video marketing trends 2020

Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket 512 288 Admin

We hear a great deal that quality content makes all the difference, which is the reason advertisers are continuing to take steps to create engaging and shareable content.

Video marketing is the key to content marketing. It’s the need to incorporate video marketing into your marketing strategy. 

According to a recent study, videos are shared via social media 1200% more than pictures and text combined. So, it is very important to ensure that we have a strategy in place for video marketing. 

Let us find out what are the video marketing trends in 2020.

video marketing trends 2020

 Trends in Video Marketing:

1. Live Videos In but Facebook Live is Out: 

video marketing trends 2020

Facebook Live was one of the biggest fallacies of Facebook. The users were not able to generate the type of outcome they had expected which ultimately led to the decline of its usage.

However, live video isn’t a technique that is vanishing. Despite what might be expected, has made a firm spot in the video marketing world. 

Thus Live video will keep on developing. The idea of live media is a captivating one. The reason? Experiencing live uncut videos.

As an Instagram or Snapchat follower, you’ve presumably seen that numerous individuals you follow “go live” on various occasions a day. Those live feeds, as a rule, comprise responding to questions that are being submitted by different clients—possibly endeavoring to accomplish something that clients demand. 

While Instagram gives the ability to save these live videos to your profile, the chances of somebody viewing 60 minutes in length live stream later are very less. 

What makes the live video so unique? It’s reproducing the sensation live radio and TV used to provide—individuals all around the nation, or the world, encountering the same content simultaneously. Live video is in for the long haul. 

2. Shoppable Videos:

Another video marketing strategy that is getting popular is “shoppable videos” 

These video ads provide links to products within the video universe. 

Instagram Stories and Snapchat include videos with links as well.

It’s sensible to anticipate that you’ll soon have the option to purchase items by interacting with the items inside a video. For example – if there’s a piece of furniture highlighted on screen, you might have the option to hover over it and discover about that specific model and where to get it. 

The alternatives are boundless, truly. In any case, for the present, you’ll see more videos that feature products in a story’s stream, regularly with a shoppable link…

3. Interactive 360 videos:

The interactive 360 video is a huge trend right now. Through it, you can experience Broadway musicals, sporting events, and scenic locations. 

It’s the sort of vivid, advanced video style we’re hoping to see much more of as AR and VR keep on developing. Also, it’s something that, in case you’re eager to learn, you might need to create one. 

While difficult to create (right now) it could be an incredible method to stand out your competition and truly fascinate your client base.

4. Video conferencing:

While software like Google Hangouts and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing capacity, the experience of video conferencing wherein one person converses with another person’s life is bound to expand.

The capacity to see someone else and to share screens supports technical functions. On top of that, it can likewise be a decent method to instruct. 

The experience of video conferencing triumphs in comparison to voice calls, chat functions or email.

5. Vlogging :

WithYoutube undergoing a lot of changes, vlogging is developing at a rapid rate. Vlogging is basically creating blogs with videos as the medium.

YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are well-known platforms for vlogging. With the expansion of live video, vloggers are experimenting with the sort of videos they feature. 

Vloggers are turning into influencers by advertising about various brands.

6. Google Ads video marketing:

In 2020, we will see an increasing number of advertisers going for Google Ads video marketing. Google video advertisements show up on YouTube or on the Display Network. We definitely realize that YouTube is the world’s second most utilized search tool, which is the reason your video marketing plan should include video ads.

Gen Z will make up 40% of all video consumption and the key to their attention is videos.

Gen Z-ers devour video content for 3-4 hours daily on  their favorite platform to unwind

7. Searchable videos:

Google has incorporated videos as a core offering. Hence now top videos will be featured on the search result when you search on google. For example, “how to make cake?”

video marketing trends 2020

So, here the video is featured first then the articles.

Over the years videos are appearing on the top of the result page both for desktop and mobile.

Hence, it is very important to optimize your videos according to search engines to rank higher on SERPs. 

