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Why Businesses Should Invest in Mobile Apps in 2020

Why Businesses Should Invest in Mobile Apps in 2020 512 288 Admin

People now solely depend on their smartphones for almost everything. With a simple click and by downloading an application, they can meet their diverse needs. This massive shift, towards mobile applications, is seen as a huge advantage to businesses who are trying to reach a larger audience. 

Thousands of brands across India have created apps to facilitate their customer’s demands. There are several brands who still hesitate to join this trend but they should be aware that mobile apps have proven to be highly engaging, and experience-driven. They can help in increasing the brand’s traffic and presence. It also acts as a tool for customer relationship and also increases customer retention. 

For those businesses that remain unconvinced about having a mobile app for their company, here are a few reasons why it should be considered. 

Benefits of mobile apps – 

| Brand Awareness

Customers must first be aware of a company’s establishment before they can engage with them. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to increase a brand’s visibility. Creating an app not only helps businesses connect with new customers, but they get to constantly engage with their old customers as well. The more interactions the customers have with the brand, the more likely they are to continue purchasing from them. Brand loyalty is being established in this process. 

Companies can also create the app in a way that their customers would like. The kind of features or designs that they will prefer can be decided based on market research and questionnaires. 

| Higher Revenue 

Through mobile apps, brands can increase their overall revenue. Apps make online purchases extremely convenient by providing several payment options and keeping customers informed about their orders. This improves the customer’s experience while making an online purchase. For example, brands such as Swiggy and FreshMenu have made it easy for customers to order food online. Customers are notified as to when their food will arrive and who will be delivering their food. 

| Personalized content 

More than 70% of consumers prefer a personalized experience when they engage with a brand. Through mobile apps, brands are able to engage with the customers in real-time and the chance of getting personalized content increases tremendously. 

Features like geolocation make it possible for brands to customize the reach of the products, based on their availability, in the specific area. Push notifications can also be used to directly interact with customers by reminding them about offers or providing them information about their product delivery. 

With such personalized features, customers have a better brand experience and it helps build a stronger relationship between the two parties. 

| Remain Competitive

It is soon going to be a necessity to have a mobile app for every brand. It is best to plan ahead and build an app to ensure a place in the industry. Businesses can stand out if they create apps that are visually appealing and interactive. By having a strong mobile app presence, brands are likely to have a stronger market presence in comparison to their competitors. 

| Better customer service 

Customers always prefer to have their questions answered as quickly as possible. Mobile apps make this possible as customers can directly post their questions about orders or products in the customer service section. They can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for responses. 

The nature of apps itself makes a great customer service channel, which improves the overall customer experience.

Example of brands with mobile apps – 

There are several traditional brands that have shifted to mobile applications in the last few years. With the right marketing strategy and app design, they have witnessed tremendous growth. The below-mentioned brands were the trendsetters in their category and other brands have been greatly inspired by their app.

| Nike+ 

Nike is a global sportswear and footwear company that has promoted fitness in the past due to the nature of its brand. It launched Nike+ which is a fitness training app that has multiple planned workout routines for its customers. These routines are created as per different levels of training to benefit their fitness regime. The creation of this app has helped Nike retain its customers, who still remain loyal to the company.

| Starbucks

Starbucks is a trendsetter of mobile applications for many retail food and beverage chains. Their app helps navigate the closest Starbucks outlet to the user’s current location. The customers also use this app to get discounts and make online payments at the outlets. 

A unique feature of this app is that users have the opportunity to customize their drinks. They can create their drinks through the app by selecting the ingredients and order it instantly. Their app is downloaded across the world and it still continues to have good ratings on app stores. 

| Airbnb

In 2012, Airbnb launched its app which provides users with a whole new booking experience. They used an algorithm that simplified the interface. They introduced new filters, and users have the option of choosing accommodations as per their preferences. They can check which accommodation offers the best view and which are located in good neighborhoods, with the help of their in-app Guidebooks. 

The app also allows users to chat with their hosts in order to have a smooth and hassle-free stay. These features have given Airbnb a huge advantage when compared to its competitors.

2020 demands apps 

With an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly hard for brands to sell their products and services. Many businesses are shutting down due to the same. So it becomes vital to adopt different methods of conducting business. Creating an app can be very beneficial to businesses and existing apps can add features that meet the current pandemic’s requirements. For example, Swiggy now offers contact-free food delivery so that customers don’t have to physically meet the delivery personnel. Brands must consult app developers and start developing features to interact with their customers. Since these creative and essential changes made to the apps are helping businesses stay afloat. 


Animation at Moshi Moshi!

Animation at Moshi Moshi! 800 450 Moshi Moshi

Whether you are an innovative app company or a finance solution platform, you always have huge amount of data, complex modules, and they keep on updating every now and then! The complex the data, the simple and appealing the execution you would require to reach out great number of customers! This is where we come in!

How does our animation process work?

1. Scripting

We will understand your data, segregate it and simplify it for the viewers. Then we will come up with an appropriate storyline, which suits your business the best!

Ref – Zoom Car Scripts

2. Story Boarding

Once the script is approved, we will put it on paper in the form of sketches; where you will basically get to know the flow of the animation video. In short, it’s the stage where you will get to know how the script will look once it is being put on the screen along with characters, backgrounds, and moments.

Story boarding

3. Visual theme

Once we lock the storyboard, we will be moving to decide colors, characters, layouts, and backgrounds. At this stage, we will get to know what consistency the video will have and the theme it will follow. 


Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme

4. Animation

Once we decide the Visual theme that we want to go ahead with, we will do a small animation test of the character, along with the background, and once we approve that, we will finish the entire animation as per the storyboard.

5. Effects Animation

In case your animation video needs Visual effects that will be done once after the colored animation is locked.


Effects Animation

6. Edit and Sound

In this phase, the necessary parts will remain, and the rest will be deleted in order to give you the best video. Editing will not just involve the finalized animation, but also the sound effects and voice over. For example, the character is opening a door; the appropriate sound of the door which matches the visual will be added.


Edit and Sound

7. Voice Over and Final delivery

After the entire video is done, we will give you the file with a rough voice-over and once the rough voice over is approved, we will do an original voice over and deliver the complete video.


Voice Over and Final delivery

Voice Over and Final delivery

Voice Over and Final delivery

Voice Over and Final delivery

Ref – Zoom Car Voice Sample

Ref – Final Output


Why us?

Now you will think, what is different between us and the other animation video makers. Well, as we mentioned above, we are storytellers with creative minds. We not only are going to simplify your information, but we are going to weave it along with a nice story, that people would want to watch again and again, and that is how they will remember us, and of course you! It’s a win-win!
Get in touch with us today!
digital marketing trends

9 Digital Marketing Trends To Fulfill Your Wishes in 2020

9 Digital Marketing Trends To Fulfill Your Wishes in 2020 800 450 Admin

Recently I was browsing through Quora to find out what topic is most searched with regards to marketing, and you would be amused to see results:

digital marketing trends

The marketing world is more about the digital space rather than the traditional ones, so if you want to be ahead of your game you need to know about digital marketing trends 2020. 

The basics can be learned through youtube/courses. But your competitor is also using the same techniques. How can you create a foolproof strategy? What is that strategy which will give you breakthrough results?

I bring to you the Aladdin’s Lamp of digital marketing. Instead of fulfilling your 9 wishes why not give you the technique to fulfill your wishes in simple words.

1. Smart Bidding  

Smart bidding is a feature available in Google Ads where it uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value for every auction.

There are currently 6 different automated bidding strategies that you can look over. This is an AI-driven feature which can help you get the desired results based on your audiences’ behavior.

Let us understand them one by one –

  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (eCPC): 

It naturally adjusts your bids depending upon its estimation of conversions. It’s an upgraded automated version of manual CPC( where you manually increase or decrease the bids)

  • Maximize Conversions: 

As the name suggests, it tries to maximize the conversions (goals) without considering cost per click but within the campaign budget.

  • Target Cost Per Acquisition:

In this bid strategy, you set a cost per acquisition(CPA), and it sets the bids accordingly to get as many conversions within that  CPA. It has no target on the volume of conversions.

  • Target ROAS:

It automatically adjusts your bids to generate as much revenue as possible within your target.

  • Maximum conversions:

It automatically sets bids to get maximum conversions within a specified budget.

  • Maximum conversion value:

Here you can assign a value for conversion goals like sales revenue or profit margin. It then automatically adjusts the bids to ensure that the conversion goal is achieved within your campaign budget

  • Target Impression Share:

This helps to set bids automatically based on ads displayed on the various positions of display like the absolute top of the page, anywhere on the top section, or anywhere in the search result page. 

2. Shoppable Posts 

Instagram launched shoppable social media posts in 2019 but it is gaining a lot of attention now. It means the users can buy products directly through social media posts or ads. They don’t need to leave the app for purchase. 

It also ensures a seamless user experience, reducing the chances of sales abandonment. Studies show that around 54% of people in social media purchase products based on their research based on shoppable posts. You do not even need to be an e-commerce brand as you can allow transactions through social media. You can create shopping posts on Facebook and Pinterest too.

3. Optimizing Voice Search  

“Ok, Google. Tell me about the trends in digital marketing in 2020?.” And google offers you this blog.

Similarly, imagine you are a beauty salon and have a website with a blog on tips to protect your skin from tan, when someone does a voice search your blog comes up. Would it not get traffic to your website and hence your salon since the audience would explore your website too. 

This is possible by optimizing your website for voice search. Voice search is a voice recognition technology that allows people to search directly by speaking to their devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Home, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. With voice search becoming popular and google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm businesses need to optimize for voice search. 

That means if your website content is optimized effectively, your business could be the one which digital personal assistants can suggest. But, it is necessary to have a local SEO schema and make sure that your google “My business” profile is updated.

4. Structured Data 

As I mentioned about local SEO, the next thing which is important and related is structured data. 

According to a study conducted by Path Interactive, 40% of the audience aged between 13 and 18 will get rich snippet results. Hence, your website will be featured on the top of the SERP along with the right information, ratings, etc, thus gaining more clicks. 

Google shows rich snippets if you add structured data to your site which is a piece of code. Search engines read the code to create rich snippets. There are plugins available to create the code without coding knowledge.

5. Using Alternate communication channels

In 2020 we should leverage more communication channels like chatbots, use Facebook messenger pop-ups on websites. 

We can customize the FAQs on the messenger and give options to click on the relevant question they want to ask. Based on the question we can either automate the answer or write the answers. This creates a good impression on the customers and we can create an engagement to reduce bounce rates. 

