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1toKing Rummy


Animation Explainer Video


To establish an identity as a unique and appealing platform, for those interested in the brilliant card game of Rummy at any level.

Target Market

Students, Working Professionals, Elder People

Brand &

Brand & Brief

The Royalty of Rummy

1toKing is the perfect app for someone who wants to work on and improve their card game skills. Rummy, of course is one such brilliant culture-filled card game, and this app lets you play anywhere at any time and earn brilliant bonuses.

With the convenience of modern technology, and the royal feeling of Rummy, 1toKing is the best experience for anyone that has been waiting for the opportunity to play.


Made for Everyone

We created 3 videos introducing the app, and the security it offers, as well as the discounts and bonus, offers it had for all users. Animated videos, with characters reflecting various backgrounds, shows how widespread the app is.


Bringing a Piece of Culture to the Digital World

As Indians, card games are part of the culture. Sunday brunch, card games and drinks with old friends, or a late-night game in the hostel to get some extra cash for the fest next week, even festivals like Diwali are filled with card games. With the animated videos we highlighted the ability to play one of these beloved games at any time, and at any place.

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