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What is Digital Signage Display | How Does Digital Signage Network Work!

What is Digital Signage Display | How Does Digital Signage Network Work! 800 450 User Unknown

As the marketing industry evolves, pioneers are in constant search for the opportunity to do better than the rest. As technology evolves, these pioneers find their opportunities being handed to them. Technology has helped advance every industry majorly, but more than most, it has built a symbiotic relationship with marketing, producing an entirely new field called Digital Marketing. Within Digital Marketing, the most recent addition is the Digital Signage Network (DSN). you must be wondering what is digital signage display? 

For any individual in the entertainment industry, one of the biggest achievements, on par with having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is being on one of the many screens in Times Square, New York. Those screens are Digital Signage Displays; they are one of the many recent developments in the digital world. As technology evolves, marketing follows suit. One of the most important fields for every industry, marketing needs to engage an audience as much as it can, and the Digital Signage Network is the best medium available. 

digital signage display

A new medium in the marketing industry, it has proven to be a highly efficient form of advertising. If you’re unsure of what Digital Signage Display is, it is technically any screen displaying any content. However, for marketing, it is a well-placed screen, with appropriately planned and portrayed content for the purpose of advertising. 

To make it simple, we present you with an example; 

You’re sitting in the food court of a mall, you’ve made your order and you’re waiting to see your order number on that small screen, that screen is a digital signage display. While you wait, you see an advertisement by Dunzo, which you cannot help but notice, since your order number will show up in the corner of the same screen. That is marketing through Digital Signage Display.

digital signage display

Other places you may have seen these screens are at shopping malls, public spaces like major event venues, and airports. That sign that convinces you to go to Maybelline and find that foundation that fits you just right, as you walk into a mall. 

Even that beautifully done Beats by Dre ad that you saw on a screen while you waited for your flight and tried to untangle the wires of your earphones. Those are well placed Digital Signage Displays. 

digital signage display

It isn’t easy to stay updated with, or to compete with technology, so trust a marketing professional to turn it into yet another step towards growth, and a pedestal above those still catching up. 

DSN and Digital Media Displays are not easy to conceptualize, plan, and execute. They require a large amount of planning, and more importantly, highly responsive and efficient service. On a Digital Signage Display screen, every second counts. Similar to television advertisements, companies are allotted slots for a certain number of seconds, every few minutes, a certain number of times a day, on multiple screens, and accordingly charged. 

For instance, if you are a company and wish for your advertisements to be presented on a digital signage display, you will get in touch with a company that has a pre-established DSN. You can then ask for a 30-second slot, every 8 minutes, about 100 times a day, on four different screens in one location, and you will be charged accordingly. Given below are the 5 steps you should take when attempting to establish your presence on DSN. 

5 Steps for successful DSN marketing: 

1. Defining Goals: 

Identify your need for DSN, decide how it helps your company, focus on that. Once you have determined why, you can move onto how, and go from there. DSN advertisements can help in many ways, it simply depends on how you use it. 

2. Determining Target Audience: 

Your target audience determines the kind of content, the platforms, and the spaces you use to advertise for your company. Choosing the optimal group of individuals to create and place your ads can make or break your DSN presence. 

3. Selecting Platforms and a Partner: 

DSN requires efficiency. The right partner, with access to the right platforms, can make a major difference. You should be focusing on choosing a partner who understands your needs and guides you accordingly. Moshi Moshi has India’s Largest Corporate Digital Signage Network, and works with companies of various fields.  

4. Determining Placement: 

Once you have your goals, target audience, and platforms, you should carefully choose where your advertisements would stir the most interest, or garner the most reaction. Playing Harpic advertisements at a food court would be counter-productive, and insensitive towards the needs of the consumer. Sit with your DSN partner and figure out your best options. 

5. Creating Fresh Content: 

Keeping up with the times is crucial to every industry, even more so in marketing and advertising. Have you ever wondered what makes Amul butter the most loved butter in the country? It’s their ad campaigns that are based on current events and attract the attention of consumers of all ages. With news events and the most recent memes, both being equally used, their target audience is extremely engaged. Use them as an example; create fresh, relatable content, and make it visually appealing and available to your target audience. 

DSN is a crucial step forward for all in the marketing and advertising industry. Media evolves, just as technology does, and so do minds. The above information should serve as an introduction to this concept. I would advise in-depth research, and speaking to an agency like ours, to get a better idea of what you need and what you’re looking for. 

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