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November 2020

Brand Revamping Examples Showing Support During The Pandemic

Brand Revamping Examples Showing Support During The Pandemic Moshi Moshi

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow”, this pandemic has certainly depicted how important it is to be relevant in today’s time. The Brand Revamping examples highlighted in this blog clearly depicts this relevance, where brands recreated their brand elements to show solidarity and convey support during the harsh times. 

Some of us have either got habituated to this ‘new normal’, while some may still be striving to adapt to the ‘new normal’. It’s not a simple task to easily accommodate to the changing surroundings and start functioning as per the changing environment.  

However, while we are still learning, unlearning and relearning a few things to adapt to this, a few companies and brands didn’t invest much time trying to cope with the situation. Instead, they have either diversified into a new segment, repurposed their operations, or revamped their identity to stay relevant to their consumers. And this is what is exactly required for a company or brand to sustain during uncertain times, “Be in the Present, Be Relevant and Add Value”. 

There are a few brands that recreated their logo and even suspended their tagline to stay relevant during the Covid-19 times. These brands aimed to promote social messages through their brand elements, as “to lack creativity and relevance is to be in the ring blindfolded”.  While a few brands changed their logo completely, a few took to posting on social media to announce their brand revamping act for the current scenario.

A logo is the most vital element of a brand and making changes to its brand elements like the logo is a great initiative taken on the part of the brands. The intention behind the brand revamping here was to demonstrate support and spread social messages. 

Brand Revamping Examples-


brand revamping

Subway India changed its logo to reinforce the safety measures in the consumer’s mind and stated this as the new normal. The brand incorporated a face mask to their logo along with the message ‘Stay Safe’. The brand aimed to highlight the safety standards and hygiene practices implemented in their restaurants. 

Since the logo is the most vital element of the brand, the brand tweaked its logo to convey that it is a responsible brand, and they are taking all the precautions for the safety of their customers. 

Urban Company

brand revamping

Urban Company also recreated its logo by integrating a mask to spread social messages. While some found the logo cute, some also took the social message from it. The aim was to remind everyone to be safe by wearing a mask and also maintain social distance. The brand also wanted to spread positivity among its customers during these tough times. 


McDonald’s recreated its logo to emphasize the need for social distancing. The iconic McDonald’s logo was split into two arches to denote social distancing. 

McDonald’s aim was to convey the safety measures to be undertaken during the pandemic, with the message “separated for a moment to always be together”. The company stated that it stands united with its customers despite the temporary separation brought by the closure of its restaurants.  

The brand also created a GIF to promote its safe and contactless McDelivery option and ensure the customer that food reaches them with safety. 


Volkswagen also altered its logo to promote social distancing. The brand moved the letter V away from the letter W in its logo to encourage customers to maintain social distancing. The brand also released a video with relevant messaging stating that we always overcome the crisis by staying shoulder to shoulder and close to each other but, this time we must overcome this crisis by staying away from each other.

The video ends with a simple yet powerful sentence ‘Thanks for keeping your social distance’. While the statement expresses gratitude to the customer for being responsible, it also evokes a feeling of responsibility.

Other German car manufacturers like Mercedes and Audi also changed their logo to promote social distancing.

Mercedes moved the branches of the star away from the circumference of the circle indicating isolated branches and staying contained within the circle. 

Audi separated all four rings from each other that represented the four brands that joined together to create Audi. The four rings were separated to encourage people to maintain social distance with the message “Stay home, stay away, stay healthy, stay together, we’re all in this together. 

brand revamping

Coca- Cola 

Coca-Cola made changes to its billboard advertisement on Times Square. The ad featured  their iconic logo of Coca-Cola by creating space between the letters. The copy read “staying apart is the best way to stay united”. 

Coca-cola is known to create campaigns that connect with people and this ad was one such example of it. 


brand revamping

JKBS altered their teaching and learning pedagogy to hybrid learning as per the COVID-19 protocols and thus launched a new logo.

The new brand identity took the typography approach to showcase the leadership quality of JKBS, by ensuring that each letter is portrayed independently and confidently. ‘K’ is designed to represent quality education by depicting a book with forward looking appearance and ‘BS’ have been merged into the lineage of ‘JK’.  The logo is now the blend of colours – ‘Blue’ reflects confidence, inspiration and wisdom and ‘White’ to highlight purity, safety and cleanliness. 