The other forms of alternate channels in online marketing is using Quora and Reddit which also not only gives the right information to the audience but also helps you establish your brand identity

6. Video Marketing

Research shows that 72% of organizations state that videos have improved their conversion rates. Videos are the most popular way to connect with your customers and tell them about your new products. It is not only restricted to youtube. This includes videos on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In fact, if your site contains videos it is highly likely that Google will rank your website higher since people find videos more appealing. This in turn will drive organic traffic to your website. Live videos have also garnered a lot of popularity nowadays and organizations showcase their new products or show behind the scenes making of their products.

7. Making Interactive Content 

Interactive content is all about making the user feel that he is a part of the brand and buying process. This can be done in multiple ways like making the audience participate in a poll or creating augmented reality ads/interface or embedded calculators which help you calculate the amount to be spent to reach your goals. Interactive content captivates the audience and accelerates your conversions. Real Estate firms use this for a virtual tour of their properties which are on sale.

8. User-generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful asset for advertisers who need to target the Millennial and Gen Z audience. You can motivate your crowd to share one of a kind products by offering them a means to fight for a cause, creating challenges like ice bucket challenge, or offering them a prize. Individuals trust other individuals unquestionably, more than they trust organizations. It can also be in the form of reviews or blogs or videos by the user.

9. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing utilizes key personalities to propagate your brand’s identity. They mostly consist of YouTubers or Instagram personalities with huge followers and fan base. They can help spread the messages about your business or item through their social channels. 

63% of customers trust influencers’ assessments of items considerably more than what brands state about themselves. Influencer advertising is likewise going to be influenced by AI. AI is instrumental in finding the relevant influencers to connect with. It distinguishes influencers with better commitment, less phony supporters, and a higher possibility of creating a positive degree of profitability (ROI).  

So, these are some of the keys to your digital transformation. Get ready to take over the world! 

seo mistakes to avoid

The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid 2020

The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid 2020 512 288 Admin

We are so focussed on advanced SEO, that we end up making some small and common SEO mistakes that can snowball and lead to insurmountable errors. We miss out on our chances to rank for the dream keywords if we avoid or think that these are all tiny issues & don’t provide that much importance.

With a lot of content being created and promoted online each second, the competition to capture your audience’s attention and also rank on search engines has become more cut-throat. 

Hence we apply all the advanced SEO techniques hoping that we can outperform our competitors.

With over 2 trillion searches on Google every 12 months these days, search engine optimization is about finding a balance between audience-centric content and convincing search engines that your content is worthy enough to rank.

It isn’t that easy to stay on top, with many people falling into the trap of making common SEO mistakes and seeing negative results.

Therefore, we need to understand which are the SEO mistakes to avoid in order to get the desired results.

1. Using incorrect keywords:

One of the most usual mistakes while selecting keywords is neglecting what search engines and customers want, and focusing on your preference instead. 

Sometimes your understanding might be such that you will focus on a keyword that does not fully consider the subject of the content. 

Instead, your understanding might possibly be completely opposite to the user’s search intent.

Hence, it’s important to do keyword research before you begin optimization. 

You can use tools like Keyword Planner, Uber suggest, or even do competitor research to decide on the best keywords to use. 

Always remember to choose keywords with maximum search volume and least competition.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

You might think that overusing the keywords in your content would boost your ranking. That is in fact, a common misconception, and an incorrect strategy. 

Going overboard with targeted keywords is considered as ‘keyword ‘stuffing,’ or ‘overusing your supposed keywords’. Such an approach would make your content useless to its targeted audience. 

Google currently employs a special type of search called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). This will recognize the topic of your content without having to fill in your content with repeated target keywords.

3. Not checking for plagiarism:

We all know that duplicate content is penalized, so you focus on creating original content. 

But do we check for plagiarism every time?

 You may say that it’s original content. Why should we check for plagiarism? But what we fail to realize is that sometimes our content may match unintentionally leading to a penalty. 

So it is always recommended to always check for plagiarism after creating new content.

There are various tools for plagiarism why not start checking right now.

4. Forgetting about website speed and mobile-friendly experience:

The quality of your website, particularly its performance on mobile devices, is very important for users today as most people browse the internet on smartphones. 

When the website is not smartphone friendly, Google and other search engines will downgrade your website.

The same goes for the website speed, which is often given preference when ranking on SERPs. 

You can check your speed using tools like Pagespeed Insights.

 The most valuable strategies for increasing site performance involve leveraging browser caching and optimizing images.

 You can optimize images with the help of a plugin known as Smush.

5. Not using Anchor Text for internal links:

We know that Internal links are very important for SEO as it helps in the indexation of our website. 

What we forget is adding Anchor Text to link to our pages. 

What is anchor text? Anchor text is basically a clickable word or a group of words that are connected to another page on our website and usually, they appear in blue color.

But that’s not all we should know. Whatever Anchor text we provide should link to an article/page with that relevant subject mentioned. 

The next thing we should ensure is the anchor text should not consist of words like “click here”, because it does not relate to its destination article. Use your subject keywords to internally link your web-pages, make it user friendly…

6. Not including relevant external links:

To make the most of SEO, it is important to take into account external links as well. 

Always remember to link to reputable/leading websites.

It is advisable to link back to websites that have given you backlinks, as that would attract traffic in the future. 

7. Not focussing on good quality backlinks:

We all know that a backlink is important for off-page SEO but we forget the importance of good quality backlinks and start participating in link schemes.

