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5 Reasons Branding helps Your Marketing Campaign the best way

5 Reasons Branding helps Your Marketing Campaign the best way 512 288 Admin

As the business world keeps on advancing year after year, so does the manner in which companies need to market themselves to stand out among the present competition.

A company is merely a company without a strong brand. You wouldn’t sustain for long in this era unless you build a powerful image for your company in the marketplace. 

Why Branding?

Economic and technological development will continue to level up the competition in the market, it will become increasingly difficult and risky to depend on products and services only for a profitable business. 

That’s when branding comes in. To stand out in the market, businesses need to build a strong brand. 

Branding is a combination of the features that define a business – along with a catchy name, attractive logo, and color schemes there is a lot more that plays a major role while building a strong brand for your company.

The story that you have written for your brand, the language that is used for different social media platforms – even your captions matter, the product packaging, tone of the brand, website, and the list goes on. Every aspect plays a role in building a strong brand.

Customers today don’t just purchase a product, they expect an experience. Conducting surveys is an old school practice now to find out what your target audience wants. Companies today involve the customer in their product developments. 

This is a smart move of demonstration of letting them join your inventive procedure to engage them. 

Moreover, this methodology makes you look progressively dependable, trustworthy and authentic.

There’s a difference between Branding and Marketing

Have you at any point pondered the contrast between branding and marketing? Yes everyone does, but you are not alone with this confusion. While the two are without a doubt associated, there are minute differences between the two. 

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you understand branding and marketing both in extraordinary detail, with the goal that you can successfully use them together. The following is a more critical gander at the contrasts among branding and marketing.

Branding is the strategy you follow to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing is the process or the tools and ways a company uses to deliver the message of their brand. 
branding and marketing

Branding defines who you are and what your company is about. While marketing is the process of creating awareness about your brand and increasing credibility in the competitive marketplace. 

Marketing is the practice of getting people engaged with your business and branding is something that keeps them coming back to you.

Effective branding makes marketing easier for your company. Moreover, branding cannot stand alone. Branding without marketing doesn’t work for any business.

Latest Branding trends of 2020

1. Create your story

How, when and why did this company start?

Your audience wants to know your story. A story with facts, not fiction. 

Branding is not just about the logo of your company or the products and services you offer with great packaging. Storytelling is a part of branding. Invest some time in learning how to share your story. About the adventurous lifestyle, adversity your company has faced and aim in creating human connection by adding some emotional touch.

2. Be Bold!

Be bold while building brand guidelines or a strategy for your company. Take the risk with your image. People will remember the brands that stand out in the market for their boldness. It stays in their mind for a long time. This can be executed by using strong language, powerful artwork, or even bold colors. Break the norms and don’t be afraid to take a chance. 

Take the example of The Rolling Stone – An American monthly magazine about popular culture. This Brand is known well for the strong language they use and powerful artwork.   

branding and marketing

 3. Brand Influencer 

Have you ever followed a brand or made a purchase because a well-known personality you admire has endorsed a product or service of that brand?

Oh yes! I did. I started following Manyavar when Virat Kohli became the brand ambassador. 

Influencer marketing is no longer a newbie in this era. Every other brand uses influencers to reach out to a greater audience. It is one of the best practices to increase your followers, gain popularity and boost your sales.

Influencer Marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. People tend to get influenced while making a decision for their purchase when someone else refers to them about it. 

A well-known influencer can help you increase your brand awareness, traffic, boost sales and engagement by leveraging their social media power. 

4. Immersive Technology

The impact of technology on branding is changing the market like never before. Companies now focus on giving a human-like experience to their customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence analyses consumer behavior and provides businesses with insights into their competitors, current performance, and resource allocation. Marketers can leverage these insights to create a better connection with their audience in the future and improve their performance.

Chatbots are the most commonly used AI platform by companies today. The introduction of chatbots has improved customer engagement. People can chat in real-time with 24*7 customer support.

5. Creative Customer Experiences

Customers start expecting more from you when your brand stands out from the rest. Branding is not just about selling, logo, and image. Creating an experience for the customers is a major role for your company. You can deliver the expected experience only if you understand the needs and behavior of your customers. 

Though your products may be great, your profits won’t last unless you nail your customer service. And this will let you stand different from your competitors.

Design the experience you want to give your customers by keeping in mind that they are your long term need. Give them a reason to come back.   

