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Importance of Digital Marketing | Benefits of Online Marketing

With the evolution of modern technologies, small scale and medium organizations are doing all that they can to keep up, Large organizations are either changing their plans of action to an online one or reinforcing existing marketing plans with digital marketing strategies which shows the importance of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing… whatever you call it, advertising your organization online is a big deal nowadays. All things considered, internet usage has multiplied over the previous decade and this move has hugely influenced how individuals buy items and communicate with organizations. 

Let’s understand what digital marketing is:

Digital Marketing is promoting or advertising any and all products and services through and on any digital device. This marketing is not magic, and you don’t need to be a computer expert to be good at it. If you offer a product or service that the market wants, you can effectively advertise them in digital channels and the channels may include social media, mobile applications, email, websites, search engines, or any other new channel.

The list of digital marketing is continuously transforming, here are some common strategies that most businesses follow:

  • Paid search advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing 

Here are some reasons why the use of internet marketing is not only an investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can assist you in developing your business.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

  • More cost-effective than traditional marketing – Small businesses have very few resources and even capitalization. Digital marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers higher results.
  • Helps to generate higher revenue – Following effective techniques shows the importance of digital marketing lead to higher conversion rates, which will deliver loads of profitable benefits for the business in terms of better and higher revenues. Companies who are consistently using these strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. 
  • It can help to interact with the target audience- Interacting and providing your audience with proper engagement points can give you an insight into what exactly your targeted audiences want.
  • Helps to build brand reputation – If you deliver what you promised it will help you to develop better relationships with your customers and targeted audience which leads to build your brand reputation.
  • Earns people’s trust – 90% of the responders claimed that they would trust the information about the product/services or any particular brand if it is provided by people they know or the people who have previously purchased the same.

It’s important that your marketing keeps up with Digital Marketing Trends 2020, if you don’t follow these trends your business might struggle.

The top digital marketing trends in 2020:

  • Video marketing 

Video advertising has been a critical methodology for brands for a long time but the format of the video is evolving. By one year from now, the video will take up a huge lump of consumer traffic on the internet – over 85% of all traffic is from the US only. 

Most of such recordings won’t be put online by organizations or brands but individuals. Many brands have video marketing as a factor of production. They need videos to look sophisticated and smooth like large spending film creations. Most viewers aren’t searching for extra-embellishments, they simply need quality content that is driven by a story, is informative, and engaging.

importance of digital marketing

  • Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel just means a multichannel marketing system that you set up at several touchpoints to reinforce the client’s purchasing journey. In different words, an omnichannel advertising plan suggests you design marketing touchpoints that can be run on most accessible channels. 

Most organizations use email, social media, and search as marketing channels. For eCommerce Development, this can be an incredible method to market themselves. In this way, you can think about these different channels: Virtual assistants and chatbots, Podcasts, Smartphone apps, and Ephemeral videos. Every one of these ways can bolster your current showcasing system. 

Omnichannel Marketing comparison 

Omnichannel is explicitly noteworthy to consumer-facing enterprises since 70% of clients usually use at least three channels to explore before they purchase anything.

  • Voice search optimization

Voice input isn’t new but it hasn’t been as broadly utilized because of network issues, particularly when the search engines couldn’t precisely process sounds. At the present time, Web Design and Development Trends are demonstrating voice input will improve significantly soon. 

Voice Search has been around for some time, however, Siri and Alexa are getting just smarter. Besides that, voice search is a hot current trend in Digital Marketing – simply think about these insights: 

  • 50% of all online searches will be through voice by 2020.
  • 13% of families in the United States claimed smart speakers and this is estimated to increase by 2022 to 55%. 
  • Shopping with voice search will increase to 40 billion USD in 2020. 

Taking everything into account, voice search is the Digital Marketing Trend that you will see a great deal of later and as a Mobile App Development Company, this is significant news. This way, when you make your applications, you won’t neglect to include a voice search usefulness.

  • Smarter chat

Chatbots have been around for some time and remain a trend that is encountering consistent change. As indicated by a report by Grand View Research, 45% of clients lean toward using Chatbots as an approach to impart for client assistance issues. 

Chatbots have indicated how successful they are in improving client experience and it empowers advertisers to likewise connect with their clients better. They give constant assistance, support, and active interactions with questions relating to real concern. WhatsApp, most recently, embraced this Latest Trend in Digital Marketing. They are offering Business Messaging that organizations are utilizing to manage everyday client exercises.

  • Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is being used to join the offer an organization provides to the reality a buyer expects. Popular design brand, Michael Kors used AR effectively a year ago to make Facebook promotions where they requested that clients attempt and purchase their sunglasses. But AR and VR (Virtual Reality) is not limited to simply advertisements; a few brands are utilizing them to create brand awareness. 

For example, L’Oreal and IKEA figured out how to boost their client involvement in VR by letting them imagine the products before buying them. A year ago, they presented their application IKEA Place that permitted clients to essentially place furniture in their home. While L’Oreal, the cosmetics behemoth, created its own AR stamped applications, for example, Style My Hair and Makeup Genius. Both empower clients to essentially take a stab at hair and cosmetics looks on selfies. 

This Innovation in Marketing is incredibly gainful in both attracting in and holding clients.

importance of digital marketing

Apart from the above trends Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Push notifications in the browser, Social commerce, Personalization, Emotional evaluation are some other digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020.

Online marketing has outsold traditional marketing in recent years and continues to be a high-growth industry. Here are some benefits of online marketing.

Benefits of Online Marketing

  • Promoting your Business 24/7 – One of the major advantages of online marketing is that you can advertise your business constantly. Internet marketing has the benefit of selling and pitching your business or business products/services with no time limitations or geological boundaries. With clients/customers progressively going to the Internet for their purchasing needs and required services, online advertising is the need of the hour. 
  • Reaching out to Your Audience – Online marketing has made it easy to connect with and reach out to a wide audience. When you convey a message, you convey a message to the audience that is already following you, alongside individuals who are looking for content you post. It is important to remember keywords and hashtags while advertising on the web. In traditional marketing strategies, a business can’t contact an audience that is located at a distance. In digital marketing contacting an audience who is essentially miles away is not at all challenging. 
  • Better ROI – With regard to profits, organizations are quick to know and adjust each system that causes them to develop their business. This is conceivable by having a phenomenal online presence. It is as basic as getting the maximum output from minimum input. 
  • Analyzing and Evaluating Every Action – In traditional advertising, organizations have to wait for days to analyze their best performing marketing strategies and campaigns, Online marketing makes it easy to assess each business activity taken in a split second. This is possible because you can track the insights as soon the individuals begin to connect with your campaign. These include your traffic to the website, likes, shares, reach, impressions, and so forth. Running campaigns on Twitter and Facebook can give you analytics and insights within these applications itself.
  • Better Conversion – Online advertising makes the way for better conversion rates. Getting leads for your online business is simpler than traditional offline marketing. Connecting with your audience has become much simpler. It encourages you to create more leads and improve your conversion rates effortlessly.

A final word

Online advertising offers you various advantages. In case you’re searching for better approaches to connect with your audience, Moshi Moshi Media is here to help. There are numerous services to look over including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. Connect today.


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