BIESSE Case Study


BIESSE India is a direct subsidiary of the BIESSE Group. They are one of the biggest producers of woodworking machinery in India.

The Company designs manufacture and market a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors, and wood building components manufacturers. In recent times, it has also been active in the plastic processing machinery sector, developing ad-hoc solutions for a growing market.



BIESSE India approached Moshi Moshi with a primary aim of increasing their sales numbers. We set about achieving the goal through Branding & Sales campaigns all over India through Search Engine Marketing.


Working for BIESSE was quite an interesting and informative venture for our team. Initially, we started with Search Ads for sales, in which we faced the challenge of irrelevant searches, as BIESSE’s products catered to the large scale production industry and the keywords were overlapping with those of the small scale and retail crowd. We overcame the problem through the use of specialized keywords that were more efficient in targeting the customer base. Later we came up with Video and Display Ads for Branding and Remarketing.


Our Campaigns yielded highly favorable results to the client. We were able to generate  67K+ clicks, 821K+ impressions, along with an 8.19% Click Through Rate and a Search Impression Share rate of 46.19% in a span of 6 months. In the same time-span, we were also successful in generating a healthy number of Leads for the client.

Think about taking your brand to the next level by incorporating one of the mentioned techniques so that your product/ service appeals well to audiences and keep them engaged and excited. To help you with this, Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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