Importance of Branding in Marketing

1. Stand Apart from your Competitors 

The market out there is crowded. The competition for every company to stand out has reached the next level. Every business wants to present itself as a unique niche field. To beat your competitors, do everything that your competitors do and differentiate yourself at the same time, and fill up the void that they leave.

For example – Differentiate your brand in terms of pricing, by focusing on a narrow niche, innovation, convenience, and by delivering extraordinary services. 

But sometimes take the chance and be quirky, weird, and bold. That’s what makes you different from your competitors.

People tend to connect better with brands that have a face. Show your audience YOU.

2. Products get recognized 

When your audience has a good relationship with your brand it gets easier to promote products.

Branding helps your company to build up an image in the marketplace and in addition boost the sales. Your brand becomes recognizable once you bring it to your audience’s notice. 

Moreover, arranging different occasions to announce the newly launched product can add a cherry to your cake. Advertising will lead the way. Different gadget companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oneplus have established themselves because of the outstanding branding. 

Fundamentally, the more you bring your service in front of the crowd, the higher the odds of your service being known by the partners. There is a more prominent significance of brand recognition.

3. Generates Increased Revenue

  A brand is a valuable asset. Branding is an investment for companies.

branding and marketing

Apart from the sales of products and services you offer, people perceive your brand because of your brand equity. Let’s take the global brand Apple for example. They have great leveraging power and through effective branding, they have gained huge brand equity. They rule the market at this time. They have the power to increase the prices of their products three times and their audience will still pay for it. 

Once your brand is positioned as a leader in the industry and marketplace, with great brand equity and customer loyalty, you will see a huge increase in market share. 

4. Branding increases employee productivity

People are willing to work for you when your brand is well established. This frees your company up to the top ability and furnishes you with the most qualified and skillful workers for your organization. When you have the most ideally equipped individuals for the activity, your organization’s profitability level will also increase.

Your employees need to stay motivated to work efficiently. When the brand is well-known and has the potential to fulfill the employee’s requirement, it will result in the growth of the business.   

5. Branding helps you connect with your customers emotionally

Creating strong emotions helps in building bonds between the customer and the business, which is definitely one of the best practices for building a brand. Brand intimacy results in the growth of the business to a great extent. 

The best practices to build a strong connection with the customers are listed below:

  • Try fulfilling the needs of your customers beyond their expectations.
  • Help customers become better and smarter through your products and services. As mentioned earlier, give them a reason to come back. 
  • Give your customers a fun and gratifying experience. Get your customers to indulge with your brand.
  • Create an identity and image for your brand that customers can resonate with, so they may feel connected with you. 
  • Keep your messages simple and clear. A message that makes sense and can be easily understood.  

Always remember Branding is an action (verb). Empower your business with branding and in the process, if you feel lost, always get help from professional branding managements and get your business back to life.  


brand communication

10 Most Effective Tips of Brand Communication You Must Know

10 Most Effective Tips of Brand Communication You Must Know 512 288 Admin

There are various well-known brands in the market industry in the long run. What makes these brands remembered by their audience,  how are these huge brands made? The journey from being an organization to a brand name isn’t a simple one. Brands are not made overnight. It is your clients who hold the ability to turn your products/services into a hot-selling brand! The key is communication. Your communication sets a precedent for your brand. So if brand communication is clear and hits the targeted audience in the correct place, you will win the game. 

Let’s understand what exactly brand communication is 

Brand Communication is one of the center activities of brand strategy and management, and it is essential to having a healthy and purposeful discussion with partners. It is one of the promotional strategies utilized by the brand to influence the clients’ opinions about the brand, the organization in general, and about the products and services that they offer.  

It is the act of conveying and delivering significant and focused messages relating to the brand, to its partners. This includes the blended utilization of traditional marketing channels, for example, newspapers and TV with the key strategy of social media. For instance, content promoting, blogs, and digital marketing.

Here are the effective tips of brand communication you must know and follow: 

1. Be real, genuine & honest

You need not bother about the celebrity brand ambassadors to advertise your brand if your clients become your brand advocates. If they’re the ones discussing your brand, imparting to their peers, and spreading positive verbal exposure for your brand, who needs any other person. They are generally genuine and authentic specialists in brand promotion. In this way, it is your role to guarantee that all brand communication from your end is additionally certifiable and spontaneous. Try not to utilize automated answers nor react like a bot. A humanized, compassionate, and true brand voice constructs a quick association with the crowd which is based on trust. Try not to cause your reactions to appear to be forced. Handle them with a human touch, consistently.

