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how to make an advertisement video

Learn – How to Make An Advertisement Video That Converts

Learn – How to Make An Advertisement Video That Converts 800 450 User Unknown

Video marketing is a technique that should be taken into consideration by any business owner. This method of marketing is not only effective to increase revenue and brand awareness, but consumers often enjoy it. This is why it is so important for your company to produce a successful video ad.

Understanding how to make an advertisement video that makes the product sell effectively can be quite a challenge. Let’s have a look at all the important factors that one should consider before creating a video advertisement:

how to make an advertisement video

Important factors to consider before creating a video advertisement:

a) How to find the right target audience for advertisement?

One of the important aspects of making an advertisement is identifying the primary target audience. Factors like age, gender, income and interests of the target audience have to be kept in mind.

b) What’s the fastest growing video advertising platform?

  • Choosing the right medium for your advertisement according to the target audience is paramount. The most preferred medium for paid advertisements these days is social media as these sites have the best targeting systems.
  • Ads on Facebook: Facebook has roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users. Average age of users on Facebook is 24-35. We get the benefits of micro-targeting on Facebook. More written content = go for Facebook ads.
  • Ads on Instagram: There are 1 billion active users on Instagram every month. Roughly 32 percent of global Instagram audiences are aged between 25 and 34 years. More visual content = go for Instagram ads.
  • Ads on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has 303 million users every month that are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. LinkedIn has proven to give a higher conversion rate than Facebook or Instagram.

c) Best video dimensions for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms

An under 30 seconds, 1×1 square video works best for Instagram and Facebook. For a video for YouTube and LinkedIn, it should be a 16×9 Widescreen video, around 20 seconds long.

d) How much does it cost to make an advertisement video?

The estimated cost of creating a stellar video ad starts from 25,000 and can go up to 1,00,000. Creating a video ad in-house may not be a viable option if you have the following goals for your product or service:

  • To make your product or service stand out
  • To establish a winning brand reputation
  • Get conversions

It’s always best to get video ads done professionally if you want good quality ads that can impact your brand positively.

e) What makes a good video advertisement?

It is essential to focus on the problem your product solves. The seller needs to get into the psyche of the consumers and understand what they need. Whether you are selling a product or a service, or you are marketing a course or an event, there needs to be clarity as to why people should buy the product.

f) Is video advertising effective?

Yes, because…. You know why…

How to make an effective advertisement video

An insightful online video ad is a perfect way to generate attention in sales and grow the brand on the internet, either on your website, on your Facebook/Instagram page, on your YouTube channel, or on e-newsletters.

Here are a few tips on how to make an effective advertisement video that sells:

1. Make the first few seconds impactful:

The beginning of a video is very critical. You need to get the attention of your audience within the first few seconds to prevent them from skipping your ad.

Start with a statement to create interest in your video ad.
Make an attempt in the first few seconds to get the audience to solve a specific challenge, pose a valid query, or communicate something that defines the brand.

If your video ads are on mute, you should start with captivating graphics that inspire audiences to get involved in your video.

The videos of “Tata Tea Jaago” were a favorite across the country.

Alarm Bajne Ke Pehle Jaago: A pre-activism awareness campaign that provokes the audience to take steps before any traumatic incidents strike. It showcases that proactive prevention may help deter bad events from happening.

Here the first scene generates interest by its bold and thought-provoking statement.

2. Showcase what makes your brand great:

Why are people interested in your company? What makes your company great? In your video ad, address this query by stressing on what makes your business better. Show them how you can solve their problems. 

Tell the crowd that your brand is exclusive and special. Share your results. Display your performance track record.

Customer reviews and constructive feedback can also be incorporated. When you highlight the advantages of your company, your video ads will be more effective and successful. 

3. Keep the videos short:

Don’t make your ads look like documentaries. Most online video advertisements are 30 seconds or less. Keep this as the maximum length for all your video ads. 

