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Whether you are an innovative app company or a finance solution platform, you always have huge amount of data, complex modules, and they keep on updating every now and then! The complex the data, the simple and appealing the execution you would require to reach out great number of customers! This is where we come in!

How does our animation process work?

1. Scripting

We will understand your data, segregate it and simplify it for the viewers. Then we will come up with an appropriate storyline, which suits your business the best!

Ref – Zoom Car Scripts

2. Story Boarding

Once the script is approved, we will put it on paper in the form of sketches; where you will basically get to know the flow of the animation video. In short, it’s the stage where you will get to know how the script will look once it is being put on the screen along with characters, backgrounds, and moments.

Story boarding

3. Visual theme

Once we lock the storyboard, we will be moving to decide colors, characters, layouts, and backgrounds. At this stage, we will get to know what consistency the video will have and the theme it will follow. 


Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme

4. Animation

Once we decide the Visual theme that we want to go ahead with, we will do a small animation test of the character, along with the background, and once we approve that, we will finish the entire animation as per the storyboard.

5. Effects Animation

In case your animation video needs Visual effects that will be done once after the colored animation is locked.


Effects Animation

6. Edit and Sound

In this phase, the necessary parts will remain, and the rest will be deleted in order to give you the best video. Editing will not just involve the finalized animation, but also the sound effects and voice over. For example, the character is opening a door; the appropriate sound of the door which matches the visual will be added.


Edit and Sound

7. Voice Over and Final delivery

After the entire video is done, we will give you the file with a rough voice-over and once the rough voice over is approved, we will do an original voice over and deliver the complete video.


Voice Over and Final delivery

Why us?

Now you will think, what is different between us and the other animation video makers. Well, as we mentioned above, we are storytellers with creative minds. We not only are going to simplify your information, but we are going to weave it along with a nice story, that people would want to watch again and again, and that is how they will remember us, and of course you! It’s a win-win!
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