2. Don’t oversell

The minute a brand begins overselling, it begins to lose the trust of their audience. Keeping your marketing procedures subtle enough that they fit in splendidly, is the thing that you should watch out for. Brands will, in general, go over the edge with their ideas and neglect to put quality over quantity. 

3. Be authentic

Since you’re a brand, instead of only an individual, being credible and dependable consistently pays off. Overcoming the gap between the brand and the customer comes to a great extent with trust and confidence. Authentic communication is consistently in demand. Individuals love to talk one-on-one, and what could be better for your consumers than to discuss with their loved brand! It is essential to depict that the eyes and ears of your brand are constantly open for feedback, just as for communication. The tone of your content shouldn’t sound unexpected and direct, but should rather have space for comfort and great relationship building.

4. Create engaging content

In case you’re making content for your audience, the least you can do is make your content engaging and interactive. Content which is absolutely educational is most often received by the audience without any feelings. Brand communication is powerful when communication occurs on both sides. Along these lines, making connections with content allows your customers to enjoy what you bring to the table.

A standard flow of such content expands commitment and gives the customers a reason to return back again. With only a little bit of tweaking here and there, one can transform their customary content into engaging content and furthermore sharable content. Following this technique effectively, a brand may likewise land up with clients who become brand advocates.

5. Always focus on reliability

Individuals love simply relatable content. The content which is relatable is amazingly sound for boosting up brand communication. The picture of the brand turns out to be all the more inviting, open, and approachable. What’s more, a little attention ain’t really awful. Content other than straightforward brand promotions do incredibly well for such strategies.

6. Create a persona

After you have effectively figured out how to keep up a picture and make a personality, remember to keep it easygoing and furthermore have a ton of fun. Try not to restrict yourself to a specific sort of content, be flexible, and brimming with surprises, buyers love that! Adhering to a specific sort of content limits the huge pool of chances and material that you can work upon. 

7. Create Conversions

At the point when a customer shares a positive experience, go further than saying ‘Thank you’. Give open-finished reactions and strike discussions that help your brand discover its humanized voice. Individuals love it when a brand takes the time to have a discussion with them – one on one. Regardless of whether it’s an enjoyment and fun-loving discussion, individuals will recall your brand more for how you affected them. At the point when you arrive at that stature of having common ongoing and positive discussions with your clients, soon they will be the ones doing your advertising for you.

8. Expand your brand on multiple channels

In the world of social media, networking is most probably the best component that the web brings to the table. Sufficient for us, we can work with it in numerous manners. Brand communication can be reinforced significantly if a brand is available on numerous channels. Brand communication is made viable just when you are dynamic in all the channels you are on. Social media life is like a blessing, particularly for any brand searching for effective communication.

9. Make content for customer fun 

In some cases, you should simply kick your feet up and unwind. Dull nature of the brand communication procedure, where you need to post continually, can accidentally disturb the nature of the content and furthermore become upsetting and exhausting for the beneficiaries. The fun object can come in numerous ways, you should simply analyze and see what works directly for your brand specifically.

10. Leverage customer-generated content 

Give close consideration to what your clients are sharing or saying in comments or forums about your brand. What’s more, when you recognize what they need, act snappy, and give them what they need. Utilizing client created content isn’t as difficult as it appears. Basically, share customer content and change your products/services/communication to give your audience precisely what they want. 

With the coming of the digital age, the major focus is not on how to showcase your products to the buyer, but on how to advertise your item with your customers! With these 10 tips of collective promoting, a brand communication system will do some amazing things by focusing on its customers viably and effectively.

Focus on the following points: 

  • If you need your audience anticipating your blog posts, you have to offer them something that delights them and add some value to their lives. This will improve their trust in you since they will see that you aren’t simply determined to promote your services and products.
  • Don’t be hesitant to attempt new ideas, and ensure your posts spread different topics other than simply your organization or industry. Sharing extraordinary posts by other industry pioneers can be valuable. Fluctuate your content to ensure individuals don’t lose interest. You need them to hold returning for additional. 
  • Helping individuals in social networks is one approach to make a presence in social media. If your brand is known for offering truly supportive guidance, it will give your brand connections everywhere. At the point when you focus around helping individuals as opposed to driving traffic, your business makes certain to develop all the more quickly.

