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PR Case Study: ISRO Merchandise Launch by 1947IND

PR Case Study: ISRO Merchandise Launch by 1947IND 1024 582 Moshi Moshi

The Brand

1947IND is ISRO’s official merchandising partner celebrating the success of the Indian Space Research Organization. It’s a lifestyle brand that celebrates advocacy of various Indian subcultures. The brand offers premium streetwear merchandise that evokes a sense of belongingness. The focus of the brand is to celebrate Indian-urban style of life. It represents the new age India that #takepride in the thriving Indian artists. 

Let’s have a look at the PR strategy for this brand:

PR Objective of 1947IND - ISRO Collection

1947IND signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Indian Space Research Organization to become the first official merchandise partner of ISRO.

The objective of this PR project was to announce the collaboration with ISRO and communicate the launch of ISRONAUT collection.

It was imperative to position the brand as the first brand to sign an MoU with ISRO.

The aim was to target relevant new-age publications which cater to the target audience of the brand that are between the age of 18-40 and are happy to advocate their subculture.

PR Strategy for 1947IND ISRO Collection Launch

A 3-phase PR outreach approach was developed to ensure quality media conversions around the ISRO Collection launch:

Pre-launch Phase: The Pre-launch activities were focused on initiating discussions in the target group about ISRO and the need to advocate the brand. New-age media and print media platforms were reached out to with a press note that was drafted to announce the launch.

Press Release: Press release dissemination was done in selected markets to get maximum regional conversions.

Post-launch Phase: The post launch strategy was focused on amplifying the buzz created with the launch by featuring in listicles and also by communicating impact numbers.

Key Publications Covered

Key Publications Covered

Publication: The New Indian Express

Edition: Bangalore

Circulation: 1,28,000

AVE: INR 1,26,336/-

Publication: The Deccan Herald

Edition: Bangalore

Circulation: 1,70,000

AVE: INR 1,34,400/-

Publication: Your Story

Edition: Online

Circulation: 2,50,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 1,80,000/-

Publication: Dainik Bhaskar

Edition: Delhi

Circulation: 1,72,149

AVE: INR 1,24,656/-

Publication: One India

Edition: Online (Kannada)

Circulation: 25,000 page views

AVE: INR 1,10,000/-

Publication: The Daily Guardian

Edition: Delhi

Circulation: 70,000

AVE: INR 2,98,816/-

Impact Created Post Project Completion

● The brand got a total of 23 media conversions for the ISRO collection launch announcement.

● A total of 53 journalists were reached out to in total. These journalists are now familiar with the brand and could consider the brand inputs for their future stories.

● 4 media interactions were aligned for both the Co-founders of 1947IND helping them get familiar with interacting with the media. 

● A google search about the brand now gives a result page that has a good mix of own brand content and credible news platform stories (SEO)

● Brand has used the news coverage clips on their website and social media.

What problem did we solve?

We Amplified 1947IND’s positioning statement that is ‘the first brand to sign an MoU with ISRO”. 

Media relations were developed along with a good media presence. This was  achieved through a structured PR strategy.

We also familiarised the spokespersons of the brand to handle media exposures and to interact with the press

How did we Execute?

● A press note was prepared highlighting the fact that 1947 is the first brand to sign an MoU with ISRO. 

● A quote focusing on the need to advocate ISRO was drafted on behalf of the founders.

● Instead of using a prepared media list, a media list was developed by shortlisting the most relevant set of journalists and publications (based on the target audience).

● Media outreach and media interactions ensured quality conversions and not the press note getting published as it is.

● Press release dissemination was carried out in Delhi and Bangalore to ensure good regional media coverage

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