Having said that, longer videos can also be useful for branding. For example, a long video is perfect if you want to share a tale about your brand involving a consumer or a business representative.

 In either scenario, unwanted lengthy content should be avoided.

4. Use Call-to-Action: 

Any form of advertising aims to inspire people to take some kind of action. Your advertisement shouldn’t be any different. The call to action (CTA) can be either filmed or added through animation and text.

Ideally, it is best to include the CTA at the end of a video. For example, you can add CTAs to show viewers how to visit your website for more information, how to sign up for a discount or how to buy items.

5. Testimonials:

Figure out how people use your product or service. You can make their lives happier by sharing their experiences with the world through videos. 

They would do a much better job at campaigning the importance of your product or service than any planned and well-executed marketing strategy. 

6. Connect through emotions:

The most powerful marketing strategy always consists of empathy and elements of problem-solving. 

The video should start by empathizing with the problems that the consumers are facing and then highlight the features of your products or services that can help resolve these issues. 

Your video can also show an infectiously happy looking consumer and link it to the product being advertised. Remember to focus on the benefits of your product and not on the features. Most consumers are not concerned with the upgrades and properties of a product. They only want to know how the product will help solve their particular issue.

7. Include limited time offer and create a catchy jingle:

Putting a sense of urgency (limited time) behind your post can be a strong psychological motivator. Psychological manipulations are often used in the advertisement industry. 

Exposure plays a key role in selling a product as it leads the consumer to start recognizing the product in the markets, therefore, manipulating them on a subconscious level to buy the product.

A catchy jingle linked to the product can act as a brand recall factor, making the consumers choose the product subconsciously.

8. Niche audience:

It can be tempting to reach as many people as possible in order to make more profits. Yet, even the strongest words only resonate with a small audience. 

Be part of the market that you’re trying to attract and learn about your influencers. It’s easier to target a market that you’re already a part of. Don’t try to endanger it all by guessing what the consumer may be looking for.

If you can aggregate yourself into a group and find the biggest converters in the niche, you’ve done all the work.

9. Use humor:

Add a little humor to your messages. It can help remove the barrier between you and your audience and build a sense of relatability.

You can see elements of humor in the Glycodin Ad as the video tries to show how a little cough can impact your entire life.

10. Connecting with daily life:

Build stories that show your product or service in a typical customer’s daily life without making it look like an ad. This way, the video makes its point but also pushes the marketing needle while still delighting viewers.

Final thoughts:

Nowadays, various companies have started seeking out creative advertising ideas because they learned how to make an advertisement video. A unique idea or concept can work in your favor but more than anything the direction and the execution of the idea are what matters. 

The budget of a video can govern a lot of factors including equipment used, crew, and the platform on which you will promote it.

The product shots taken need to be engaging and the script needs to be written immaculately. A couple of trial runs are suggested pre-shoot at the location to rule out any lighting and sound errors. 

But more than anything, the ad needs to resonate with the audience and needs to represent your company or brand properly.

What do you mean by video marketing?

Video Marketing is using a video to promote or advertise your brand, product or services. A strong marketing campaign incorporates videos.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

Videos are engaging, entertaining and searchers like to watch videos as compared to reading the bulk of text. Also, it is beneficial for the marketers as it gives a high return on investment ROI.

What are the types of videos?

Types of Videos: Vlogs, Webinar, Presentation, event, Product Review, Tutorials, Interview, Q/A's.

Why are videos better than text?

Videos engage viewers it gets 1,200% more shares than text and images. Our brain can process visual much quicker than the text.

benefits of animated videos

Importance of Animated Video for a Business | Benefits of Animated Videos

Importance of Animated Video for a Business | Benefits of Animated Videos 800 450 User Unknown

In our previous blog animated videos for business, we have already discussed the basics of animation, why it is important for business as well as different animation software for beginners. Now, let’s understand the benefits of animated videos.

