How to Create a Facebook Page and Set up Business Manager Account in just 5 steps

People are assuming that Facebook is dying because of the news feed algorithm, and it is becoming harder every day to get more likes on Facebook.

I disagree!!

Facebook is always the best social media platform to reach a wide audience in less time, effort, and money. Creating a Facebook page is not at all difficult – collect all the business information address, pin code, phone number, brand name, logo, cover photo, etc. and start creating a page by following these simple steps. 

If you need some motivation to get started, think about the 2.5 billion people who use Facebook every month and more than 140 million other businesses that already use Facebook to promote their business and to connect with the massive audiences. Your interaction on social networks gives your customers a glimpse of you & your brand, it will help to increase loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your services and products. 

As per the Facebook survey, it is clear that people like to interact with their favorite brand on Facebook than on other social media marketing channels. 

Follow these 5 steps to learn Facebook page creation and setting up FB business manager account: 

Step 1: Creation of Facebook business page:

  • To create a Facebook business page you have to log in to your Facebook account, on the top right corner you will see the “Create” option. 

fb business manager account

  • After clicking on the Create button, you can see various options such as page, ad, group, event, fundraiser, click on the “Page” option. 

fb business manager account

  • Then you will have 2-page category options, “A business or brand” & “Community or public figure” most of the businesses use the business or brand category. 

fb business manager account

  • Fill out the basic information of the brand like the page name and the category of your brand. Select the category which is best suited to your business. For example, if my brand name is “Spark On Fitness”, I have selected the Gym/Physical fitness center as my brand category and click on continue.

fb business manager account

  • Then you have to upload a profile and cover photo of your brand. Businesses generally put their logo as the profile picture. Image quality should be good as it reflects the quality of what your brand offers. 

  • And Hurray!  your page is created now you can add additional information about your brand by clicking on the edit page info button and also you can add a button to your page like send a message, call now, send mail, contact us, etc. 

Step 2:  Promoting your business page:

You can invite your friends to like your page by sending them invitations. Your existing Facebook friends can provide you a good initial base of likes on your new Facebook page. Invite as much as you can to gain more page likes. Further, you can run a page like a campaign to get more page likes but for that, you have to pay some amount to Facebook. 

Step 3: Facebook Business Manager Account:

Facebook introduced “Business Manager Accounts” for companies to manage and organize their Facebook pages and to advertise on Facebook. It is a free tool developed by Facebook. With this you can create campaigns and promote your business, you can even track and manage your ads performance. Create your Facebook business manager account by following these simple steps:

Creation of  Facebook business manager account- 
  • To create a Facebook business manager account, first, you have to open your Facebook business manager. Go to, you can see the “Create Business” button on the top right, corner clicks on that button and you will see another dialogue box. Fill the required details: your business and name, your name and business email ID and click on continue, and fill the business details. 

  • Now, you have to verify your account, so go to your registered email account, and under social mails, you will receive a verification mail from Facebook confirm & verify that mail. 
  • Your Business Manager account is created, now you have to create an ad account in your Facebook business manager account. On the left side under accounts, you can see the Ad account option click on that and then click on the Add+ button in the center of the screen. 

You can see a few options like: “Add an Ad account”, “Request access to an ad account” and “create a new ad account”, click on the third option to create a new ad account. 

fb business manager account

  • Fill out the details name of your brand, select the currency and time, and click next. 

  • Now you have to select one option your account will be used for either “My business” or “Another business or client” and click on “Create”.

  • Now you can add people and set permissions to access your manager account and click on assign. 

fb business manager account

Step 4: Linking your Facebook business page to your FB business manager account:

  • To add a page in your business manager account, on the left side under the account section there is page option, click on that and then click on Add+ button on the center of the screen. 

You will see 3 options you can select any one of them as per your choice. Here you can add an existing page, you can request access to some other page or you can create a new Facebook page from this option, here we have to add our existing page which we have already so click on Add a page option. 

  • Now to add a page you have to enter the page name or page URL and select the page and click on add page. 

fb business manager account

  • You can add as many pages as you want in this manager account by clicking on the Add page option. 

Step 5: Adding the payment method in Fb business manager account-

You have to add payment method in the Facebook business manager account to runs ads, to add the same under the payment category on the left side click on the add payment method and fill out the card details, select country and currency and click on continue and you’re done with adding payment. Now you can run your Facebook ads and generate good revenue out of it. 

Final thoughts:

If you don’t have your Facebook business page and manager account, create your own today, and promote your business. With the steps outlined above, you have everything you need to get started on Facebook as a business.

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