Not just an ad agency or a creative agency, we are a Communication Company. Definitions are limiting (and boring). Just releasing ourselves from the shackles of these preset definitions, we are left in a world full of possibilities. Our creative minds are unleashed. And this lets us take up challenges without fearing limitations.

That’s who we are: Founded in 2014, Moshi Moshi is a young, creative, gutsy and committed communication company that wants its clients to always Expect the EXTRA from it.

If it’s extraordinary,
extraverted and extra
creative it’s Moshi Moshi.

Here’s What We Do For The Brands:

Strategy / Identity / Brand Design / Innovation / Brand Experience / Communications / Packaging / Planning / Film and TVCs / Naming / Manifestos and Brand Stories / Consultancy / Structural Design / PR / Media Buying & Planning / Copywriting and more

Our Story

It began with two 20 year olds, one bike, some hard selling, some logical ideas that made people relook at
the way marketing can be done. It was in the year 2014.

Today Ajay and Rishav are 25 and are often found pulling each other’s leg, and mostly not agreeing up on some creative route. Sometimes playing silly on each other. And still believing complex business problems can be solved with simple logical solutions.

Backed by a strong fundamental/ value system, and experience of working with over 1000+ brands, huge team of creative folks, marketers, learners, developers, coders and a puppy momo, they believe Moshi Moshi is an experience  rather than a company

The Moshi Moshi Experience

We are driven by strong fundamentals or values that drive everything we do at Moshi Moshi; from our hiring, to the way we deal with our customers, and how we do our business and plan our growth.

01. Communicate clearly:

Just do it. Communicate. Whether we are right or wrong. Whether it’s the hard difficult situation or a compromising one. At Moshi Moshi we communicate clearly

02. Doing things morally right:

Morals are above everything, above the company, above the founders, above the profits. Our Morals define us.

03. Dream it, do it:

We are insanely positive towards anything and everything we believe in. That’s got us this far. That’s also a core of the Moshi Moshi experience. Optimism and never give up attitude

04. Add logic to your life:

If it logically doesn’t make sense, what’s the point of it anyway. One thing unique to the Moshi Moshi experience is we apply logic to everything.

05. Be that fool:

The fool did not know it was impossible, so he did it. “Be that fool” this is Rishav’s personal approach to life. And that makes us gutsy. Bold. and fearless.

06. “Find yourself” at Moshi Moshi:

This is an experience we want our team members and our client’s to have, always. Just by releasing ourselves of preset definitions we open up a whole new world of opportunities for everyone to and themselves.

07. Our efforts drive us:

A part of the journey is the end, but most of it is the journey itself. Ajay’s personal motto has always been to keep doing things with the utmost care and love. The result does matter, but a large part of the result is what you put in.

08. Brand’s objective
is the END GOAL:

Everything we do is to help brands reach and communicate with all their stakeholders creatively and impactfully. We decide the path, but the end goal is meeting the brand's objectives

09. Staying young at heart:

There is something good about being Young and no matter how old we grow we will always be young at heart.

Where does the name come from?

“Moshi Moshi”, it’s the Japanese way of saying ‘Hello’. There is no big inspirational story here. Just a funny one. Our founders were 20. Still in their 2nd year of their undergrad program at Christ University. They wanted to call their start-up to be called “Ballyhoo”. But no one told
them about trademarking.

So after college, when the trademark was needed to open a bank account for the startup. Ballyhoo was taken. Bank account had to be opened on THE day. No new name resonated with them or was available. Whole day passed.

Almost giving up on the hopes of finding an interesting name, the boys laid on their terrace floor of their first office, until one of them recalled a line from a movie they had watched the previous night. Rishav said, “Moshi Moshi” and Ajay rejoined with “Say Hello to the World”. Guess what, the domain name was available and booked at that instant. Who else is happy Ballyhoo wasn’t available. Thank God the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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 “Just bring your creative business idea or the Communication problem. Let’s solve them together.” 

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