In this blog, we will understand in detail why animated videos are important for a business. And what are the benefits of animated videos & explainer videos, that can help your business grow? Before that check out this video: 

Animated videos are incredible for sharing your business stories with your customers, sharing a relatable side of your business, and sharing highly complex ideas in a simple way. Animated Videos are the best medium to engage the audience, easy to understand, rich, & cost-effective. Give it a thought and create animated videos for your business.

benefits of animated videos

Here is we’re listing out some of the most important reasons:
  • Introducing your products and services
  • Explaining the characteristics of your business 
  • Attracting and converting new clients 
  • Making your business increasingly noticeable in search engine optimization
  • Boosting sales and discussions 
  • Helps in getting higher rankings
Let us go through some stats of video marketing:
  • 85% of the people who watch videos of your product and services are having a high chance of becoming a buyer. 
  • 90% of people feel that these animated videos are so useful for them during the decision making process.
  • According to a video marketing survey in 2020 by Wyzowl, 92% of marketers who use video says that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.

There is various cloud-based animation video software on the internet, using which we can make explainer animation videos, presentation recordings for YouTube, product promotional recordings,  infographics, mobile application promotions, corporate videos, and much more.

benefits of animated videos

What Are Explainer Videos and Why Are They So Popular?

Explainer recordings are short, animated videos that clarify a thought in under 90 seconds. They’re fascinating and straightforward – with the assistance of a reasonable message and appealing visuals, these kinds of videos rapidly catch the crowd’s attention. An explainer video is useful and educational; it communicates what your organization offers, how it’ll assist your clients with their specific issues, and why the products or service your organization offers is the best option. Furthermore, it does all of that in under a couple of minutes.

What are Explainer Videos for?

Here are the most common uses & the benefits of animated videos. 

  • Presentations and Overviews: Explainer videos are an extraordinary method to present a subject or idea in a brief manner. This may be a fast review of your products, services, or organization.
  • Procedures: Explainer videos are an incredible method to separate a procedure or thought in a straightforward manner. Remember how excited you got when your teacher gave you an assignment just to watch a video? A similar principle applies here. 
  • Tutorial: No one needs to read a manual or chase down data. Explainer videos can offer simple demonstrations, step by step instructional exercises, or different information. These kinds of videos are unbelievably famous as confirmed by a 2014 Levels Beyond survey, which found that 67% of purchasers watch instructional videos.

benefits of animated videos

You understood the basics of the explainer video, Now let’s talk about the main characteristics of explainer videos are:

  1. Explainer videos are short: One of the best benefits of explainer videos is that they convey a business thought in only a couple of moments – explicitly, in 90 seconds or less. 
  2. They’re straight forward: They convey a message in a basic and concise manner. 
  3. They utilize animated characters: With the utilization of animated characters, explainer videos have a decent portion of humor and personality. 
  4. Meet the audience’s needs: With explainer videos, the most significant thing is to concentrate on the audience and their issues, so they can feel that you’re directing your message to them, and feel connected to your company. 
  5. They produce brand recognition: By speaking to your organization in each second of the video, utilizing your image colors.

Why are these explainer videos so popular?

With these characteristics, it’s easy to guess but difficult to think about why explainer videos are so well known; they convey the best sales pitch, every time. 