8. Stories will dominate:

Viewers like Instagram stories as they consider it more authentic than other content on social media. Compared to most well-planned content on the feed, stories add an additional personalized approach to Instagram.

By incorporating Instagram stories into your video promoting strategy you’ll be able to connect together with your viewers more and build a personalized relationship with them.

People like to see behind the scenes, sneak peeks of the latest product, promotional codes/discounts, etc. It makes them feel special as they are able to see themself as part of the product journey

Videos for different dimensions:

As new video platforms are introduced, the preferences for video dimensions, whether or not your video is in square horizontal, or vertical format, can expand.

With Snapchat and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased in popularity dramatically. In fact, YouTube and Facebook videos also support it.

IGTV, Instagram’s video platform, hit a wall once they tried to push its users to use vertical video. And thanks to the widely low usage of it, Instagram has currently declared they’ll support traditional horizontal video on IGTV.

A similar story is of square video. At one instance people thought that square video content performed higher on Facebook and  Instagram. 

According to a study it was found that view-through rate and engagement rate are much higher on the square than landscape videos.

But in spite of that Instagram has started supporting photos and videos in broader dimensions. 

Will we keep seeing more square videos within the next twelve months, or have things come to traditional dimensions? Is vertical video for good? We’ll see. It’ll be smart to keep an eye on the trends.

Silent Videos:

When Facebook introduced its autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos in the feed with no sound, it absolutely was a game-changer.

It was later admitted that they were measuring the minimum amount of seconds as full views, however long or short the video was.

Now publishers are creating videos with subtitles and animations to convey context with no necessity to activate the sound.

Instagram autoplay videos in its feed and so do LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

As autoplay videos continue, there will be more consumption of silent videos. This can also mean you can watch videos irrespective of the language of the audio.

Now that we know all the trends we should start exploring all the options because video content marketing is dynamic and we need to start experimenting with different techniques.

Till then keep looking out!!


graphic design trends

Top 5 Graphic Design trends 2020 | Moshi Moshi

Top 5 Graphic Design trends 2020 | Moshi Moshi 800 450 Admin

graphic design trends

The world of art keeps on changing like any other field. With this, the artists face challenges to update themselves with the changing trends and elements. As graphic designers, one aspect of pop culture that is bound to fascinate us is the latest technological innovations. Technological innovations are growing every single day and so is the demand for graphic designing in the market. 

In an era of updating trends, to create even more attractive trends and be a trendsetter, the artist’s approach should definitely be updating with time.

Incorporating sense with creative elements make a huge difference in each design. The days of the following conventional designs are gone. It’s an era of creativity now. 

Changing graphic design trends is a creative topic to discuss. No one wants a project with bygone designs right? 

So here are the top 5 Graphic design trends that you cannot miss out on: 

| Liquid Motion Design

Do you want to create an engaging design? Do you want to show the magic of transition and movements in your design? 

Undoubtedly liquid motion design would give you a desirable output. Liquid Motion design is a graphic design trend that is emerging at the fastest possible pace.

Liquid Motion videos are basically animations that seamlessly transform, as smooth as the movement as a liquid. 


To convey a sense of movement and drama, liquid motion designs are best among all of the graphic design trends. Liquid Motion videos are basically animations that seamlessly transform, as smooth as the movement as a liquid.

| Gradients & Color Transitions 

Do you want to make your designs exceptionally stand out with the energetic stunning vibrant color transitions? 

Then know about the trendy gradient and color transitions in graphic design.

Color Transitions simply mean the transition of one hue to another and this often happens very smoothly.

The graphic design trends 2019 gave gradient an image of major throwbacks that happened in life and even nostalgia. 

The logo of Instagram is a great example. The nostalgic touch in the logo is appropriate for the users who are actually making memories.


It is indeed notable that the eye-catchy designs are taking the world of graphic designing by storm. 

In a world where lots of brands are evolving within seconds, it’s quite challenging to make ours stand out. To work it out the most simple yet creative way is to grab people’s attention with your unique design. Here is where color transition or gradient does a lot more.