Link schemes can include buying or selling links, link exchanges, or creating multiple websites and giving backlinks from each other. This is considered as spam by Google and it downgrades your website.

In fact, focus on creating natural backlinks by guest posting on top blogging sites.

You can also reach out to influencers and share your blogs with them. If your blog or content is relevant they are likely to give you backlinks. 

8. Not creating Title Tags and Meta-description that increases   CTR

We all know about Title Tags and Meta-description and we optimize them according to the keywords. 

But what we do not ask ourselves is if our Title and Meta-Description is enticing enough to get a click. 

We might be ranking higher than our competitors but does that mean we are getting more clicks?

For example, you are an SEO course provider and you have mentioned in your Title and Meta-description   “Award-winning SEO course provider. Book a demo session now.”

 You are likely to get higher CTR  in the previous example rather than just vaguely mentioning that you provide an SEO course

9. Avoiding Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is all about creating the right content in the form of blogs, videos, or articles which helps to build a strong relationship with your audience.

The most common SEO mistake we do is creating thin content by using article spinning software or not adding any value to the audience.

It is not only about the quantity of your content but the quality is what matters the most. So invest your time, money, and effort into creating unique and engaging content.

10. Improper site structure:

When you create a website you have multiple sub-domains. But you have to ensure that all the subdomains which are aligned follow a proper structure.

Let us take an example-

As you can see, the Home page comes first, followed by About us, Services, etc.

Instead, if you keep your “Services” after “Home page” it makes no sense as we have to know a business first then find out about the services.

11. Not doing regular Website Audit:

Another thing that we overlook is not doing a timely website audit. 

Ideally, you should conduct website audits every month since it is important to check for broken links or any other issues.

Also, google algorithm keeps updating so it is important to keep auditing your website. You can do a website audit by tools like Screaming frogGoogle Analytics, Uber suggest and Moz trial

Ideally, you should also keep checking for any website issues/anomalies with the help of Google Search Console

12. Not checking bad links:

We know that getting good backlinks can help us in ranking in SERP. But what can we do about backlinks from websites which are spammy or low quality?

How can we stop the link juice from them? Use the disavow tool from Google webmaster tool.

In this way, we are telling Google that “don’t attribute the link being provided by those spammy websites”. 

Hence it is advisable to regularly find out which links are devaluing your ranking and use the Disavow tool.

13.  Not having Bing Business Listing/Not optimizing for other Search Engines:

We all optimize our websites for Google, but there are other search engines as well. Even though they are not that popular as Google, they also should be optimized. We can get customers from those as well as it is low competition there.

Bing is a search engine by Microsoft and they have a market share of around 2.44% worldwide. That means if we optimize for Bing as well we can get those customers as well.

We should also not forget Bing business Listing. It is similar to Google my business and it helps in local SEO. 

Since we are talking about local SEO we should also understand that if our target market is outside India we have to optimize for their country-specific popular search engines.

For example, Baidu for China and Yandex for Russia.

14. Not using Bing Webmaster tool:

In reality, Bing Webmaster Software is more sophisticated — and it offers more resources for SEO practitioners than the Google Search Console, it’s equivalent.

If Bing had not first launched its Disavow links tool, should we have had the one from Google as well? So when we are already thinking of optimizing our website for Bing, we should not forget the Bing webmaster tool.

Now that you have learned all the common SEO mistakes, aim to stop them intentionally by  2020. You can end up struggling if you do not build your website for mobiles, have specific targets, concentrate on multiple types of content. Seek to utilize new SEO updates and keep up to date with the latest to remain ahead of the competition.

Another thing to do is to learn about the entire online ecosystem. That means getting well versed with other categories of digital marketing as everything is interdependent.

benefits of content marketing

Content Marketing: Understanding the Concept and Benefits

Content Marketing: Understanding the Concept and Benefits 512 288 Admin

Content comes in many forms to us, and as humans, it has been the essence of our progress and development. It exists in everything we know, learn, study, or interact within our daily lives. It can be defined as the expression of thought through various mediums. The stories we were told as children, the books we read, the videos we watch, the pictures we look at, anything that conveys thought or expression, is content. 

We begin consuming content from a very young age, and in this developing world, we are almost constantly exposed to it in some form or another. Similarly, content creation is not new to us. Our crayon scribbles, the complex string of words we start to put together in our diaries at a young age, are both our forms of content creation. 

benefits of content marketing

As we grow older, both consumption and creation take shape and we strive to find or offer value through both. Both of these processes are part and parcel of the growth of any individual and any enterprise. So, you must ask yourself how these crucial functions influence the business world? Content marketing is the answer to that question. 

What is Content Marketing? 

Marketing is the most versatile and crucial tenet of the business world, so as it must, it found a home in the world of content creation and consumption. Building brilliant campaigns, distributing knowledge, initiating change and profit, and studying and acquiring skills are all propagated by content in marketing. 

Content Marketing can be defined as the brands creating and distributing relevant content on a long-term strategic basis, to establish and propagate a relationship with their target group. 

This form of digital marketing stands to benefit brands and consumers alike. Providing brands and individuals, potentially with the help of marketing and advertising agencies with the chance to put their products and services across in an informative and efficient way, and allowing consumers with the chance to learn and educate themselves while consuming. 

Types of Content Marketing

One of the reasons this form of marketing is highly efficient, is because of the range it provides. There are many types of content marketing, and most can be divided into 4 umbrella categories. 