  • However, their popularity doesn’t stop there: 95% of individuals have viewed an explainer video to become familiar with a product or services – that is nearly everybody! 
  • They’re well known because they work: Animated explainer videos help online visibility, improve brand awareness, and improve sales. They accomplish such a great deal, that it will be ideal if we separate it point by point. We should begin with those
  1. They will boost your online visibility: Having an animated video urges your audience to remain longer. Videos are so amusing to watch that your crowd will play each and everyone they find!
  2. Furthermore, you’ll take advantage of it: Search engines like Google measure the time that your audience spends on your site. Additional time = Content is more interesting to individuals, and they’ll compensate for this by positioning your site higher in the search result pages. 
  3. Explainer recordings fabricate brand awareness: An extraordinary animated marketing video is totally customized to accommodate your brand communications. It utilizes your brand’s colors to assemble brand awareness since they’ll enable your audiences to distinguish that you are the one behind the business video.
  4. They improve sales and conversations: Explainer recordings boost sales by 20% all things considered, particularly if you install your video over the overlay on your landing page. 
  5. Your watchers will take action: It’s easy to make your watchers move toward any path you need. Sales videos are enthralling to the point that just by adding a source of inspiration to your video, you can help them subscribe to your newsletter, fill a form, download a particular material, and so on. 
  6. Increase shareability: Individuals love to share fun, intriguing data with their peers. Also, videos are the most common content on the internet! 
  7. Capitalize on visual and verbal learning: At the point when you combine visual and verbal learning, you make an exceptionally viable combo that builds the communicational intensity of your content. This is the reason why videos are so valuable, and explainer videos combine the entirety of that with charming visuals and a clear message, which strongly affects the human mind. 


Apart from the above-said factors that add to business growth, the benefits of animated videos likewise are higher returns in your business investment. So, by using carefully created animated video, it will be easy to share the necessary message to your intended audience and remain in front of the market competition.

Moshi Moshi Media produces high-quality custom videos for our clients. We create videos that focus on the specific needs of the clients. If you are convinced, why not let us make an animated video for you? Have a look at our video models and afterward call us! We offer expertly made videos at an extraordinary value price. This is how we do it:

What is a video marketing strategy?

Video marketing is the strategy designed to create, curate, and utilize videos to promote the products or services of any business to their target audience.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

Video is effective because they are engaging, entertaining, and gives huge ROI (Return on Investments) to the marketers through different channels.

How to create an animation video?

There are various software available to create animated videos like Blender, toon boom, stop motion studio, etc.

google virtual visiting card

Google Virtual Visiting Card for India : Here’s How It Works

Google Virtual Visiting Card for India : Here’s How It Works 800 450 User Unknown

Google Virtual Visiting Card

Your people card on Google, yes, an International online Visiting Card that you can use in various ways.

On August 11th Google launched a new feature in India for ordinary people who want to add their name to Google search called “Add Me To Search”. This feature allows individuals to highlight themselves in search results like never before.

You must be wondering, how is it possible to find the right person or information that you’re looking for, as there are many people who share the same name and it is really hard to know who’s who on the internet!!

With this new Google feature ‘Add Me To Search’ now people can register their name profiles and make them appear against the name search queries. These are the Google visiting cards on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It allows you to modify your appearance in the SERPs. You can add your name, hobbies, email address, phone number, social media links, and even your work profile.

Google Search Product Manager Lauren Clark said, “The new feature is aimed at helping the millions of individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered and help the world find them. Starting today, users across India can discover the People Cards on their mobile phones, in English,”.

“The safeguards include mechanisms to protect against abusive or offensive content and limiting the experience with only one People Card allowed per Google Account. For every new card, the user must authenticate the account with a unique mobile number,” she said.

Google Virtual Visiting Card

Individuals cards are intended for entrepreneurs, performers, business professionals, consultants, freelancers or anybody hoping to develop their online presence.

Here’s how you can create your own ‘Google Virtual Visiting Card’ 

The individuals who want to make their own Google virtual visiting card can do so by either searching by their own name or entering a search query “Add Me To Search” in Google. You can’t do this on a desktop browser as of now, only the mobile browsers are supported right now. 

Before you do that, ensure you’re marked in to the Google account which contains the data you wish to include in your card. 

Step 1:

Search for ‘add me to search’ in your mobile browser and click on get started.

Step 2: 

After you click on get started, Google will take you to the next page where you have to fill all your details like your name, location, occupation, education, hobbies, website link, social profile links, phone number, email id etc. 

The more information you provide to Google it makes it easier for people to find you. Though some people don’t want to add their phone number in this case, it is mandatory for authentication purposes. It will prevent you from spammers who can create a fake person card with your name.  

Step 3:

Fill all your details and click on preview, check all the details, and click on the Save button. Hurray! your person card is created successfully. 