The possibilities of gradients are immense. In the latest graphic design trends, the gradient uses luminous, bright, and interesting color combinations which make them look fresh and modern. 

| Glitch effect


Are you one of those who feel perfection is overrated, unrealistic, and rather drab? Cheer up! The Glitch effect is here and it is proof to how imperfection if embraced confidently, trumps all the way.

Glitch or the Ruined effect is clearly taking over the market. It amplifies the effect of the design among the graphic design trends in 2019 and grabs the attention of the audience.

Scratchy static of your grandfather’s TV or the crackled visuals on your internet shortage days, they are all making a modern comeback, that people call the Glitch effect. 

Many Critics observe that the best part of Glitch effect is that they have been inculcated not just in Designing but also in fashion, packaging, films, etc

| Galactic Colors


In this age of advancements, colors also have something to share with. This year has a lot more to do with galactic effects, space and galaxy color hues with the changing graphic design trends. 

iPhone X Introductory video is the best example of using the Galactic color effect. Pop of galactic colors here and there, a hint of sparkle everywhere made it attractive and memorable.

Out -of- the- world designs are quite possible with galactic colors. They are fun and extremely vivid that can make the images or videos really attractive in changing graphic design trends.

In accordance with the galactic trend, it is possible that the use of electric colors such as blues and purples will surge. Deep colors give a modern appeal and will look rich and bright.

| Creative Typography

In the present graphic design trends, designers rely upon typography trends or creative typography to convey a story through their design.

Creative Typography is the perfect combination of text-based content and appealing visuals. 

There is no question that creative typography, which involves a colorful background and funky texts, is the perfect solution to nail the attention with changing graphic design trends.

In creative typography, while the designs illustrate the message, the text clarifies it and get it across.

As an animation video production company, We at Moshi Moshi take keen interest in every other trend that pops up in the market. If you are as passionate as us when it comes to anything and everything designing, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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digital signage display

What is Digital Signage Display | How Does Digital Signage Network Work!

What is Digital Signage Display | How Does Digital Signage Network Work! 800 450 Moshi Moshi

As the marketing industry evolves, pioneers are in constant search for the opportunity to do better than the rest. As technology evolves, these pioneers find their opportunities being handed to them. Technology has helped advance every industry majorly, but more than most, it has built a symbiotic relationship with marketing, producing an entirely new field called Digital Marketing. Within Digital Marketing, the most recent addition is the Digital Signage Network (DSN). you must be wondering what is digital signage display? 

For any individual in the entertainment industry, one of the biggest achievements, on par with having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is being on one of the many screens in Times Square, New York. Those screens are Digital Signage Displays; they are one of the many recent developments in the digital world. As technology evolves, marketing follows suit. One of the most important fields for every industry, marketing needs to engage an audience as much as it can, and the Digital Signage Network is the best medium available. 

digital signage display

A new medium in the marketing industry, it has proven to be a highly efficient form of advertising. If you’re unsure of what Digital Signage Display is, it is technically any screen displaying any content. However, for marketing, it is a well-placed screen, with appropriately planned and portrayed content for the purpose of advertising. 

To make it simple, we present you with an example; 

You’re sitting in the food court of a mall, you’ve made your order and you’re waiting to see your order number on that small screen, that screen is a digital signage display. While you wait, you see an advertisement by Dunzo, which you cannot help but notice, since your order number will show up in the corner of the same screen. That is marketing through Digital Signage Display.

digital signage display

Other places you may have seen these screens are at shopping malls, public spaces like major event venues, and airports. That sign that convinces you to go to Maybelline and find that foundation that fits you just right, as you walk into a mall. 

Even that beautifully done Beats by Dre ad that you saw on a screen while you waited for your flight and tried to untangle the wires of your earphones. Those are well placed Digital Signage Displays. 

digital signage display

It isn’t easy to stay updated with, or to compete with technology, so trust a marketing professional to turn it into yet another step towards growth, and a pedestal above those still catching up. 

