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September 2020

Creating Quality Content In 2020

Creating Quality Content In 2020 Moshi Moshi

Content Marketing trends have changed big time and continue to do so. Especially in 2020, when the pandemic has caused innumerable content creators to surface. The ‘content clutter’ is causing havoc on the internet. People are getting overwhelmed, not just by consuming so much content all at once but also by the pressure of how to create quality content, as fast as possible, in minimum intervals. There are specific areas in an Internet marketing company that works towards keeping track of content and the trends to follow.

People who are creating content may or may not be aware of how they’re doing. They may use tools like Google Ads to increase reach, and Google Analytics to analyze the impact of the content. However, there are content wizards, who are so good at creating amazing content, that their content alone, can teach us a thing or two. 

  • TED

TED is a video content medium, that provides a platform to industrialists, entrepreneurs, and pretty much people from every field to share their anecdotes and experiences. TEDx has millions of followers on YouTube and with its start in 2010, they were clear that people want to learn, be informed, and consume content that provides some value to them. Hence, they continuously did and are doing the same by following the content marketing trends.

  • Jay Shetty

The brand that ‘Jay Shetty’ is, wasn’t this big initially. Jay Shetty’s story is similar to Robin Sharma’s book title ‘A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. Only in this case, Jay Shetty was a monk who, because of his monk-life lessons, got many Ferraris.  He started to provide lessons to the rest of the world. The approach of his presentation became his unique selling point. The power of his high-quality content lies in an omnichannel presence towards his audience via the art of storytelling.

how to create quality content

Useful Tools To Create Quality Content

Generating great content ideas is a creative process but with changing content marketing trends, the ideas are right in front of us. One thing we learn from online creators is how to create quality content. However, there is a whole process that goes into providing quality & good content for websites. There are some key points that can help with the high-quality content & give more relevance, reach, and respect to it. 


When it comes to search engine optimization, content marketing trends don’t matter. SEO is the everlasting tool for high-quality content. Good content for websites you own is the one that has been well researched in the keyword area. Keyword research gives your content wings, if you will, to go anywhere on the web. 


High-quality content is created by keeping in mind the audience. You don’t want them to get bored and as psychologically proven, Visuals are highly recommended for a better understanding of any content. Videos, GIFs, Images, infographics are all likely to keep the audience hooked till the end. If your content quality will enhance, so will your brand value. 


Most of the content online gets shrugged off due to poor formatting. The heading is the first & only thing that attracts an audience and a high-quality content consists of catchy & crisp heading. Keeping paragraphs short is another content trend. People don’t like to read long paragraphs & prefer shorter ones, which also makes your content richer in terms of content consumption. 

The readability increases with shorter paragraphs and readable fonts. So for high-quality content, choosing the right font is also another way to up the game. Using a balanced language throughout with all the questions answered. Working on the formatting will give your content an A-one quality.

Determining Marketing Goals

When you create content, you first think about what resonates with your brand and your target audience. In the age of rapidly changing content marketing trends, having a marketing goal is the first step to giving your content quality.

Look for the most popular and effective marketing tools and then determine your marketing goal. Know what your brand needs. Having a goal will give you a purpose to create more and more quality content. Create short-term goals and experience short-term success for long-term ones. Once you set a goal, work only towards that goal. A monthly plan or a weekly one, as per your convenience. 

Consumer Value

When we talk about creating quality content, the first thing we note is consumer value. Any content is quality if it’s giving something to the person consuming it. It can be in the form of information, entertainment, or materials like links, pdfs, book recommendations, or ebooks. An audience will come back to your content only if they get something out of it. Give them as much value as possible. That alone is enough to start off with creating high-quality content.


How to create quality content in 2020? Ask influencers or affiliate marketers. This year has given tremendous opportunities for internet rulers to rule and be rich. If your content is providing consumer value, brands will approach you soon enough for you to promote them with your content. 

If you have a brand approaching you for promotion, you need to make sure that the brand is reliable and is resonating with your own brand value, only then will your promotional content be of quality. 

Apart from that, Guest blogging & other medium collaborations are also a great way to up your content game.  

how to create quality content

How To Create Quality Content:


The first step shall always remain – Research. Nothing can go right without thorough research. You need to research your content, niche, audience, competitors, marketing strategy, and everything that enhances your content quality.


