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9 Digital Marketing Trends To Fulfill Your Wishes in 2020

Recently I was browsing through Quora to find out what topic is most searched with regards to marketing, and you would be amused to see results:

digital marketing trends

The marketing world is more about the digital space rather than the traditional ones, so if you want to be ahead of your game you need to know about digital marketing trends 2020. 

The basics can be learned through youtube/courses. But your competitor is also using the same techniques. How can you create a foolproof strategy? What is that strategy which will give you breakthrough results?

I bring to you the Aladdin’s Lamp of digital marketing. Instead of fulfilling your 9 wishes why not give you the technique to fulfill your wishes in simple words.

1. Smart Bidding  

Smart bidding is a feature available in Google Ads where it uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value for every auction.

There are currently 6 different automated bidding strategies that you can look over. This is an AI-driven feature which can help you get the desired results based on your audiences’ behavior.

Let us understand them one by one –

  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (eCPC): 

It naturally adjusts your bids depending upon its estimation of conversions. It’s an upgraded automated version of manual CPC( where you manually increase or decrease the bids)

  • Maximize Conversions: 

As the name suggests, it tries to maximize the conversions (goals) without considering cost per click but within the campaign budget.

  • Target Cost Per Acquisition:

In this bid strategy, you set a cost per acquisition(CPA), and it sets the bids accordingly to get as many conversions within that  CPA. It has no target on the volume of conversions.

  • Target ROAS:

It automatically adjusts your bids to generate as much revenue as possible within your target.

  • Maximum conversions:

It automatically sets bids to get maximum conversions within a specified budget.

  • Maximum conversion value:

Here you can assign a value for conversion goals like sales revenue or profit margin. It then automatically adjusts the bids to ensure that the conversion goal is achieved within your campaign budget

  • Target Impression Share:

This helps to set bids automatically based on ads displayed on the various positions of display like the absolute top of the page, anywhere on the top section, or anywhere in the search result page. 

2. Shoppable Posts 

Instagram launched shoppable social media posts in 2019 but it is gaining a lot of attention now. It means the users can buy products directly through social media posts or ads. They don’t need to leave the app for purchase. 

It also ensures a seamless user experience, reducing the chances of sales abandonment. Studies show that around 54% of people in social media purchase products based on their research based on shoppable posts. You do not even need to be an e-commerce brand as you can allow transactions through social media. You can create shopping posts on Facebook and Pinterest too.

3. Optimizing Voice Search  

“Ok, Google. Tell me about the trends in digital marketing in 2020?.” And google offers you this blog.

Similarly, imagine you are a beauty salon and have a website with a blog on tips to protect your skin from tan, when someone does a voice search your blog comes up. Would it not get traffic to your website and hence your salon since the audience would explore your website too. 

This is possible by optimizing your website for voice search. Voice search is a voice recognition technology that allows people to search directly by speaking to their devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Home, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. With voice search becoming popular and google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm businesses need to optimize for voice search. 

That means if your website content is optimized effectively, your business could be the one which digital personal assistants can suggest. But, it is necessary to have a local SEO schema and make sure that your google “My business” profile is updated.

4. Structured Data 

As I mentioned about local SEO, the next thing which is important and related is structured data. 

According to a study conducted by Path Interactive, 40% of the audience aged between 13 and 18 will get rich snippet results. Hence, your website will be featured on the top of the SERP along with the right information, ratings, etc, thus gaining more clicks. 

Google shows rich snippets if you add structured data to your site which is a piece of code. Search engines read the code to create rich snippets. There are plugins available to create the code without coding knowledge.

5. Using Alternate communication channels

In 2020 we should leverage more communication channels like chatbots, use Facebook messenger pop-ups on websites. 

We can customize the FAQs on the messenger and give options to click on the relevant question they want to ask. Based on the question we can either automate the answer or write the answers. This creates a good impression on the customers and we can create an engagement to reduce bounce rates. 

The other forms of alternate channels in online marketing is using Quora and Reddit which also not only gives the right information to the audience but also helps you establish your brand identity

6. Video Marketing

Research shows that 72% of organizations state that videos have improved their conversion rates. Videos are the most popular way to connect with your customers and tell them about your new products. It is not only restricted to youtube. This includes videos on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In fact, if your site contains videos it is highly likely that Google will rank your website higher since people find videos more appealing. This in turn will drive organic traffic to your website. Live videos have also garnered a lot of popularity nowadays and organizations showcase their new products or show behind the scenes making of their products.

7. Making Interactive Content 

Interactive content is all about making the user feel that he is a part of the brand and buying process. This can be done in multiple ways like making the audience participate in a poll or creating augmented reality ads/interface or embedded calculators which help you calculate the amount to be spent to reach your goals. Interactive content captivates the audience and accelerates your conversions. Real Estate firms use this for a virtual tour of their properties which are on sale.

8. User-generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful asset for advertisers who need to target the Millennial and Gen Z audience. You can motivate your crowd to share one of a kind products by offering them a means to fight for a cause, creating challenges like ice bucket challenge, or offering them a prize. Individuals trust other individuals unquestionably, more than they trust organizations. It can also be in the form of reviews or blogs or videos by the user.

9. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing utilizes key personalities to propagate your brand’s identity. They mostly consist of YouTubers or Instagram personalities with huge followers and fan base. They can help spread the messages about your business or item through their social channels. 

63% of customers trust influencers’ assessments of items considerably more than what brands state about themselves. Influencer advertising is likewise going to be influenced by AI. AI is instrumental in finding the relevant influencers to connect with. It distinguishes influencers with better commitment, less phony supporters, and a higher possibility of creating a positive degree of profitability (ROI).  

So, these are some of the keys to your digital transformation. Get ready to take over the world! 

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