DSN and Digital Media Displays are not easy to conceptualize, plan, and execute. They require a large amount of planning, and more importantly, highly responsive and efficient service. On a Digital Signage Display screen, every second counts. Similar to television advertisements, companies are allotted slots for a certain number of seconds, every few minutes, a certain number of times a day, on multiple screens, and accordingly charged. 

For instance, if you are a company and wish for your advertisements to be presented on a digital signage display, you will get in touch with a company that has a pre-established DSN. You can then ask for a 30-second slot, every 8 minutes, about 100 times a day, on four different screens in one location, and you will be charged accordingly. Given below are the 5 steps you should take when attempting to establish your presence on DSN. 

5 Steps for successful DSN marketing: 

1. Defining Goals: 

Identify your need for DSN, decide how it helps your company, focus on that. Once you have determined why, you can move onto how, and go from there. DSN advertisements can help in many ways, it simply depends on how you use it. 

2. Determining Target Audience: 

Your target audience determines the kind of content, the platforms, and the spaces you use to advertise for your company. Choosing the optimal group of individuals to create and place your ads can make or break your DSN presence. 

3. Selecting Platforms and a Partner: 

DSN requires efficiency. The right partner, with access to the right platforms, can make a major difference. You should be focusing on choosing a partner who understands your needs and guides you accordingly. Moshi Moshi has India’s Largest Corporate Digital Signage Network, and works with companies of various fields.  

4. Determining Placement: 

Once you have your goals, target audience, and platforms, you should carefully choose where your advertisements would stir the most interest, or garner the most reaction. Playing Harpic advertisements at a food court would be counter-productive, and insensitive towards the needs of the consumer. Sit with your DSN partner and figure out your best options. 

5. Creating Fresh Content: 

Keeping up with the times is crucial to every industry, even more so in marketing and advertising. Have you ever wondered what makes Amul butter the most loved butter in the country? It’s their ad campaigns that are based on current events and attract the attention of consumers of all ages. With news events and the most recent memes, both being equally used, their target audience is extremely engaged. Use them as an example; create fresh, relatable content, and make it visually appealing and available to your target audience. 

DSN is a crucial step forward for all in the marketing and advertising industry. Media evolves, just as technology does, and so do minds. The above information should serve as an introduction to this concept. I would advise in-depth research, and speaking to an agency like ours, to get a better idea of what you need and what you’re looking for. 

how to make an advertisement video

Learn – How to make an advertisement video that Converts

Learn – How to make an advertisement video that Converts 800 450 Moshi Moshi

Video marketing is a technique that should be taken into consideration by any business owner. This method of marketing is not only effective to increase revenue and brand awareness, but consumers often enjoy it. This is why it is so important for your company to know how to make an advertisement video & produce a successful video ad.

Understanding how to make an advertisement video that makes the product sell effectively can be quite a challenge.

 -| Important factors to consider:

  • One of the important aspects of making an advertisement is identifying the primary target audience.
  • Factors like age, gender, income, and interests of the target audience have to be kept in mind.
  • Choosing the right medium for your advertisement according to the target audience is paramount. 
  • The most preferred medium for paid advertisements these days is social media as these sites have the best targeting systems.
  • An under 30 seconds, 1×1 square video works best for Instagram and Facebook. 
  • For a video for YouTube and LinkedIn, it should be a 16×9 Widescreen video, around 20 seconds long. 
  •  It is essential to focus on the problem your product solves. 
  • The seller needs to get into the psyche of the consumers and understand what they need. 
  • Whether you are selling a product or a service, or you are marketing a course or an event, there needs to be clarity as to why people should buy the product.

-| How to create an effective video ad? 

An insightful online video ad is a perfect way to generate attention in sales and grow the brand on the internet, either on your website, on your Facebook/Instagram page, on your YouTube channel, or on eNewsletters.

Here are a few tips and creative advertising ideas to create an effective video ad

1. Make the first few seconds impactful: 

The beginning of a video is very critical. You need to get the attention of your audience within the first few seconds to prevent them from skipping your ad. 

Start with a statement to create interest in your video ad.

