live action vs animation pros and cons

Live Action vs Animation, Pros and Cons | Whats best for You?

We know that Dalgona coffee is trending on Youtube. But let’s revisit the hassle-free coffee experience that we miss.  

In 2017, Nespresso invited Finnish artist Pietari Posti to advertise its limited edition coffee blends. The initiative was called Nespresso on Ice” and became a trendy CGI commercial later. 

The footage takes the audience on a relaxing journey around the Mediterranean with the coffee in hand.

This is the power of video advertising. Within 30 seconds you have been on vacation without leaving the comfort and confinement of your home.

Choosing the appropriate video style is an important decision in video advertising. Your choice of design will make or break the whole video marketing strategy including your target and your central message.

There are two primary styles for video advertising: live-action or animation – each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending upon your objective.

We should study the pros and cons of live and animated action videos carefully to decide our video style. So the first question we are going to ask is: how much should you pay for each of them?

| Animation Video Cost: 

The first step in an animated video is scriptwriting. Then what follows is storyboarding, designing, voiceover, visual effects, and music. 

Let’s assume that you want to proceed using animated videos. The next choice you have to make is to hire a video production company or freelancer.

If you decide to hire freelancers you can get a huge variety of skills and budget. This means if you have a lower budget you can choose freelancers who charge a lesser fee. But you have to take into consideration the time investment required from your end to manage the team of freelancers.

If you choose a video production company you should hand them the reins and review the project at every stage, without having to take up additional work of team management.

However, make sure you discuss the fees and project deadline in advance,  depending upon your requirements.

| Live-Action Video cost

The process for Live Action videos is more complex. 

First, you have to think of the normal script and storyboard, which you can either create yourself or employ a specialist to do so. However, the actual filming is quite difficult without professional help.

You have to worry about safety, team, location, costumes, props, etc for live-action shooting. When you are prepared to do it on your own, brace for a lot of planning work which can get really tedious. 

Furthermore, there’s a post-production stage which, like an animated film, involves voice performances, scripting, audio, sound, and some graphic design.

Nonetheless, if your finances are limited, it is worth remembering that in a few days you can film a live-action video but it would not be that professional.

You can utilize the resources that you already have. For example, using your house or workplace for location and your buddies or coworkers for performers. 

Overall, the ultimate expense would rely on the services you will use and the quality of the video you want. You should spend accordingly after weighing your options.

But the cost is not the only factor that is critical for choosing your preference in video marketing. There are many other differences between Live-action and animation videos. Some of which we have listed below

| Animated Video Pros:

The most enticing feature of video animation is that they save you money, time, and energy because they require no actors or setups in real-time.

Animated videos often perform well with more complex goods or services, allowing simple and clear interpretation of more abstract topics while keeping your audience engaged.


Let us consider the above one-minute video describing what it means to invest in stocks. Most people know that there is some investment instrument called shares and anyone can invest in it, but a lot many people do not know what exactly a share is and how it operates. Hence the animation video explains the working of stocks in a simple way

Imagine a live-action movie on the same topic. It would not only cost more but would be confusing for the layman. 

Complex concepts are more challenging to express in purely live-action, which sometimes ends up being a mixture of live-action and animation. It is probably why the amount of animated videos in explainer videos has grown significantly in recent years.

Furthermore, the animated video can still be modified and restored as we keep the original and can do the edits on the same.

| Animated Video Cons:

The biggest drawback of an animated video is that it is much less personal than live-action video and finds it difficult to establish an emotional connection with the audience.

Most of us have lovely memories of home-made food made by our family and we have many emotions attached to it. The above commercial features an elderly lady holding a tiffin for her grandchild who is hospitalized and she has come to visit him.

The nurse is feeding the guy with bland hospital food which he doesn’t like.

His grandmother comes every day with the home-made lentils to feed her grandson, but the nurse does not allow this as it is prohibited to feed outside food to patients.This keeps happening for a couple of days but the grandmother is adamant

But one day, the grandmother brings two boxes of tiffin and gives one to the nurse. What happens next is easy to guess. The nurse tastes the food and feels that it is homemade food and cannot harm the patient so she finally allows her. The same video would not have been able to leave a lasting impact on the viewers if it was animated.

| Live-Action Video Pros:

A huge benefit of live-action videos is that they have a more genuine, enlightening and relevant feel. Partly because of the natural human body language which is more relatable. You will need skilled actors on board, including professional stuntmen if the script requires stunts.

| Live-action Videos’ Cons:

Live-action videos can be created quickly provided you create a simple video. But if you want picturesque locales for many subplots and realistic action stunts, the production process will take time.

The expense is a huge obstacle in live-action Video Marketing which increases if you require more staff. 

You cannot alter filmed scenes in case of a live-action film. It may be difficult to set the scene up again whether you skipped a shot or decide to type in additional terms. Although animated videos can quickly, immediately and with little or no extra expense, incorporate revisions and improvements.

Taking into account all these factors it is necessary that you find out what works out the best for you depending upon the message you want to communicate.

Final Thoughts:

Make sure your video advertisement has a clearly thought-out communication strategy: the brand name, reputation, and company culture; the aim of your film; the desires of your target audience and key message. 

 You can often combine various formats from live-action and animated videos – a method that would provide you with the best of all worlds. Regardless of whether you choose live-action or animation, video content marketing is always a good  choice for your business

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