1. Written Content:

Email marketing has been used commonly since the advent of email. eBooks, Blogs, and Articles are long-form highly informative content forms. 

benefits of content marketing

2. Visual Content: 

Videos for websites, Youtube, other video channels, Infographics for websites, social media posts, as well as educational Webinars. 

3. Social Media: 

Social Media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discussion Forums, such as Quora and Reddit. 

4. Audio Content: 

Podcasts are an up and coming form of audio communication. 

Choosing a type for your brand: 

Let’s take an example: Suppose you run a pharmaceutical, and you recently received approval for and launched a soap with a series of benefits unique to this particular product. As a brand, the most effective form of marketing for you would be through interesting infographics, social media posts, and videos. If a pharmaceutical brand were to write a blog, while it may attract intellectuals, researchers, competitors, and medical professionals, it will most probably not bring you leads. 

Evaluating what would be most effective for you is crucial. This can be done by analyzing the content your target audience most consumes or relates to, studying competitors’ marketing strategies, or simply studying the market and deducting the best strategy for you. 

Why does it work? 

As any curious person would wonder, you must also want to know why content marketing has such a major impact, and why it works so widely. As most forms of digital marketing, this form comes with a set of unique reasons for its success. Four of the majorly understood and appreciated reasons are listed below. 

1. Ease of Access: 

With technology slowly but surely reaching every corner of the world, and content marketing being an extremely digital concept, it is the most accessible form of information out there. Regardless of gender, age, culture, country, a majority of consumers have access to this form of marketing, making it highly efficient. 

2. The Generation of Information: 

With the increase of information available, there is also an increase in eagerness to learn. A generation of jacks of all trades is rising, and content marketing embraces that idea perfectly. In today’s world, having a basic understanding of a variety of subjects is applauded and appreciated, hence, making this the generation of information. 

3. Easily Monitored and Adapted: 

As a brand, being able to access your released content, and alter it in accordance with the times helps create relevant and useful impact. It is important to adapt to the constantly changing times, and the digital marketing world allows for it. Equally important is the ability to see what form of your content is creating impact, and study your target audience, helping you further adapt your strategies. 

4. Range and Variety: 

As stated in the previous section, content marketing provides brands with a wide variety of formats and platforms to choose from. This allows access to varying target groups simultaneously. While Facebook may offer them access to older groups, podcasts will provide access to younger people who work and learn simultaneously. The opportunities are endless. 

What to focus on? 

Walking into this field blindly will not only stop you from achieving your goals, but will cause a major waste of resources. Knowing how to get a start on planning and conceptualizing your content when you create it is the first step towards a successful content marketing strategy. 

1. Adding Value: 

All prospective clients are looking to attain something from their interaction with your brand. Give them something to look at, read through, maybe even bookmark and return to. Like the crowd knowing the lyrics of a band’s song, your customers should know your blogs, and what they offer. Adding value to your customers’ lives in more than way brings in loyal and learned leads. 

Creating valuable content also helps you establish your knowledge and authority in your field. This further provides confidence in and support for the impression you wish to and do put across in the world. 

2. Target Audience: 

Studying and analyzing your target audience can change the trajectory of your brand entirely. Choosing the right form of marketing, the right platform, the right content, is crucial. When focusing on content marketing, do not forget to focus on the quality of the content itself. While you may create the perfect strategy, if your content does not provide relevance and quality, it will lose weightage. 

Therefore, it is important to study and analyze your audience, eventually molding your content to fit their needs and wants. Find what they would most identify with, and then move forward accordingly.    

3. Brand Identity: 

Remember to always emphasize the identity of your brand in the content you create. While ensuring your target audience remains appeased is important, it is equally important to keep sight of who you are as a brand, and what message you’re trying to put across. Losing focus of this can lead to content without a clear message, or identity, and leave your audience finding it hard to collate or relate with. 

Your identity can make or break your brand, and how you show it in the content you put across plays an equally important role. Brand tone, language, and style come together to make your identity, always wear it with pride. 

4. Purpose: 

When you start creating content, what is it you are trying to achieve, and why have you taken the step into content marketing are the first questions you should ask yourself. If you’re attempting to gain leads, create your content and build your strategy in accordance with that. If you’re attempting to create impact, or pioneer something new with your innovation or ideas, make sure you present that clearly in the content you present. 

Keeping your purpose front and center is the only way to build a brilliant and effective content marketing strategy. Similar to every other field of marketing, what you aim to achieve is what decides what you will do. 

What are the benefits? 

As has been explained in the content above, this form of marketing offers adversity, variety, and range like nothing else. With these endless functional benefits, it also offers three major technical benefits to your brand. If one were to approach this from a thoroughly business based viewpoint, the following three benefits can be attained through content marketing. 

1. Increased Leads and Sales: 

Creating varied content, leads to varied availability, and as discussed earlier, with ease of accessibility, the reach is a lot higher. This provides multiple options for Calls-to-Action (CTAs), and multiple platforms from which to generate leads. 

It also allows for higher engagement with your potential customers, and if created well, your content can leave a lasting effect, and a note of goodwill with your leads. Increased leads bring in increased conversions, eventually increasing sales. A good strategy with a wide range can bring a major positive change to your brand growth. 