KFC had to drop its 64-year old slogan “It’s finger lickin’ good” since it does not fit well during the Covid-19 times. KFC communicated through this act that they are socially responsible and do not support promoting wrong messages.

KFC understood the importance of staying relevant and conveying the right message through their action. The brand’s act of eliminating the tagline in itself spoke a lot to the audience. 

Summing Up

In one of the webinars, someone very rightly said, “It is not the time for brands to show their brilliant marketing strategies but to show their integrity”. This statement stands true, especially, in these uncertain and turbulent times. This year has been the most tragic event one might have ever witnessed in their whole life. This was probably the worst time for brands as well. 

The lockdown has affected the economic activity and marketing strategies of the brand. These were not the times for brands to be active in their promotion but to truly portray their integrity and brand values. Customers always connect with brands who make an effort to extend support during troubling times, empathize with the audience and demonstrate their social responsibility well. And a few brands have rightfully taken an appropriate brand revamping approach and the above-mentioned logo revamp examples do state that. If you are someone who is looking to revamp your business in order to meet today’s needs, then look no further. Moshi Moshi is a branding company in India, ready to help you take your business to the next level. 


Tips for Content Marketing Scaling in 2021

Tips for Content Marketing Scaling in 2021 Moshi Moshi

Every growing business has been actively trying to scale their content marketing. You may be one of them because everyone is Googling tips for content marketing. According to a survey, scaling content marketing is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face. This comes as no surprise since creating quality content takes time and resources. The content that you produce should not only align with your business, but it must also promote it.

tips for content marketing

It can be very challenging to think of ways to scale your marketing. But if you do it right, you can benefit from it. To make your life easier, here are a few tips on how to scale content marketing:

Strategise a Goal 

To facilitate the requirements of your growing business, you must plan your content ahead of time. Take time out of your schedule and decide what you would like to achieve with content marketing. It is best to attract a wider audience because different types of customers will flock your way once your business starts to grow. 

Go back to the basics and jot down the who, what, why, and how? Ask yourself, who are you creating the content for? What does the content creation procedure look like? Once you begin to answer these questions, then you can design metrics that work for you. Your content goal should always reflect your overall content marketing strategy. 

tips for content marketing

Grow the Team 

If you really want to scale your content, then one of the best tips for content marketing is to hire a bigger team that specialises in content writing and content curation. Having a team can help you speed up the process and you can easily create more number of posts for social media or clients. 

One of the most viable and economical options is to hire a communication agency that provides professional content production services. Professional writers can help you scale as fast as you want and they will produce the kind of content you are looking for. With outsourced help, you will not have to deal with the burden of managing another in-house department. 

You can even choose to use the same communication agency for other professional services that align with the content you require. This is a great way to get a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy. 

You can share content guidelines/rules that the outsourced agency must maintain so that the content produced by them aligns with your brand voice.  

Adopt Technology and Automation

Every growing business needs to adopt newer technology and automation to meet organisational goals. Technology can speed up the process and eliminate the repetitiveness of work. With the help of AI-powered software, your team can write quality content. Software such as Grammarly helps users correct grammatical errors. This software not only increases the overall output of various types of content but also makes it easy to curate excellent and error-free content. 

Automation is also a highly recommended tip for content marketing since you can use automation for just about everything. From scheduling posts to creating personalised content for each user, automation will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

The adoption of the above will help you find time for other important tasks. Softwares can optimise your content and result in higher click-through rates. 

It is definitely a good choice to invest in these technologies as the burden on your team will reduce drastically.


There will be situations where you require different types of content all at once. To face this challenge at hand, the best tip is to have writers that specialise in specific types of content. For example, you can have people who specialise in writing social media content, copywriting, blogs or long content, brand names, etc. 

But if you have a small team of writers, then you can facilitate them with the necessary training and resources, so that they can provide you with favourable output. 


When working with a team of writers, it is ideal to communicate and allow them to share their thoughts on specifics. Holding regular meetings will foster creativity through brainstorming, uncover unique and one-in-a-million ideas, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing content, share industry news and opportunities, and finally, provide a platform for strategizing and prioritising content. 

These meetings are also a great way to ensure that 2 people are not doing the same work. Communicating with each other will keep the team on their toes and help write good content. 