If you’re not located in India, No worries you can still create your people card by using a VPN. 


This new feature by Google, like Lauren Clark said, is going to help so many freelancers, self-employed, entrepreneurs and startups. This can be a new way of branding, reaching out to your audience, and promoting your brand under your name.  You’re just 3 steps away from your own Google Virtual Visiting Card, making your online presence with Google’s new virtual visiting card today. 

What is virtual visiting card?

Google virtual visiting cards are virtual cards that can be created on Google Search. These cards are designed to help people who want to be discovered online and who want to share their work.

graphic design trends

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends 2020 | Moshi Moshi

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends 2020 | Moshi Moshi 800 450 Admin

graphic design trends

The world of art keeps on changing like any other field. With this, the artists face challenges to update themselves with the changing trends and elements. As graphic designers, one aspect of pop culture that is bound to fascinate us is the latest technological innovations. Technological innovations are growing every single day and so is the demand for graphic designing in the market. And with the market, graphic design trends change at a rapid level.

In an era of updating trends, to create even more attractive trends and be a trendsetter, the artist’s approach should definitely be updating with time.

Incorporating sense with creative elements makes a huge difference in each design. The days of the following conventional designs are gone. It’s an era of creativity now. 

Changing 2020 graphic design trends is a creative topic to discuss. No one wants a project with bygone designs right? 

So here are the top 5 Graphic design trends 2020 that you cannot miss out on: 

Liquid Motion Design

Do you want to create an engaging design? Do you want to show the magic of transition and movements in your design? 

Undoubtedly, motion design trends 2020 would give you a desirable output. Liquid Motion design is a graphic design trend that is emerging at the fastest possible pace.

Liquid Motion videos are basically animations that seamlessly transform, as smooth as the movement as a liquid. 

graphic design trends

To convey a sense of movement and drama, motion design trends 2020 are best among all of the graphic design trends. Liquid Motion videos are basically animations that seamlessly transform, as smooth as the movement as a liquid.

Gradients & Color Transitions 

Do you want to make your designs exceptionally stand out with the energetic stunning vibrant color transitions? 

Then know about the trendy gradient and color transitions in graphic design.

Color Transitions simply mean the transition of one hue to another and this often happens very smoothly.

The graphic design trends 2020 gave gradient an image of major throwbacks that happened in life and even nostalgia. 

The logo of Instagram is a great example. The nostalgic touch in the logo is appropriate for the users who are actually making memories.

graphic design trends

It is indeed notable that the eye-catchy designs are taking the world of graphic designing by storm. 

In a world where lots of brands are evolving within seconds, it’s quite challenging to make yours stand out. To work it out the most simple yet creative way is to grab people’s attention with your unique design. Here is where color transition or gradient does a lot more.

The possibilities of gradients are immense. In the latest graphic design trends, the gradient uses luminous, bright and interesting color combinations which make them look fresh and modern. 

Glitch Effect

Are you one of those who feel perfection is overrated, unrealistic and rather drab? Cheer up! The Glitch effect is here and it is proof to how imperfection if embraced confidently, trumps all the way.

Glitch or the Ruined effect is clearly taking over the market. It amplifies the effect of the design among the graphic design trends in 2020 and grabs the attention of the audience.

Scratchy static of your grandfather’s TV or the crackled visuals on your internet shortage days, they are all making a modern comeback, that people call the Glitch effect. 

Many critics observe that the best part of the Glitch effect is that they have been inculcated not just in Designing but also in fashion, packaging, films, etc

Galactic Colors

In this age of advancements, colors also have something to share with. This year has a lot more to do with galactic effects, space and galaxy color hues with the changing graphic design trends. 

iPhone X Introductory video is the best example of using the Galactic color effect. Pop of galactic colors here and there, a hint of sparkle everywhere made it attractive and memorable.

Out -of- the- world designs are quite possible with galactic colors. They are fun and extremely vivid that can make the images or videos really attractive in changing graphic design trends.