Everybody is aware of the brand Coca Cola, they follow a very amazing communication strategy which makes them brand no. 1.

Let us read in detail about the communication strategy which Coca Cola follows:

Coca-Cola was established by John Styth Pemberton in 1886. Who might have thought at that point, that Coca-Cola would be the moneymaker it is today. The organization is the world’s driving maker of beverages, working in more than 200 nations over the world. The organization delivers in excess of 500 beverage brands and over 1.06 billion beverages are consumed each day everywhere throughout the world. 

Coca-Cola has consistently invested energy towards keeping up a good client to organization relationship. They need their brand and products to be a piece of people’s daily lives, and they use social media life so as to make feelings and sentiments of association towards clients.

At present, the communication that is followed by the brand includes advertising, interactive/internet advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations,  sponsorship promoting & personal selling. Marketing is very important for this organization because its client base is so worldwide. So as to do this effectively and bring aboard new clients, the organization utilizes influential advertising techniques. The slogans utilized in the Coca-Cola promotions are exceptionally appealing and relatable, they make a strong and permanent impact on the viewers.

Medium of advertising: 

Coca-Cola utilizes advertising to make mindfulness among the potential clients about their products. They have various mediums of advertising that are shown the world over.

  • Print media
  • Point of purchase advertising
  • Television commercial ads
  • Outdoor advertising

The organization utilizes snappy or “cheerful” slogans so as to hit the target audience emotionally and urge them to purchase the product.

brand communication

A final word

Responding immediately to client assistance questions is a piece of your responsibility towards your clients. You should be at the place where your clients are and be prepared to help them consistently, rather than simply continually producing official statements to promote your organization. Building brand value is an exceptionally long haul procedure and brand communication plays an essential role in it. We are a brand communication company, Let’s talk. 



Brochure Branding: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Need it Now

Brochure Branding: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Need it Now 800 450 Admin

brochure marketing

Have you considered brochure marketing for your business? How long you took to realize that it is a very powerful marketing tool?

Is it only after reaching here? If yes, we assure you that after reading the entire article, you’ll get the power of each type of brochure that you design. If no, we are here to guide you which type will be the ideal one for your business.

Why Brochure Marketing?

A well-designed brochure can be an ideal intro for your brand or business. It can reach out to a large number of people if distributed properly and makes your company’s name always on the light.

What is the goal of a brochure? Well, the answer is here.

Brochure sends the unpretentious message that your business is proficient, solid, and focused on quality. 

Brochure marketing is a powerful marketing tool when it comes to reaching new clients and a well-designed brochure can create a positive impression about the business and this is the answer to a common question, why is a brochure a good marketing tool.

Do you know which types of brochures are best for your business? Well before this, let us introduce you to different types of brochures. 

Types Of Brochures

There are significantly  6 different types of brochures based on the layout and formats.

  • Gate Fold Brochure
  • Bi-Fold Brochure
  • Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Leaflets or Flyers
  • Folders and Insert Brochure
  • Z-Fold Brochure

Gate Fold Brochure

Popularised by high-end marketing, this type of brochure is extremely durable since it is made of premium quality paper and its inward folding makes it compact. 

This type of brochure works great for single product displays, heavy graphic designs, menus, and wide-visual artistic designs, such as architectural layouts and landscape pictures.

The standard brochure size is 8.5 “x 11” for the gatefold brochures.

Bi-Fold Brochure

brochure marketing

As the name suggests, it has 2 folds comprises of 4 panels, where you can show all the information about your company, your brand, and your products. They are a very common type for organizations to use this.

This type of brochure is perfect for simple product introduction, plans, price sheets, city charts, real estate deals, and product sheets which are rich in content, specifications, and pictures.

The standard brochure size is 8.5 “x 11” for the bi-fold brochures.

Tri-Fold Brochure

Being the most common type of brochure used by small to large businesses, it has a little more space (6 panels) than Bi-fold brochures which makes it possible to present more information to the targeted audience by maintaining a perfect balance between the content and design.

The standard brochure size for the Tri-Fold brochure is 8.5” x 11”.

Leaflets or Flyers

brochure marketing

Have you ever seen single-page brochures, announcing or recommending any product, inserted in any newspapers or magazines?  