Repurposing Content

It is never easy to write thousands of words of content and it is definitely not easy to scrap those words because your clients didn’t like it. Instead of pressing the delete button, you must learn to keep this written data in your archives. Every growing business, like yourself, must learn how to repurpose the existing content and reuse it in another project. 

Repurposing content is a great way to save time, money, and efforts. It helps you reach more leads and extracts more value. It also helps create very valuable content for a different set of buyer personas by being highly targeted and relevant. 

Be Selective with Content Production

If you are a rapidly growing business, then work on projects that have the greatest value. Another tip for content marketing is to prioritize all projects that will definitely bring you traction. You cannot waste precious hours on projects that will be of low significance to your business. 

Focusing on one or two big content projects will help deliver quality results that are bound to bring in more business to your organisation. Make sure you constantly evaluate how your big projects are doing and revamp them depending on your goals. Focus on promoting these important content projects through your website, blogs, and social media platforms. 

Build Outreach

The best tips for content marketing is to incorporate SEO marketing. Content that has low SEO value is likely to not perform that well. In order to receive a good amount of traction, you will need links. But remember, there is a right and wrong way of linking. For the best possible outcomes, follow this procedure: 

  1. Create very good and engaging content.
  2. List out reputable and high-ranking sites that are authorities in the subject matter you are writing about.
  3. Try to ask them for links or guest postings on their sites in a very respectful manner. 

Note: Don’t waste your content by guest posting on low-quality sites. Partner up with quality and reputable sites to get the best outcomes. 

Prepare for the Future 

Our last tip for effective content marketing is to strategize and prepare for the next big thing. You will have to learn how to use content in the most effective manner. You can prepare ahead of time by creating a content strategy that contains blogging, SEO, social media, email marketing, lead nurturing, PR, and marketing automation for maximum impact.


Content marketing is definitely the next big thing. You can skyrocket your brand with cotent marketing, if you have not previously tried to scale your content marketing, then it will be a challenge. Content writing and curating is a time taking and tasking job. A lot of research, rewrites, and edits are required before any content can be published. 

The best thing to do would be to take it slow and eventually follow the above tips for content marketing. Find a way to make the content work for you and scale your content marketing!

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Launched During The Pandemic

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Launched During The Pandemic Moshi Moshi

The landscape of marketing is changing at a rapid pace. Today, influencer marketing campaigns have become one of the most vital marketing strategies implemented by brands. 

Especially in 2020, when the whole world was succumbing to the unprecedented lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the only way for brands to reach their customers was through digital platforms. Brands have successfully leveraged that by communicating their messages and offerings through a set of influencers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

With influencers becoming an essential source for communicating the messages and reaching out to the consumers, the brands highly depend on these influencers to gain traction and increase their brand visibility. During the ongoing pandemic, advertising agencies were seen assisting brands to launch influencer campaigns for different purposes. 

We are listing out a few brands whose influencer campaigns appealed to us. These campaigns were launched for different purposes like spreading awareness on the importance of safety, informing the consumers about the safety measures implemented at public places, instilling a sense of responsibility and kindness in people, encouraging people to spread positivity and inspiring them to take a healthy lifestyle to deal with the pandemic.

Payal Singhal #PSPrints

Payal Singhal is a South Asian fashion house that deals in modern Indian bridal and occasional wear. The designer focuses on comfort, value for money and wearable garments with contemporary and minimal aesthetics. The brand is now expanding into a lifestyle brand with lifestyle products, accessories, home decor and more. 

As a result of an ongoing pandemic, the brand launched an influencer marketing campaigns #PSPrints to spread awareness about the significance of social distancing and wearing a mask, thus introducing its range of designer masks to the consumers. 

Through the years, the brand has built #PSGirls and #PSMen community, which supported the brand to reach 50 influencers for the campaign. The brand leveraged their existing community for creating an influencer marketing strategy by engaging with prominent names like Mouni Roy, Maria Goretti, Shaheen Abbas, Shamita Shetty, Drashti Dhami, Monica Dogra, Tanvi Malik, Arjun Bijlani, Siddharth Kannan, Priyaank Sharma and many more for the campaign. 