After fruitful research, plan your content according to the platforms you’re going to publish it too. Compare the target audience and strategize how much time you’ll take to create your content. Accordingly, provide teasers to your audience about the content you’re working on. Like the Guessing Game or Polls. This will keep your audience hooked, even before your content gets published. 


Create your content with your plans intact and your research in hand. Keep pointers using an index card or a planner of the elements you need, to create high-quality content.


Now, review the content you’ve created, edit the visuals, text, language, or style wherever necessary, with an audience mindset. You’ll understand what your audience would like and what they may not.


Once you’ve analyzed the content, share it with your audience. Reply to every comment possible and keep an open mind to receive constructive criticism, which is also a contributor to creating quality content in the future.


With such tools and steps, you can create quality content without wasting your time. Creating good content in 2020 is like being true to yourself and your audience. Research and create with all things in mind, your website will have lots of organic visitors. Take the example of TED, Jay Shetty, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and so many more online musketeers, whose content quality has been top-notch and who’re still working towards high-quality content every day. You can also take the help of a creative agency as it works towards creating quality content or helping brands to do that.

The one more key to creating high-quality content is also to not get carried away with one type of quality content. Instead, after sharing one, start working on another higher quality content. Because we know, if the consumer is the ruler, the content remains king, and quality content stays for a long time.

What are you waiting for? Start creating!

The Importance of Content in Social Media Content Marketing

The Importance of Content in Social Media Content Marketing Moshi Moshi

Social media is the main source of digital marketing in the current era. It drives the forces of quality content and reaches millions of people in the shortest time duration. It increases the brand’s traffic, customer satisfaction, SEO, and brand loyalty. Most companies try to stay at the top of their game with their social media marketing. And with the right content, they can further boost their brand. 

social media content marketing

Content is a broad category that encompasses anything that can be marketed. For social media marketing, a mix of different types of amazing content is the key. Content is the first thing that customers notice while purchasing any product or service through social media. If the content does not meet the customer’s expectations they are likely to not purchase anything even if the product is adequate. 

There are several types of content that can be used effectively to strengthen a brand’s social media marketing strategy. 

Types of Content 


Visual content is highly regarded on social media. It is understood quickly by followers and does not require any decoding. Visual content is easy to create as people can use their smartphones to capture images. They can edit these images with apps that provide features such as filters, crop, exposure, etc. 

The best platforms for image-centered content are Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are also well-known platforms for visual content. 

Posts and blogs 

Written content can be extremely persuasive and brands must try to use it to the best of their abilities. Content is considered well written when one has a good grasp and command on the language. It is a great way of sharing information with customers about the brand and its products. If the written blogs and posts provide useful information, customers are likely to trust the brand more and purchase their products. 

Blogs can help increase more traffic to the brand’s page, as it increases SEO and audience engagement. 


Another great type of content is video marketing. It has gained mass recognition in recent years and is widely used for social media content marketing. It helps create a relationship with the audience and increases the return on investment. 50% of customers are more interested in video content than any other form of content. 

social media content marketing

Video content can be designed based on what the target audience wants to see. Brands can shoot “How to” videos and product demonstrations that teach customers about the usability of the product. This can be an effective social media content marketing strategy to influence them into buying the products. 

Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, IGTV (Instagram), Linkedin and Twitter are ideal for video marketing. 


Infographics are digital visuals that help to explain concepts with statistics and text. They are used to convey ideas that are complex in nature. It is an effective way of communicating with followers by using simple words and clear images. Infographics require a great deal of creativity as well as research. 

Importance of Content 

Brand reputation and trust 

Customers tend to create an opinion about the brand when they see good content. If the content is insightful, they tend to value the brand more. With this, brands establish a certain level of trust with their customers which in turn, builds a positive brand reputation. And if the brand is publishing content on a third-party portal as a part of their outreach strategies, the brand then seems to be more reliable and reputable. 

Helps improve SEO

The visibility of any digital brand depends on its SEO strategy, and content is the best way to improve it. The more a brand posts on their social media, the more traffic they tend to generate. But sometimes, posting frequently may not result in increased traffic but it does give a chance to rank more keywords

Frequent posting about various topics by the brand on their website or blog gives visitors a chance to view different types of content. They spend more time on these portals which leads to higher on-site time, which further boosts SEO. 