2. Lower Investment: 

The varying options within content marketing require varying amounts of investment. For the most part, creating and circulating content is not expensive. While writing blogs for your brand, and using services such as Search Engine Optimization may cost the investment of hiring an agency, it is relatively less costly than major investments such as running print advertisements. 

On the other hand, running an efficient and well-strategized social media campaign can come at a minimal cost or even no cost at all. Even the more expensive options within content marketing come at a lower cost than traditional marketing for the most part, and bring in higher revenue. 

3. Loyal Customer Base: 

With value-adding and interesting content, your brand can build a lasting impression, and supportive following. For instance, if you publish blogs on a weekly basis, and your content is relevant, you can create a following that returns to your blog every week, and in turn shares the content you create. 

Creating shareable content and interacting, can majorly increase leads, by creating the impression of a brand that cares for its customers. A loyal customer base can have immediate and long-term benefits for your brand. 

The benefits of content marketing are endless, and highly valuable. Building a strategy is required to efficiently reap the benefits of this form of marketing, making it a top priority. Having gained an idea of the concept of content marketing, as well as how it can benefit your brand, it is important that you conduct further research, and make a switch soon. 

It is often said in the world of marketing that Content is King, and it could not be more true, or more relevant at this point in time. We suggest you use Content Marketing to ensure that this time may be of service to you. 

video marketing trends 2020

Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket 512 288 Admin

We hear a great deal that quality content makes all the difference, which is the reason advertisers are continuing to take steps to create engaging and shareable content.

Video marketing is the key to content marketing and It needs to be incorporated into your current marketing strategy. 

According to a recent study, videos are shared via social media 1200% more than pictures and text, combined. So, it is very important to ensure that you have a strategy in place for video marketing at all times.

Let us find out what are the video marketing trends in 2020.

video marketing trends 2020

 Trends in Video Marketing:

1. Live Videos In, Facebook Live Out

video marketing trends 2020

Facebook Live was one of the biggest fallacies of Facebook. Users were not able to generate the type of outcome they had expected which ultimately led to the decline of its usage.

However, live video isn’t a technique that is vanishing. Despite what might be expected, live videos have made a firm spot in the video marketing world. 

Live videos keep on developing because live media is very captivating. The reason? Experiencing live and uncut videos in real-time. 

As an Instagram or Snapchat follower, you’ve presumably seen that numerous individuals you follow “go live” on various occasions during the day. Those live feeds, as a rule, consist of responding to questions that are being submitted by different clients—possibly endeavoring to accomplish something that clients demand. 

While Instagram gives the ability to save these live videos to your profile, the chances of somebody viewing 60 minutes in length live stream later are very less. 

What makes the live video so unique and why will it stay in the long run? It’s because live videos are reproducing the sensations of live radio and TV. These modes of communication were used to provide the same content to individuals all around the nation, or the world, at the same time.

2. Shoppable Videos:

Another video marketing strategy that is getting popular is “shoppable videos.” These video ads provide links to products within the video universe. Instagram Stories and Snapchat with links are popular shoppable videos. 

It’s sensible to anticipate that you’ll soon have the option to purchase items by interacting with the items inside a video. For example – if there’s a piece of furniture highlighted on screen, you might have the option to hover over it and discover about that specific model and where to get it. 

The alternatives are endless, truly. In the future, you will be seeing more videos that feature products in a story’s stream, regularly with a shoppable link. 

3. Interactive 360 videos:

Interactive 360 videos are a huge trend right now. Through it, you can experience Broadway musicals, sporting events, and scenic locations. 

It’s the sort of vivid, advanced AR and VR video style we’re hoping to see in the future. Interactive 360 videos are something that, in case you’re eager to learn, you might need to create one. 

While it may be difficult to create it right now, it could be an incredible method to stand out from your competition and truly fascinate your client base.

4. Video conferencing:

While software like Google Hangouts and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing capacity, the experience of video conferencing wherein one person converses with another person is bound to expand.

Video conferences offer the capacity of seeing someone else, sharing screens, and other technical support functions. On top of that, it can also be used as an instruction method. 

The experience of video conferencing triumphs in comparison to voice calls, chat functions, and emails.

5. Vlogging :

Vlogging is the video format of blogs. With Youtube undergoing a lot of changes, vlogging is developing at a rapid rate. 

Instagram and Snapchat are other well-known platforms for vlogging. With the expansion of live video, vloggers are experimenting with the sort of videos they feature. Vloggers are also turning into influencers by advertising about various brands.

6. Google Ads video marketing:

In 2020, we will witness an increase in the number of advertisers going for Google Ads video marketing. Google video advertisements show up on YouTube or the Display Network. YouTube is the world’s second most utilized search tool, which is why your video marketing plan should include video ads. 

Gen Z-ers devour video content for 3-4 hours daily on their favorite platform to unwind. Gen Z will make up 40% of all video consumption and the key to their attention is through engaging videos. 

7. Searchable videos:

Google has incorporated videos as a core offering. Hence now top videos will be featured on the search result when you can search on google. For example, “how to make a cake?”

video marketing trends 2020

So, here the video is featured first then the articles.

Over the years, videos are appearing on the top of the result page both for desktop and mobile. Hence, it is very important to optimize your videos according to search engines to rank higher on SERPs. 

8. Stories will dominate:

Viewers like Instagram stories as they consider it more authentic than other content on social media. Compared to well-planned content posted on feeds, stories add a personalized approach to Instagram.

By incorporating Instagram stories into your video promotion strategy, you’ll be able to connect with your viewers and build a personalized relationship with them.

