Case Study

My Healthy Munch


E-commerce Website, Branding, Logo


To position the brand as a premier online brand for dry fruits and nuts. Alongside position the brand as a healthy option.

Target Market

Students, working professionals, hostel and PG oc- cupants, children, elderly 5-70yrs

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Munch Healthy. Live Healthy.

Puremart is a decade old dry fruits store based out of JP Nagar, Banga- lore. My Healthymunch is their entry into the online dry fruit segment. Any and every website that sells dry fruits just focuses upon either best prices or the quality. We thought why not let’s give health a priority. and Myhealthy munch was born.


They say health is wealth....

Idea behind creating a simple logo was that it should be memorable. A lot of options like raisins, nuts were considered while designing the logo, but finally this concept was settled for as it would give emphasis to our vision.


Health is just a click away

The website branding had to be very appealing since they were to compete with existing market players and with amazons and flipkarts. We wanted to reduce the bounce rate with thoughtfully designed website banners and website icons and elements.

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