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With eCommerce rising in India, who doesn’t require good photographs of their products to be on their website or blog?

For eCommerce photoshoot services in India, we believe in a simple concept. If you MASTER THE BASICS, then 80% of your job is over. 

We can vouch on the pictures we click. They are damn attractive. These images set the right mood and tell a story that instantly makes the customers go crazy. It makes them want to purchase these items. 

Just like the Adidas’ Yeezy shoes. We all think it looks really cool on Kanye and we all wish to own a pair of its finest footwear.

We are downright famous for eCommerce photography. We are never short on this assignment. Well, maybe because it’s the new fad. When clients come to us, we guide them through the entire process of eCommerce product photography. We consult and show HOW IT’S DONE!

Let’s give you a demo.

You NEED a neutral background to shoot for these products. A neutral background helps you maintain focus on the product you are shooting. It’s a no-nonsense deal. These neutral backgrounds let you shoot horizontally and vertically without having to change the background layout again and again. It is efficient and time-saving, especially for any eCommerce photoshoot.

And lights are so important for these shoots. Honestly, bad lighting can ruin the image. We NEVER shoot eCommerce photos in dark or dull places. We love natural light. After all, it is one of the best sources of light. It makes our work look real and authentic. 

And our offices have large, beautiful windows that let ample light enter. This works in our favor the best when we are shooting in our in-house studio. But when natural lights don’t work in our favor, we use THE STUDIO LIGHTS. We have it sorted for all kinds of shoots.

These lights are SWEET as hell! We have key lights that act as the main source of light. A background light to brighten up the back of the item. And fill lights for balancing the lighting from all corners. With these babies, we can shoot all night long without depending on natural lighting.

We are also the MASTER OF ANGLES. Our photographers are the best at their jobs and are well aware of all the trends initiated by other eCommerce photoshoots services in India. They know every technique. And they take pictures with great finesse. They know what angles will flatter what item.

And when we get the shot we’re looking for, that’s when we are done for the day.  But, before we leave we don’t forget to pat ourselves in the back. Well, that is how we roll. We LIGHT IT UP, LIGHT IT UP, LIGHT IT UP (Oh, we love fast and furious).

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 “Just bring your creative business idea or the Communication problem. Let’s solve them together.” 

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