Make an attempt in the first few seconds to get the audience to solve a specific challenge, pose a valid query, or communicate something that defines the brand.

 If your video ads are on mute, you should start with captivating graphics that inspire audiences to get involved in your video. 

 The videos of “Tata Tea Jaago” were a favorite across the country.

 Alarm Bajne Ke Pehle Jaago: a pre-activism awareness campaign that provokes the audience to take steps before any traumatic incidents strike. It showcases that proactive prevention may help deter bad events from happening.

 Here the first scene generates interest by its bold and thought-provoking statement.

2. Showcase what makes your brand great:

Why are people interested in your company? What makes your company great? In your video ad, address this query by stressing what makes your business perfect for them. Show them how can you solve their problems?

Tell the crowd that your brand is exclusive and special. Share your results. Display your performance track record.

Customer reviews and constructive feedback can also be incorporated. As you highlight the advantages of your company, it will make your video ad more effective and successful. 

3. Keep the videos short:

Stop making the ad into a documentary. Most online video advertisements are 30 seconds or less. Keep in mind this maximum length when making the video file.

Having said that, longer videos can also be useful if you used for branding. For starters, a long video will be perfect if you shared a tale about your brand involving a consumer or business representative.

 In either scenario, unwanted lengthy content should be avoided.

4. Use Call-to-Action: 

The aim of any form of advertising is to inspire people to take some kind of

action. Your advertisement shouldn’t be any different. 

The call to action (CTA) can be either filmed or added through animation and text.

 Ideally, it is best to include the CTA at the end of the video. For example, to show viewers how to visit your website for more information, to sign up for a discount, or to buy your items.

5. Testimonials:

Figure out how people use your product or service to make their lives easier, and share their experiences with the world through video. 

They would do a much better job of campaigning for the importance of your product or service than a piece of solely objective marketing material might ever have done.

6. Connect through emotions:

The most powerful marketing strategy used is empathy and problem-solving. 

The video should start by empathizing with the problem of the consumer and then highlighting the features of your products or services that can help resolve their issue.

Your video can also show an infectiously happy looking consumer and link it to the product being advertised. One of the prime things to remember is to focus on the benefits of your product and not on the features.

Most clients are not concerned with the upgrades and properties. They only want to know how the product will help solve their particular problem.

7. Include limited time offer and create catchy jingle:

Putting a sense of urgency (limited time) behind your post can be a strong psychological motivator. This makes your message not only convincing but also workable.

  Many methods are implied by the advertisement industry to do psychological manipulation. Exposure plays a key role in selling a product as it leads the consumer to start recognizing the product in the markets, therefore manipulating them on a subconscious level to buy the product.

A catchy jingle linked to the product can act as a brand recall factor making the users choose the product subconsciously.

8. Niche audience:

It can be tempting to reach as many people as possible to get the best out of your business. Yet even the most strong words resonate with the smallest audience. 

Be part of the market that you’re trying to attract and learn about your influencers. It’s easier to target a market that you’re already part of rather than endangering it all by guessing what the consumer may be looking for.

 If you can aggregate yourself into a group and find the biggest converters in the niche, you’ve done all the work.

9. Use Humour:

Add a little humor to your message. It can lower the wall between you and your audience and build a sense of relatability.

As you can see in this Ad, Glycodin has created humor by showing how a little cough can impact your entire life.

10. Connecting with daily life:

Build stories that present your product or service in the sense of a typical customer’s daily life without making it sound like an ad. This way, the video makes its point and pushes the marketing needle while still delighting viewers.

Final thoughts:

Nowadays, various companies have started seeking out creative advertising ideas. A unique idea or concept can work in your favor but more than anything the direction and the execution of the idea will make it what it is. 

The budget of a video can govern a lot of factors like the equipment used, the crew, and the platform on which you will promote it.

The product shots taken need to be engaging and the script needs to be written immaculately. A couple of trial runs are suggested pre-shoot at the location, to rule out any lighting and sound errors. 

But more than anything, the advertisement needs to resonate with the audience and needs to represent your company or brand properly.

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