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Why Animated Videos Are Important For A Business

In my previous blog of animated videos, we have already discussed the basics of animation, why it is important for business. As well as different animation software for beginners. 


In this blog, we will understand in detail why animated videos are important for a business. How it can help your business grow, what explainer videos are, and their benefits. 


Animated videos are incredible for sharing your business stories with your customers, sharing a relatable side of your business, and sharing highly complex ideas in such a simple way. Animated Videos are the best engaging medium, easy to understand, rich, & cost-effective. 

There are many reasons why animated videos are so important for a business,

Here I am listing out some of the most important reasons:


Introducing your products and services

Explaining characteristics of your business 

Attracting and converting new clients 

Making your business increasingly noticeable in search engine optimization

Boosting sales and discussions 

Helps in getting higher rankings

If you’re still in doubt that animation videos play a major role in the growth of your business drastically? 


Let us go through with these stats of video marketing:


  • 85% of the people who watch videos of your product and services are having a high chance of becoming a buyer. 

  • 90% of the people feel that these animated videos are so useful for them during the decision making process.

I hope, now you are making your mind to continue your business with animated video, good luck.

There are various cloud-based animation video software on the internet using which we can make explainer animation videos, presentation recordings for YouTube, product promotional recordings,  infographics, mobile application promotions, corporate videos, and many more.


But, What Are Explainer Videos, and Why Are They So Popular?

Explainer recordings are short, animated videos that clarify a thought in under 90 seconds. They’re fascinating and straightforward – with the assistance of a reasonable message and appealing visuals, these kinds of videos rapidly catch the crowd’s attention. An explainer video is useful and educational; it communicates what your organization offers, how it’ll assist your clients with their specific issues, and why the products or service your organization offers is the best option. Furthermore, it does all of that in under a couple of minutes.


What are explainer Videos for?


Here are the most common uses of the explainer videos. 


  • Presentations and Overviews: Explainer videos are an extraordinary method to present a subject or idea in a brief manner. This may be a fast review of your products, services, or organization.


  • Procedures: Explainer videos are an incredible method to separate a procedure or thought in a straightforward manner. Remember how excited you got when your teacher gave you an assignment just to watch a video? A similar principle applies here. 


  • Tutorial: No one needs to read a manual or chase down data. Explainer videos can offer simple demonstrations, step by step instructional exercises, or different exercises. These kinds of videos are unbelievably famous as confirmed by a 2014 Levels Beyond survey, which found that 67% of purchasers watch instructional videos.

You understood the basics of the explainer video, Now let’s talk about the main characteristics of explainer videos are:


  1. Explainer videos are short: a great explainer video must convey a business thought in only a couple of moments – explicitly, in 90 seconds or less. 


  1. They’re straight forward: They convey a message in a basic and concise manner. 


  1. They utilize animated characters: With the utilization of animated characters, explainer videos have a decent portion of funniness and personality. 


  1. Meet the audience’s needs: With explainer videos, the most significant thing is to concentrate on the audience and their issues, so they can feel that you’re directing your message to them, and feel related to your company. 


  1. They produce brand recognition: By speaking to your organization in each second of the video, utilizing your image colors.

Ok, but why are these explainer videos so popular?


With these characteristics, it’s easy to guess but difficult to think about why explainer videos are so well known; they convey the best sales pitch, every time. 


  • However, their popularity doesn’t stop there: 95% of individuals have viewed an explainer video to become familiar with a product or services – that is nearly everybody! 


  • They’re well known because they work: Animated explainer videos help online visibility, improve brand awareness, and improve sales. They accomplish such a great deal, that it will be ideal if we separate it point by point. We should begin with those: 


  • They will boost your online visibility!: Having an animated video urges your audience to remain longer. Videos are so amusing to watch that your crowd will play each and every one they find! 


  • Furthermore, you’ll take advantage of it: Search engines like Google measure the time that your audience spends on your site. Additional time = More interesting to individuals, and they’ll compensate this by positioning your site higher in the search result pages. 


  • Explainer recordings fabricate brand awareness: An extraordinary animated marketing video is totally customized to accommodate your brand communications. It utilizes your brand’s colors to assemble brand awareness since they’ll enable your watchers to distinguish that you are the one behind the business video. 


  • They improve sales and conversations: Explainer recordings boost sales by 20% all things considered, particularly if you install your video over the overlay on your landing page. 


  • Your watchers will take action: It’s easy to make your watchers move toward any path you need. Sales videos are enthralling to the point that just by adding a source of inspiration to your video, you can help them subscribe to your newsletter, fill a form, download a particular material, and so on. 


  • Increase shareability: Individuals love to share fun, intriguing data to their companions. Also, videos are the most common content on the internet! 


  • Capitalize on visual and verbal learning: At the point when you combine visual and verbal learning, you make an exceptionally viable combo that builds the communicational intensity of your content. This is the reason videos are so valuable, and explainer videos combine the entirety of that with charming visuals and a clear message, which strongly affects the human mind. 

Moshi Moshi Media produces high-quality custom videos for our clients. We create videos that focus on the specific needs of the clients. This is how we do it:

So, if you are completely convinced, at that point why not let us make an animated video for you? Have a look at our video models and afterward call us! We offer expertly made videos at an extraordinary value price.


Apart from the above-said factors that add to business growth, animated videos likewise guarantee higher returns in your business investment. So, by using carefully created animated video, it will be easy to share the necessary message to your intended audience and remain in front of the market competition.

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