanted to foray into a lot more Chinese dishes like Woks, Sizzlers, Noodles, etc., The Brand wanted to position itself as a quick snacking food chain.


A Logo with a Hidden Message

What if we said the name of the brand has the words momo in them, but not exactly. You will have to tilt your head a bit. a little more, There you go. Now time to add a contemporary feel to the logo, let’s add a chatbox, or a comment box.. wait.. how about an emoticon. If the food is fiery, the emoticon goes angry and red.


Embracing the Emotion in Food

A logo that embraces the ideal brand colours, and brings out the brand identity through their packaging and menu. A logo that can express the various emotions that food brings out in people, and includes their original essence of momos, but with the addition of their new ventures.

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