Customer relationship 

Several brands depend on loyal and long term customers for their main source of revenue. And if these brands wish to retain this stream of revenue, they must establish a good relationship with their customers. This is where the quality of content plays a huge role. Content is an important part of establishing trust and building healthy relationships. 

The kind of content produced by the brand ensures repeated sales. If the content is engaging, customers are likely to purchase from the brand again.

Sets you apart from the competitors 

Having an edge over your competitors is a part of every business’s strategy. Social media content marketing can be one of these strategies because content can make your business seem special. 

The language of your content can also differentiate you from your competitor. A unique style of content can help your brand seem distinct and exclusive. 

The kind of content your brand creates can decide the customer’s preferred style. They will purchase from the brands that employ creative content on their social media. 


Another importance of content in social media is that it is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. Small businesses, that don’t have huge capital set aside for advertising, can benefit from social media content marketing. The affordability of content marketing is very attractive to brands and they invest their digital marketing budgets on the same. 

Content also ensures great Return On Investments due to its affordability. Content marketing produces 3 times more leads when compared to paid ads. 

Examples of social media content marketing 

To understand how social media content marketing is beneficial for businesses, let’s look at how brands have used content in the best way possible. 

Share A Coke 

This is a widely talked about a marketing campaign that broke the internet. This campaign originated in Australia where 100+ common names were written on coke bottles along with #shareacoke. These bottles sold fast and customers were persuaded to share their bottle on social media with the hashtag.

Everyone wanted to be a part of this trend because the campaign was well strategized. The campaign targeted those who are constantly engaging and active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. 

This social media content marketing strategy made the campaign highly personal and engaging. The use of common names made consumers feel that it was designed just for them. It also made people feel like they should share a coke with loved ones and feel a sense of closeness with others. 

This strategy not only helped coke sell thousands of bottles, but it also improved the brand’s reputation and credibility. The campaign also portrays the importance of content in social media and how it can be marketed in the best way. The campaign continued to grow after its commencement in 2012 and is often considered by the experts as one of the best content marketing campaigns. 


Another great example of social media content marketing is TED. TED organizes global conferences and invites some of the best thinkers of our time. The reason TED is so successful is that it does not aim at boosting its SEO. TED mainly focuses on its content and has understood the importance of content marketing

They only invite highly reputed people to come and give talks on trendy matters that their followers would be interested in. These topics are diverse in nature but have a positive effect on the listeners. The organization also understood the importance of free quality content and started sharing their videos on Youtube to reach more people. Currently, TED has more than 17 million Youtube followers. 

In conclusion 

Social media content marketing is very effective if it is used correctly. Several brands have gone wrong with their content, which has hampered their business. For example, Ogilvy India suffered a backlash when they tried to market Kurl-On mattresses by showing a cartoon of Malala Yousafza falling on a mattress after being shot and then bouncing back up towards accepting an award. This led to hurting the sentiments of people since the content was extremely insensitive. 

Brands must be careful and sensitive to their image. They can reach out to a good advertising agency, who can help them strategize their campaigns in a positive light, and not evoke any negativity. By doing this, brands can enjoy the benefits of social media content marketing.

What Are the Basic Elements of Branding and Why Should You Consider It?

What Are the Basic Elements of Branding and Why Should You Consider It? Moshi Moshi

I am in love with this brand. That’s my favorite brand. I am glad this brand is opening its stores here. I miss purchasing from that brand.

Wow, great shoes, which brand? Hey, nice dress. Is that from Zara? That’s a unique watch model, which brand did you purchase it from?

All of us encounter such questions in our day to day lives, don’t we? So what makes us feel so connected with these products? What does it really imply? Are we talking about their businesses and products or are we relating it to the pleasant experiences we have had with the brand in the past? It is definitely the brand image and experiences that we all connect to.

So what is a brand?

A brand is an identity created by a particular company. And customers buy the products from a brand basis an individual’s perception of that particular brand. So, a brand is a result of who you are, what you want to be and what customers perceive you to be. Your brand is what makes you unique and stand out amongst all the others. Hence, it is important to build a strong and effective branding strategy that comprises all the brand elements.

Why is branding important?

Branding is a process of choosing the right mediums to create your brand and market that image to the right audience. You need to identify an image for your brand that can help you differentiate yourself in the competitive market. When you choose the right branding strategy, it helps you leave a particular image in the consumer’s mind. And basis this image, the consumers will either connect with your brand or like your brand.