People like to see behind the scenes, sneak peeks of the latest product, promotional codes/discounts, etc. It makes them feel special as they can see themself as part of the product’s journey.

Videos for different dimensions:

With new video platforms being introduced, the preferences for different video dimensions, whether or not your video is in square horizontal, or vertical format, is expanding.

With Snapchat and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased in popularity. YouTube and Facebook videos also support this format. 

IGTV, Instagram’s video platform, hit a wall once they tried to push its users to use vertical video. Thanks to the low usage, Instagram declared that they’ll support traditional horizontal video on IGTV as well.

A similar story exists for square videos. At one instance people thought that square video content performed higher on Facebook and Instagram. According to a study, it was found that view-through rate and engagement rate are much higher on the square than landscape videos. So, Instagram has started supporting photos and videos in broader dimensions. 

Will we keep seeing more square videos within the next twelve months, or have things come to the traditional dimensions? Is a vertical video still good? We’ll see. It’ll be smart to keep an eye on the trends.

Silent Videos:

video marketing trends 2020

When Facebook introduced its autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos in the feed with no sound, it was a total game-changer.

It was later admitted that they were measuring the minimum amount of seconds as full views, however long or short the video was.

Now publishers are creating videos with subtitles and animations to convey context with no necessity to activate the sound.

Instagram autoplay videos in its feed and so does LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

With autoplay videos, there will be more consumption of silent videos. This can also mean you can watch videos irrespective of the language of the audio.

Now that we know all the trends, we should start exploring all the options because video content marketing is dynamic and we need to start experimenting with different techniques.

Till then keep looking out!!

branding and marketing

5 Reasons Branding helps Your Marketing Campaign the best way

5 Reasons Branding helps Your Marketing Campaign the best way 512 288 Admin

As the business world keeps on advancing year after year, so does the manner in which companies need to market themselves to stand out among the present competition.

A company is merely a company without a strong brand. You wouldn’t sustain for long in this era unless you build a powerful image for your company in the marketplace. 

Why Branding?

Economic and technological development will continue to level up the competition in the market, it will become increasingly difficult and risky to depend on products and services only for a profitable business. 

That’s when branding comes in. To stand out in the market, businesses need to build a strong brand. 

Branding is a combination of the features that define a business – along with a catchy name, attractive logo, and color schemes there is a lot more that plays a major role while building a strong brand for your company.

The story that you have written for your brand, the language that is used for different social media platforms – even your captions matter, the product packaging, tone of the brand, website, and the list goes on. Every aspect plays a role in building a strong brand.

Customers today don’t just purchase a product, they expect an experience. Conducting surveys is an old school practice now to find out what your target audience wants. Companies today involve the customer in their product developments. 

This is a smart move of demonstration of letting them join your inventive procedure to engage them. 

Moreover, this methodology makes you look progressively dependable, trustworthy and authentic.

There’s a difference between Branding and Marketing

Have you at any point pondered the contrast between branding and marketing? Yes everyone does, but you are not alone with this confusion. While the two are without a doubt associated, there are minute differences between the two. 

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you understand branding and marketing both in extraordinary detail, with the goal that you can successfully use them together. The following is a more critical gander at the contrasts among branding and marketing.

Branding is the strategy you follow to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing is the process or the tools and ways a company uses to deliver the message of their brand. 
branding and marketing

Branding defines who you are and what your company is about. While marketing is the process of creating awareness about your brand and increasing credibility in the competitive marketplace. 

Marketing is the practice of getting people engaged with your business and branding is something that keeps them coming back to you.

Effective branding makes marketing easier for your company. Moreover, branding cannot stand alone. Branding without marketing doesn’t work for any business.

Latest Branding trends of 2020

1. Create your story

How, when and why did this company start?

Your audience wants to know your story. A story with facts, not fiction. 

Branding is not just about the logo of your company or the products and services you offer with great packaging. Storytelling is a part of branding. Invest some time in learning how to share your story. About the adventurous lifestyle, adversity your company has faced and aim in creating human connection by adding some emotional touch.

2. Be Bold!

Be bold while building brand guidelines or a strategy for your company. Take the risk with your image. People will remember the brands that stand out in the market for their boldness. It stays in their mind for a long time. This can be executed by using strong language, powerful artwork, or even bold colors. Break the norms and don’t be afraid to take a chance. 

Take the example of The Rolling Stone – An American monthly magazine about popular culture. This Brand is known well for the strong language they use and powerful artwork.   

branding and marketing

 3. Brand Influencer 

Have you ever followed a brand or made a purchase because a well-known personality you admire has endorsed a product or service of that brand?

Oh yes! I did. I started following Manyavar when Virat Kohli became the brand ambassador. 

Influencer marketing is no longer a newbie in this era. Every other brand uses influencers to reach out to a greater audience. It is one of the best practices to increase your followers, gain popularity and boost your sales.

Influencer Marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. People tend to get influenced while making a decision for their purchase when someone else refers to them about it. 

A well-known influencer can help you increase your brand awareness, traffic, boost sales and engagement by leveraging their social media power. 

4. Immersive Technology

The impact of technology on branding is changing the market like never before. Companies now focus on giving a human-like experience to their customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence analyses consumer behavior and provides businesses with insights into their competitors, current performance, and resource allocation. Marketers can leverage these insights to create a better connection with their audience in the future and improve their performance.