The campaign #PSPrints focused on highlighting the importance of wearing a mask along with hashtags #stayhome #staysafe #flattenthecurve. The brand also took to some charity and donated part of their proceeds for the homeless and animal welfare. 

influencer marketing campaigns

Godrej #hair4you

Godrej Consumer Products Limited is the largest home-grown home and personal care company in India. The brand introduced Godrej Professional with products in hair care, colour, styling and keratin category. These products are said to be the first-ever professional hair colour & care range, designed for Indian hair. 

Ever since the lockdown, grooming was the least priority for the consumers and thus, hair care. Hence, once the lockdown rules eased, the brand created an apt influencer marketing strategy. The brand rightly engaged with the influencers to not only announce the launch of its products but also communicate the safety measures. The brand collaborated with influencers like Minnie Rohilla, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Geet Roy, Madhu Shalini, Alivia Sarka, Geetashree Roy, Rajni Dwivedi and others across Indian cities to showcase the hygiene and safety measures that the salon chains have incorporated. 

The campaign #hairforyou was launched as an extension to the Suraksha Salon Program with an aim to help the Indian salon industry retrieve and restore the confidence of a consumer.

influencer marketing campaigns

Tata Capital #WeCountOnYou

Tata Capital is the financial arm of Tata Group that simplifies a customer’s journey by delivering a better experience through its digital service. The brand highly stands for the tagline ‘Count On Us’, instilling confidence among its clients and ensuring trusted services. 

However, amidst the ongoing pandemic, the brand turned around its tagline and launched a responsible campaign #WeCountOnYou. Through its campaign, the brand wanted to instill a sense of responsibility and kindness in individuals and encourage them to initiate small acts of kindness and contribute their bit towards society. 

The brand designed a simple yet powerful influencer marketing campaign with influencers like Atul Khatri, Gunjan Taneja and Pranav Sapra talking about various things that people could count on them for and concluded the video with one question – ‘What could we count on you for’. Through this, the campaign resulted in increased engagement and boosted optimism amongst people, thus reflecting the brand’s core values. 

The main aim of the campaign #WeCountOnYou was to spread positivity around and inspire people to highlight stories of goodness and kindness. 

FujiFilm #dontjusttakegive

Fujifilm India Private Limited is a pioneer in imaging technologies and one of the best-regarded camera brands worldwide. The brand launched an influencer campaign for its INSTAX range of cameras that produces stunning instant prints in vibrant colours. 

During the ongoing pandemic, research suggested that giving to others results in better well being rather than having more to yourself. Basis this, the brand aimed to showcase how giving is the basic foundation of human connection and helps an individual thrive and grow. The brand creatively used its product’s USP to increase engagement, brand awareness, and spread positivity and happy memories around.

The brand released a social film on ‘Don’t Just Take, Give’ to spread happiness and inspire people to capture beautiful moments of love and care. The film features prominent personalities like Lisa Mishra, Rohina Anand Khira, Rina Charaniya Hural, Shivali Oswal, Shreyashi Debnath, and others, highlighting the essence of ‘giving’ and how it is underrated. 

Through the campaign #dontjusttakegive along with #instaxgives, the brand wanted to showcase the importance of creating memories and encourage people to share the same with others, in the form of a print.

Ministry Of Ayush #MyLifeMyYoga

The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (abbreviated as AYUSH) is purposed with developing education, research, and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India. The ministry runs multiple healthcare programs, primarily aimed at the rural population. 

On account of the ‘International Yoga Day’  during the pandemic, the brand wanted to bring a sense of positivity amongst the audience and inspire them to practice yoga at home for a healthy lifestyle. The brand, along with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) launched an online video blogging contest #MyLifeMyYoga for the same.

The brand took a tactful approach and leveraged ongoing talks on a healthy lifestyle as a part of their influencer marketing strategy. The brand engaged with prominent influencers like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Milind Soman, Shilpa Shetty, and others to encourage people to participate in the contest by posting their yoga video with a short message describing the impact of yoga in their life.

The influencer marketing campaigns #MyLifeMyYoga aimed to spread awareness about Yoga and its positive impact on life while inspiring people to switch to a healthy lifestyle. 

influencer marketing campaigns

Such campaigns have been successful in instilling a sense of responsibility in people, boosting positivity, spreading awareness, and encouraging them to take the right course of action when the times have been tough. 

We hope for the brands to continue making such positive differences in society through their influencer marketing campaigns.

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