A brand is an outlook of its brand name, logo, tagline, and design it chooses to relate with. The right brand strategy and communication channels will rightly help you communicate who you are, what you want to be, what you offer to the right audience. When creating a branding strategy, your communication has to be clear and concise, thus eradicating any kind of ambiguity your audience would otherwise have with your brand. So, branding is important for your marketing campaigns. Let’s talk about all the brand elements that are necessary for building a brand:

Brand logo

People tend to directly connect with your brand and build a perception of it. Creating the right brand logo is a must, for it is placed everywhere. It is a visual representation of your brand. Your logo has to clearly communicate what your brand is. It is important to choose the right colors for your brand. We have also seen that some logos have a powerful symbolic association linked to people’s memory. For example, customers can directly identify with logos of brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Burger King, etc.

elements of branding

Brand message

What you communicate to your audience also makes a great impact on the customers. Your brand needs to have a voice and brand message must communicate the brand values to its audience. Brand messaging either inspires, motivates, convinces, persuades or discourages the customers to buy the product.  For example, Nike’s “Just do it”, Subway’s “Eat Fresh”; Levis’s “Quality never goes out of style”.

Brand tone

Brand’s tone helps deliver the brand’s message quality. It articulates a brand’s personality and set of values. The brand’s tone can be authentic, quirky, playful, motivational, sad, etc. The brand’s tone needs to be consistent in every message communicated by the brand. For example, Dove attempts to inspire and empower relationships with its customers. Its brand tone is empowering and uplifting.  On the other hand, Coca-Cola uses a positive and friendly brand tone. It always emphasizes on evoking happiness.

elements of branding

Brand position

The place you want to own in your target customer’s mind is what defines how you want to position your brand. You can also compare your positioning to other competitors and then discover if you want to be identified in a similar way. For example, BMW positions itself as a luxury car maker whereas Porsche positions itself as a sports car. 

One can also focus on customer experience to position a brand. For example, when Starbucks came, it wanted to make the whole experience of buying coffee a pleasant one.

Brand channels

A brand uses marketing channels to communicate and deliver its message. The kind of channel you choose for delivering your message also has a great impact on your brand’s identity. A brand can either choose to issue a press release, launch a campaign or use social media. A brand can also prefer advertising through television, magazines or newspapers. If a brand wants to communicate business goals, it will opt for more formal mediums like a press conference with business media. And if a brand wants to announce its next lifestyle product, it will resort to an announcement through an event.

Points for branding professionals to keep in mind

Branding Strategy is very crucial while building a brand. It can either make a brand or break a brand. Good branding can earn a good reputation. For instance, Ola’s #AbChalega campaign was featured on BBC because of its creative branding strategy.  Hence, branding professionals must be very careful in the process of branding. 

Below are a few important pointers that a branding professional must remember:

Clear thought process

One must have a clear refined thought process when building a brand. It is important to coincide your brand identity, brand message, brand positioning and brand channels with each other.

Clear communication

As a branding professional, you need to be clear with your communication. Using the right words and the right tone is very critical to building a brand’s image. For example, one cannot say the brand has invested in a business. A brand does not invest. It is the company or people in a company that invests in a business.

Clear method

A brand is a resemblance of continuous effort by everyone involved in the process. Since there are many people involved in the process of branding, it is essential to have a system in place to manage all the brand-related expectations in terms of products, services, design elements, etc. A smooth liaison between different departments is very effective for creating a brand.


As they say ‘You can see results, only when you are consistent’. And this is indeed true even here. Maintaining consistency in how you use your logo, style of the content, brand messaging or tone is another important aspect of a good branding strategy.

If you are about to just start your business, it is essential to set the right brand identity of your company. And if you are already an established brand, then it is important to maintain the same image. There are various branding companies in India that can help your brand to establish a trusting relationship with your customers and develops recognition.

It augments the brand’s credibility. As per a survey, 65% of people feel connected to a brand since the brand makes them feel cared for and 64% of customers are brand loyal because they share the brand’s values. Hence, it is essential to have the right branding strategy to build a brand. 