In accordance with the galactic trend, it is possible that the use of electric colors such as blues and purples will surge. Deep colors give a modern appeal and will look rich and bright.

Creative Typography

graphic design trends

In the present graphic design trends, designers rely upon typography trends or creative typography to convey a story through their design.

Creative Typography is the perfect combination of text-based content and appealing visuals. 

There is no question that creative typography, which involves a colorful background and funky texts, is the perfect solution to nail the attention with changing graphic design trends.

In creative typography, while the designs illustrate the message, the text clarifies it and gets it across.

As an animation video production company, We at Moshi Moshi take a keen interest in every other trend that pops up in the market. If you are as passionate as us when it comes to anything and everything designing, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.

Why is graphic design important?

The demand for graphic design is increasing rapidly day by day in the corporate industry. Every company big or small needs a Graphic design service in order to stay tuned with the market. For example Logo, brochure, business cards etc.

What's trending in Graphic Design 2020?

To create modern and innovative designs, designers are playing with the typography, this trend is expected to flourish in 2020.

video marketing trends 2020

Top 8 Video Marketing Trends 2020 Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Top 8 Video Marketing Trends 2020 Making Video Marketing Skyrocket 512 288 Admin

We hear a great deal that quality content makes all the difference, which is the reason advertisers are continuing to take steps to create engaging and shareable content. Video marketing is the key to content marketing and it needs to be incorporated into your current marketing strategy. Let us find out about the video marketing trends 2020.

According to a recent study, videos are shared via social media 1200% more than pictures and text, combined. So, it is very important to ensure that you have a strategy in place for video marketing at all times.

video marketing trends 2020

Video Marketing Trends 2020:

1. Live Videos In, Facebook Live Out

video marketing trends 2020

Facebook Live was one of the biggest fallacies of Facebook. Users were not able to generate the type of outcome they had expected which ultimately led to the decline of its usage.

However, live video isn’t a technique that is vanishing. Despite what might be expected, live videos have made a firm spot in the video marketing world. 

Live videos keep on developing because live media is very captivating. The reason? Experiencing live and uncut videos in real-time. 

As an Instagram or Snapchat follower, you’ve presumably seen that numerous individuals you follow “go live” on various occasions during the day. Those live feeds, as a rule, consist of responding to questions that are being submitted by different clients—possibly endeavoring to accomplish something that clients demand. 

While Instagram gives the ability to save these live videos to your profile, the chances of somebody viewing 60 minutes in length live stream later are very less. 

What makes the live video so unique and why will it stay in the long run? It’s because live videos are reproducing the sensations of live radio and TV. These modes of communication were used to provide the same content to individuals all around the nation, or the world, at the same time.

2. Shoppable Videos:

Another video marketing strategy that is getting popular is “shoppable videos.” These video ads provide links to products within the video universe. Instagram Stories and Snapchat with links are popular shoppable videos. 

It’s sensible to anticipate that you’ll soon have the option to purchase items by interacting with the items inside a video. For example – if there’s a piece of furniture highlighted on screen, you might have the option to hover over it and discover about that specific model and where to get it. 

The alternatives are endless, truly. In the future, you will be seeing more videos that feature products in a story’s stream, regularly with a shoppable link.

3. Interactive 360 videos:

Interactive 360 videos are a huge video marketing trend 2020. Through it, you can experience Broadway musicals, sporting events, and scenic locations. 

It’s the sort of vivid, advanced AR and VR video style we’re hoping to see in the future. Interactive 360 videos are something that, in case you’re eager to learn, you might need to create one. 

While it may be difficult to create it right now, it could be an incredible method to stand out from your competition and truly fascinate your client base.

4. Video conferencing:

While software like Google Hangouts and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing capacity, the experience of video conferencing wherein one person converses with another person is bound to expand.

Video conferences offer the capacity of seeing someone else, sharing screens, and other technical support functions. On top of that, it can also be used as an instruction method. 