These single-page brochures are the flyers or leaflets used to target the mass number of people to convey the information. An eye-catchy design with short and crisp readable content can take it to the next level.

These are typically one of the easiest ways to reach out to a large number of people, providing product information or announcements. For small-scale marketing, Leaflets and Flyers are recommended with a standard size of A4.

Folders and Insert Brochure

brochure marketing

Do you want to market your upcoming event? Then go with folders and inserts to grab the full attention of your audience for the promotion of your event. 

This type of brochure features fantastic folders inside the brochure. Inserts are known as the printed sheets of paper that go inside those folders which gives information about specific topics, services, and products.

Z-Fold Brochure

brochure marketing

As the name suggests, this type of brochure folds like ‘Z’, each panel on top of another. It is ideal for displaying lists, user guides, and technical specifications.

It has 3 panels with plenty of room to write about your business offerings. This type is common in sales brochures, event brochures, etc…

We have seen different types of brochures. But how do you make a Marketing Brochure that merits keeping? 

Designing a Brochure is simple. Yet, designing a brochure that your recipient will keep for future reference is no simple accomplishment. Effective brochure design is crucial in creating one with accessible product and service information. The more helpful your brochure is, the more drawn out it’s existence with your beneficiary, and the higher the possibility, it could be passed on to your prospective customers.

Now in case you’re thinking about utilizing Brochure Marketing in your marketing plan, pay heed to the following advantages too…

So what benefits will your business enjoy from printed brochures?

brochure marketing


1. Brochure Build Trust

You will build trust once you have your future clients ‘ eyes reading your brochure. Many companies portray their goals and objectives in their brochure, so as the clients can see the commitment of the company that can create trust in you.

A brochure likewise tells clients that you are a genuine organization with solid accreditation and trustworthy business practices.

2. Brochures Personalize Your Business

As your prospective client communicates with your brochure, you can develop a one-on-one contact.  A brochure can be read at any moment. Though online content can also work like that, written material can give a personal touch.

3. Brochures are extremely versatile

In contrast with postcards and other types of print materials, brochures can be mailed used locally, or circulated at events.

Such multi-purpose features make the decision to print a larger number of brochures because you know that in the future you will be able to use them in a wide range of ways.

4. Saves Time

Unlike composing a full letter to a client noting a request, sending a brochure that contains the required information, saves time, and exposes the client to significantly more information. 

You don’t need to alter brochures or deliver them explicitly to a client. You can pop a leaflet into an envelope and mail it out to potential clients without hassle.

5. First impressions are everything

So make them count. Working closely with a design team will help in making sure your company brochure has the WOW factor. 

This is the key if you want to attract potential customers with an eye-catching design, high-quality print, and a lasting impression, which will help you generate a successful business.

We design Brochures!

So if you are fully convinced then why don’t you let us design a brochure for you? Take a look at our brochure examples and then give us a call! We offer professionally designed personalized brochures, perfectly aligning with the services or products your business offers, giving it true meaning.

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How To Increase Brand Awareness: 6 Most Effective Ways

How To Increase Brand Awareness: 6 Most Effective Ways

How To Increase Brand Awareness: 6 Most Effective Ways 800 450 Moshi Moshi

How to Build a Brand & Increase Brand Awareness you ask? 

Let me break it down for you—

Your customers are your in-laws who you have to impress at every occasion. And with every meet, they judge you! Now, your personality and identity being your brand – Saying the right things and making the right impression is imperative and also tougher by the moment.

With a million tools in your bag varying from- Advertising, Sponsorship, Mentions, Suggestions, Shop shelves, and Social Media Marketing a.k.a your newest and most effective tool!

How to build your Brand? 

How do you communicate with your customers? 

How do you meet their expectations? 

How do you impress? And how to increase brand awareness In doing so?

Well, that’s where we come in –with the best tips, and the Do’s and Don’ts on how to increase brand awareness.

When it comes to Brand Awareness Marketing, we’ve got you covered!

 1. Wear Your Best Outfit! – With the best suitable color scheme

The ugly truth is people judge you for the way you look. It’s the same with your brand. To increase brand awareness, it’s important to make your first impression a lasting one. 

So, use your official font to make a statement. And color up your brand with your unique spectrum of colors. Make sure you’re presenting the best version of your brand by maintaining a common color theme of the brand across all platforms. This provides the brand a unique identity & makes a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

Chic up that outfit and make a great first impression!

