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How to Use Various Kinds of Photographic Gear

The first photograph that depicts the top of a structure lit by the sun was captured in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in France, and various photography techniques have been explored since then. While some have been effective and widely used by photographers, some have been forgotten and outlawed. 

Photography is an art of creating an image by capturing the light with a camera, usually through a digital sensor or film. With suitable camera gear, you can even change frequencies of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio. 

Earlier, there were only monochromatic photographs available. However, after the launch of Eastman Kodak’s ‘Kodachrome’ film during the 1930s, colored photography started being used.

There are 7 primary standard principles of photography that are significant for uniting the segments of a picture to create a story: contrast, pattern, balance, unity, movement, rhythm, and emphasis.  These principles rely on elements like colors and textures as well as the lines, space & value. But, before you start practicing photography, you must have an understanding of photography gear and equipment.

So, let’s begin!

A photography gear or equipment is the hardware used to capture images. The hardware can be cameras, lenses, tripods, camera straps, flashes, light stands, SD cards, backdrops, batteries, bags, and various other products.

| Camera Tripod

There are barely any camera accessories that are as adaptable and vital as a tripod. Tripods are very helpful in low light settings to take longer-introduction shots, especially for people who experience difficulty while holding the camera still for long. A sturdy, well-built tripod also helps to capture stunning night sky photos and selfie shots during the evening. Whether you’re shooting a scene, road, event, or product photography, you’re going to require a tripod sooner or later.

photographic gear

| Prime Lens

A prime lens is a lens without the feature of zoom. In the beginning, it is ideal to start with a single prime lens. As you keep progressing as a photographer, you’ll want to purchase various lenses to be able to capture a wide range of shots.

photographic gear

Why do you need a prime lens?

A prime lens helps you to focus on photography due to the absence of a zoom feature. Whereas, a fixed camera lens compels you to thoroughly consider your shots, which in turn helps you become a better photographer and encourages you to further enhance your skills. 

For Canon and Nikon, the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens is an extraordinary lens and comparatively cheaper than the others. However, if your camera has a crop sensor (which most passage level DSLRs and mirrorless cameras do), and if you can bear the cost then a 35mm prime lens is advisable due to its progressive flexibility.

| SD Memory Cards

For professional photography, it’s always better to have a few small SD cards rather than one large SD card. In this case, even if your card gets corrupted, you will not lose all the data and still have access to other images. 

When you purchase the SD card for your photography requirement, you must consider buying a water-resistant SD cardholder case to protect your cards during travel. You can also opt for transcending 32 GB Class 10 Memory Cards, which are large and cheap.

photographic gear

| Remote Shutter Release

A remote screen shutter is effective and convenient equipment that allows you to capture a shot without having direct contact with the camera body. It is mostly used with a tripod and eliminates the chances of a shaky shot. 

You can choose a wired or a wireless remote screen shutter, as per your camera requirement (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, and so on). You also have further developed remotes, which have additional highlights like half-press support, built-in-timers, and LCD screens.photographic gear

| External flash (Speed light) 

External Flash also called a Speedlight or a Flashgun is a versatile device and acts as a great privilege when shooting in the dark. Eventually, every photographer needs an external flash to capture amazing photographs. It is definitely worth spending on this device if you are looking to become a professional photographer.

photographic gear

| AA Batteries + Battery Charger

External flash units and other camera-related equipment function with batteries. Hence, rechargeable batteries are a profitable and constructive purchase for anyone looking to become a professional photographer.

photographic gear

| Camera Strap

A camera usually comes with an existing branded strap that might be of poor quality or small in size. Usually, people hang the camera over their shoulder or neck-through its strap, relying on the fact that it will prevent the camera from falling. 

But, since a camera is the most important photography equipment that you tend to carry everywhere with you, it is advisable to buy a good quality camera strap. You can buy the affordable BlackRapid Cross Shot Sling Strap that is comfortable, flexible, and durable.

| Camera Cleaning Kit

Like every other expensive product requires timely maintenance, even your camera needs to be cleaned and maintained well. 

It is easy for dust and moisture to enter the camera body or settle on its surface and the lens. To prevent your camera from being damaged, it is essential to keep cleaning your camera and its accessories after every use. If you do not regularly clean your camera, you might need to go to a professional camera cleaning center, which can be expensive.

| Camera Bag

It is not an easy task to carry all the camera accessories, without a proper bag. A camera bag has various compartments that help you store your lenses, memory card, and other accessories with ease. You must always opt for a good quality camera bag that is soft, lightweight, and flexible, as it helps to adjust the product in the required compartment with safety.

Photography is all about being creative. By choosing the right photography gear, you can not only make photography a fun activity but also capture impressive images. 

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