The experience of video conferencing triumphs in comparison to voice calls, chat functions, and emails.

5. Vlogging :

Vlogging is the video format of blogs. With Youtube undergoing a lot of changes, vlogging is developing at a rapid rate. 

Instagram and Snapchat are other well-known platforms for vlogging. With the expansion of live video, vloggers are experimenting with the sort of videos they feature. Vloggers are also turning into influencers by advertising about various brands.

6. Google Ads video marketing:

In 2020, we will witness an increase in the number of advertisers going for Google Ads video marketing. Google video advertisements show up on YouTube or the Display Network. YouTube is the world’s second most utilized search tool, which is why your video marketing plan should include video ads. 

Gen Z-ers devour video content for 3-4 hours daily on their favorite platform to unwind. Gen Z will make up 40% of all video consumption and the key to their attention is through engaging videos.

7. Searchable videos:

Google has incorporated videos as a core offering. Hence now top videos will be featured on the search result when you can search on google. For example, “how to make a cake?”

So, here the video is featured first then the articles.

Over the years, videos are appearing on the top of the result page both for desktop and mobile. Hence, it is very important to optimize your videos according to search engines to rank higher on SERPs.

video marketing trends 2020

8. Stories will dominate:

Viewers like Instagram stories as they consider it more authentic than other content on social media. Compared to well-planned content posted on feeds, stories add a personalized approach to Instagram.

By incorporating Instagram stories into your video promotion strategy, you’ll be able to connect with your viewers and build a personalized relationship with them.

People like to see behind the scenes, sneak peeks of the latest product, promotional codes/discounts, etc. It makes them feel special as they can see themselves as part of the product’s journey.

Videos for different dimensions:

With new video platforms being introduced, the preferences for different video dimensions, whether or not your video is in square horizontal, or vertical format, is expanding.

With Snapchat and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased in popularity. YouTube and Facebook videos also support this format. 

IGTV, Instagram’s video platform, hit a wall once they tried to push its users to use vertical video. Thanks to the low usage, Instagram declared that they’ll support traditional horizontal video on IGTV as well.

A similar story exists for square videos. At one instance people thought that square video content performed higher on Facebook and Instagram. According to a study, it was found that view-through rate and engagement rates are much higher on the square than landscape videos. So, Instagram has started supporting photos and videos in broader dimensions. 

Will we keep seeing more square videos within the next twelve months, or have things come to the traditional dimensions? Is a vertical video still good? We’ll see. It’ll be smart to keep an eye on the trends.

Silent Videos:

When Facebook introduced its autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos in the feed with no sound, it was a total game-changer.

It was later admitted that they were measuring the minimum amount of seconds as full views, however long or short the video was.

Now publishers are creating videos with subtitles and animations to convey context with no necessity to activate the sound.

Instagram autoplay videos in its feed and so does LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

With autoplay videos, there will be more consumption of silent videos. This can also mean you can watch videos irrespective of the language of the audio.

Now that we know all the video marketing trends 2020, we should start exploring all the options because video content marketing is dynamic and we need to start experimenting with different techniques.

Till then keep looking out!

Why is video so important in marketing?

Viewers like videos because it's easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging as compared with text, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels.

What is the future of video marketing?

The future of video marketing lies in technology, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, analytics, and adapting to customer's dynamic needs. Remember, a personalized video can take your business and your efforts to the next level.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Mobile Apps in 2020

Why Businesses Should Invest in Mobile Apps in 2020 512 288 Admin

People now solely depend on their smartphones for almost everything. With a simple click and by downloading an application, they can meet their diverse needs. This massive shift, towards mobile applications, is seen as a huge advantage to businesses who are trying to reach a larger audience. 

Thousands of brands across India have created apps to facilitate their customer’s demands. There are several brands who still hesitate to join this trend but they should be aware that mobile apps have proven to be highly engaging, and experience-driven. They can help in increasing the brand’s traffic and presence. It also acts as a tool for customer relationship and also increases customer retention. 