2. Be Remembered – First impression always matter

Brand awareness marketing is all about making your way into someone’s thoughts in a very precise technique & manner. 

Where you place your logo, your color scheme, the way you present the content &  you’re eccentric Tagline, all is noted down by your customer. 

Give your audience a reason to remember you by creating unique & interactive content such as GIFs, Videos & Polls to generate engagement and increase brand awareness. 

So, be consistent, be different, and be remembered.

3. Be There On Time – Perfect timing is everything

Timing is the secret to increase brand awareness. 

Social media is always being dumped with content. Since you are not the only option for your customers, make sure you’re present to fill up their slots of available units of time. 

Check out your insights to see when your followers are active the most, and publish your content accordingly to make a better impact on them, and reach them. This way your content doesn’t go unnoticed, and you optimize productivity. 

Keep a constant note of your Engagement Rate, as it’s one of the most widely accepted measures of content quality in the Digital marketing industry and hence is an important tool in increasing brand awareness.

What Is Engagement Rate?

An engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement that a piece of created content is receiving from an audience. 

It shows how much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and more.

Engagement rate is calculated using the simple formula:

Engagement Rate = Engagement / Reach X 100 

Though there is no one size fits all approach to Engagement Rates as it varies across industries and content types the following Rates and the Standards can be considered as a reference: 

  • Less than 1% = low engagement rate 
  • Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate 
  • Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate 
  • Above 6% = very high engagement rate 

4. Know Your People – Target the right people

In marketing, it’s critical to know who you’re marketing to. So, define your target audience (TG) and market your brand content primarily to their inclined likings & interests. to be efficient and surgical in your branding. 

They can be segmented using various factors such as Location, Gender, Age, Occupation & Interests. 

If you’re finding it difficult to define your TG, just check out the insights of your social media accounts to get a clear picture.

Knowing your audience and structuring your content to suit their likings & understandings is a vital step in increasing brand awareness. If they can relate to the brand, they will connect with it.

[Images from insta insights]

5. Be Omnipresent – Reach your customer everywhere

What’s better than being present in one place? Being present at every place.

You have a message that you want to share, a story worth telling. So say it all in a perfect campaign. Compared to  And make sure people hear you speak!

Marketing is important, and the only way you can be heard in the noise of a loud crowd. So make sure to publish a whole range of content such as Images, Infographics, Videos, GIFs, Blogs, Vlogs & Podcasts across a spectrum of different avenues, each known for a content type.

<block quote>Content Marketing Platforms: Reddit, Quora & Behance

Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest & Youtube.

Podcast Platforms: Cashbox, Spotify & IVM. </block quote>

One of the prominent ways to increase brand awareness is through the technique of 360° communication.

What is 360° communication?

Providing a 360 experience is about synergies of messaging. Through print, in-store, digital and social media

“The customer will experience communication no matter where they are, so you have to think about leading them through the journey,”,

says Marina Karassellos, Digital Creative Director at ULTA Beauty.

6. Call To Action – Boost your Conversion Rate

I don’t think I have to remind you, but all the dressing, impressing and marketing needs a conclusion. And that conclusion in branding is a Call to action (CTA).

A Call to action is part of a story, webpage, advertisement, or any piece of content that encourages the audience to take action. Asking the audience to comment on a post, Share, Like, Subscribe, Fill a form, Buy or any other goal-oriented actions are the types of CTA used.

Asking the audience to comment on a post, share, fill a form, or subscribe to a page are a few examples of Call to Actions.

CTAs help you in converting a viewer/visitor into a lead & also drive audience engagement, which in turn, increases brand awareness. 

Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. 

Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%, a CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. Moreover 83% to 93% of each post’s leads come from anchor text & internal link CTAs. 

  • Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. 
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase the click-through rate by 285%
  • CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. 

Moreover 83% to 93% of each post’s leads come from anchor text & internal link CTAs. 

So, encourage your audience to take action & increase brand awareness.

[Graphs of CTRs With CTA & Without CTA]

So, those were the six effective ways to increase or enhance brand awareness and take our brand to the destined level.

Like We always do—

Need help with Branding and Brand Communication? We are great at it! Let’s follow all the Do’s and Don’ts for you, and ease up your workload!

You can also reach us on our Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. Tell us what you have in mind, we are great listeners!

Leave a comment below if you want to share your view on the same or have any questions. 


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