All You Need to Know About India’s Ban on PUBG Mobile

All You Need to Know About India’s Ban on PUBG Mobile Moshi Moshi

Just when we thought that 2020 has had enough, the Government of India along with The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology declared a ban of 118 more Chinese apps on 2nd September. The Government of India has issued a press release, alleging that these apps have engaged in activities that are “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”. 

So far, 224 Chinese apps have been banned for having “malicious intent”. The bans have resulted due to the frictions on the India-China border and because The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology received several complains from various sources that there had been misuses of user data. Several of the banned apps have been alleged for stealing and transmitting user data to locations outside of India, which may threaten national security and defence of India. 

PUBG – the highly popular gaming app is one amongst the apps banned by the Government. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game, developed and published by PUBG Corporation. The game revolves around 100 players parachuting onto an island where they must survive by killing other players and scavenging for weapons and equipment. To add elements of challenge, the area available for safety decreases in size as the game progresses. The player or team that survives, wins the round. 

The game was a hit amongst young teenagers and PUBG Mobile was downloaded over 600 million times. 

The announcement of the ban on pubg has left the internet divided. Some believe that this was a well strategized move from the Indian Government, whereas others think that banning this app will solve nothing. 

Many PUBG fans may be heartbroken but several have recovered and are now sharing hilarious memes through the internet. Fans have taken over twitter with their memes on how parents must be feeling about the ban on pubg since children are addicted to the game.

Fans can still play PUBG

There’s a way around everything! According to the press release, only PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned by the Indian Government. The Government will allow gamers to access the parent game PUBG since PUBG Corporation is located in South Korea and so is their server. It does not have any Chinese connections which satisfy the Government’s ban requirements. 

The PC version of the game can still be accessed by fans. They just cannot use the mobile version anymore. 

But this too comes with a catch. Unlike the mobile version, PUBG on PC is paid. But if fans are strictly looking for free versions of the game, they can access PUBG Lite for PC which offers a similar gaming experience. 

This may not be the ideal application for some fans but there are still some benefits in opting for the PC version. Fans can access impressive graphics on laptops and desktops which will give them a better gaming experience.

Alternative games?

In the list, several other battle royale apps like Ride Out Heroes, Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter are also banned. But, here are a few alternatives fans and gamers might want to try.

Call of Duty

Go back to OG games! Call of Duty is one of the oldest franchises in First-Person shooter game genre. The game was originally released in 2003 so several 90s kids played this game during their adolescents. Their latest version,  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019. Some of the features offered in the new version are cross play, free maps and modes, and new engine deliver. 

The mobile version of Call of Duty has a similar set up as PUBG. Up to a 100 players jump into a familiar battlefield with identifiable guns and characters. The game offers an immersive experience with its strong graphics. It has a total rating of 4.8 on Apple App store and takes 1.9GB worth of space. It takes 1.5GB space on Android smartphones and the game has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store with a total rating of 4.5. 

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved was released on 2nd June 2015. Unlike most battle royale games, Ark has 80 dinosaurs that need to be trained and tamed. These dinosaurs are available on water, air, land and underground. Gamers can play solo or join a tribe to craft weapons, clothes and other items for survival. 

Some of the platforms gamers can play this game on are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The game has a total rating of 4.5 on the Apple App Store and requires 2GB of space. With more than 10 million downloads, Ark has a rating of 4 and takes 2.4GB worth of space.

Garena Free fire

Yet another popular alternative to PUBG if Garena Free Fire. This is a multiplayer game that was initially released on 30 September 2017. This game is developed by 111 Dots Studio and can be played on Android and iOS devices. It received the award for “Best Popular Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

Garena Free fire follows a 10-minute survival shooter game format. The game is fast-paced since the player is put on an island with 49 other players and they must kill to survive. This game also lets gamers land their parachute anywhere and drive vehicles, just like PUBG. Gamers can play the game solo or along with a “squad” with a total of 4 players. A wide array of weapons are always given to users with every update. 

The game has a total rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store with more than 500 million downloads and only takes up to 580MB of space on Android devices. The game also has a total rating of 4 on Apple App store and takes 1.4 GB of space.

With the ban on pubg and several other Chinese apps, the Government wishes to see homegrown applications for otherwise popular apps across categories and genres. Niti Aayog has launched the Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge where developers are given the push to launch apps, to win various cash awards and incentives. They wish to see these applications potentially scale and become world-class apps in their respective categories.

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