For those businesses that remain unconvinced about having a mobile app for their company, here are a few reasons why it should be considered. 

Benefits of mobile apps – 

| Brand Awareness

Customers must first be aware of a company’s establishment before they can engage with them. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to increase a brand’s visibility. Creating an app not only helps businesses connect with new customers, but they get to constantly engage with their old customers as well. The more interactions the customers have with the brand, the more likely they are to continue purchasing from them. Brand loyalty is being established in this process. 

Companies can also create the app in a way that their customers would like. The kind of features or designs that they will prefer can be decided based on market research and questionnaires. 

| Higher Revenue 

Through mobile apps, brands can increase their overall revenue. Apps make online purchases extremely convenient by providing several payment options and keeping customers informed about their orders. This improves the customer’s experience while making an online purchase. For example, brands such as Swiggy and FreshMenu have made it easy for customers to order food online. Customers are notified as to when their food will arrive and who will be delivering their food. 

| Personalized content 

More than 70% of consumers prefer a personalized experience when they engage with a brand. Through mobile apps, brands are able to engage with the customers in real-time and the chance of getting personalized content increases tremendously. 

Features like geolocation make it possible for brands to customize the reach of the products, based on their availability, in the specific area. Push notifications can also be used to directly interact with customers by reminding them about offers or providing them information about their product delivery. 

With such personalized features, customers have a better brand experience and it helps build a stronger relationship between the two parties. 

| Remain Competitive

It is soon going to be a necessity to have a mobile app for every brand. It is best to plan ahead and build an app to ensure a place in the industry. Businesses can stand out if they create apps that are visually appealing and interactive. By having a strong mobile app presence, brands are likely to have a stronger market presence in comparison to their competitors. 

| Better customer service 

Customers always prefer to have their questions answered as quickly as possible. Mobile apps make this possible as customers can directly post their questions about orders or products in the customer service section. They can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for responses. 

The nature of apps itself makes a great customer service channel, which improves the overall customer experience.

Example of brands with mobile apps – 

There are several traditional brands that have shifted to mobile applications in the last few years. With the right marketing strategy and app design, they have witnessed tremendous growth. The below-mentioned brands were the trendsetters in their category and other brands have been greatly inspired by their app.

| Nike+ 

Nike is a global sportswear and footwear company that has promoted fitness in the past due to the nature of its brand. It launched Nike+ which is a fitness training app that has multiple planned workout routines for its customers. These routines are created as per different levels of training to benefit their fitness regime. The creation of this app has helped Nike retain its customers, who still remain loyal to the company.

| Starbucks

Starbucks is a trendsetter of mobile applications for many retail food and beverage chains. Their app helps navigate the closest Starbucks outlet to the user’s current location. The customers also use this app to get discounts and make online payments at the outlets. 

A unique feature of this app is that users have the opportunity to customize their drinks. They can create their drinks through the app by selecting the ingredients and order it instantly. Their app is downloaded across the world and it still continues to have good ratings on app stores. 

| Airbnb

In 2012, Airbnb launched its app which provides users with a whole new booking experience. They used an algorithm that simplified the interface. They introduced new filters, and users have the option of choosing accommodations as per their preferences. They can check which accommodation offers the best view and which are located in good neighborhoods, with the help of their in-app Guidebooks. 

The app also allows users to chat with their hosts in order to have a smooth and hassle-free stay. These features have given Airbnb a huge advantage when compared to its competitors.

2020 demands apps 

With an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly hard for brands to sell their products and services. Many businesses are shutting down due to the same. So it becomes vital to adopt different methods of conducting business. Creating an app can be very beneficial to businesses and existing apps can add features that meet the current pandemic’s requirements. For example, Swiggy now offers contact-free food delivery so that customers don’t have to physically meet the delivery personnel. Brands must consult app developers and start developing features to interact with their customers. Since these creative and essential changes made to the apps are helping businesses stay afloat. 


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