Chatbots are the most commonly used AI platform by companies today. The introduction of chatbots has improved customer engagement. People can chat in real-time with 24*7 customer support.

5. Creative Customer Experiences

Customers start expecting more from you when your brand stands out from the rest. Branding is not just about selling, logo, and image. Creating an experience for the customers is a major role for your company. You can deliver the expected experience only if you understand the needs and behavior of your customers. 

Though your products may be great, your profits won’t last unless you nail your customer service. And this will let you stand different from your competitors.

Design the experience you want to give your customers by keeping in mind that they are your long term need. Give them a reason to come back.   

Importance of Branding in Marketing

1. Stand Apart from your Competitors 

The market out there is crowded. The competition for every company to stand out has reached the next level. Every business wants to present itself as a unique niche field. To beat your competitors, do everything that your competitors do and differentiate yourself at the same time, and fill up the void that they leave.

For example – Differentiate your brand in terms of pricing, by focusing on a narrow niche, innovation, convenience, and by delivering extraordinary services. 

But sometimes take the chance and be quirky, weird, and bold. That’s what makes you different from your competitors.

People tend to connect better with brands that have a face. Show your audience YOU.

2. Products get recognized 

When your audience has a good relationship with your brand it gets easier to promote products.

Branding helps your company to build up an image in the marketplace and in addition boost the sales. Your brand becomes recognizable once you bring it to your audience’s notice. 

Moreover, arranging different occasions to announce the newly launched product can add a cherry to your cake. Advertising will lead the way. Different gadget companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oneplus have established themselves because of the outstanding branding. 

Fundamentally, the more you bring your service in front of the crowd, the higher the odds of your service being known by the partners. There is a more prominent significance of brand recognition.

3. Generates Increased Revenue

  A brand is a valuable asset. Branding is an investment for companies.

branding and marketing

Apart from the sales of products and services you offer, people perceive your brand because of your brand equity. Let’s take the global brand Apple for example. They have great leveraging power and through effective branding, they have gained huge brand equity. They rule the market at this time. They have the power to increase the prices of their products three times and their audience will still pay for it. 

Once your brand is positioned as a leader in the industry and marketplace, with great brand equity and customer loyalty, you will see a huge increase in market share. 

4. Branding increases employee productivity

People are willing to work for you when your brand is well established. This frees your company up to the top ability and furnishes you with the most qualified and skillful workers for your organization. When you have the most ideally equipped individuals for the activity, your organization’s profitability level will also increase.

Your employees need to stay motivated to work efficiently. When the brand is well-known and has the potential to fulfill the employee’s requirement, it will result in the growth of the business.   

5. Branding helps you connect with your customers emotionally

Creating strong emotions helps in building bonds between the customer and the business, which is definitely one of the best practices for building a brand. Brand intimacy results in the growth of the business to a great extent. 

The best practices to build a strong connection with the customers are listed below:

  • Try fulfilling the needs of your customers beyond their expectations.
  • Help customers become better and smarter through your products and services. As mentioned earlier, give them a reason to come back. 
  • Give your customers a fun and gratifying experience. Get your customers to indulge with your brand.
  • Create an identity and image for your brand that customers can resonate with, so they may feel connected with you. 
  • Keep your messages simple and clear. A message that makes sense and can be easily understood.  

Always remember Branding is an action (verb). Empower your business with branding and in the process, if you feel lost, always get help from professional branding managements and get your business back to life.  


brand communication

10 Most Effective Tips of Brand Communication You Must Know

10 Most Effective Tips of Brand Communication You Must Know 512 288 Admin

There are various well-known brands in the market industry in the long run. What makes these brands remembered by their audience,  how are these huge brands made? The journey from being an organization to a brand name isn’t a simple one. Brands are not made overnight. It is your clients who hold the ability to turn your products/services into a hot-selling brand! The key is communication. Your communication sets a precedent for your brand. So if brand communication is clear and hits the targeted audience in the correct place, you will win the game. 

Let’s understand what exactly brand communication is 

Brand Communication is one of the center activities of brand strategy and management, and it is essential to having a healthy and purposeful discussion with partners. It is one of the promotional strategies utilized by the brand to influence the clients’ opinions about the brand, the organization in general, and about the products and services that they offer.  

It is the act of conveying and delivering significant and focused messages relating to the brand, to its partners. This includes the blended utilization of traditional marketing channels, for example, newspapers and TV with the key strategy of social media. For instance, content promoting, blogs, and digital marketing.

Here are the effective tips of brand communication you must know and follow: 

1. Be real, genuine & honest

You need not bother about the celebrity brand ambassadors to advertise your brand if your clients become your brand advocates. If they’re the ones discussing your brand, imparting to their peers, and spreading positive verbal exposure for your brand, who needs any other person. They are generally genuine and authentic specialists in brand promotion. In this way, it is your role to guarantee that all brand communication from your end is additionally certifiable and spontaneous. Try not to utilize automated answers nor react like a bot. A humanized, compassionate, and true brand voice constructs a quick association with the crowd which is based on trust. Try not to cause your reactions to appear to be forced. Handle them with a human touch, consistently.

2. Don’t oversell

The minute a brand begins overselling, it begins to lose the trust of their audience. Keeping your marketing procedures subtle enough that they fit in splendidly, is the thing that you should watch out for. Brands will, in general, go over the edge with their ideas and neglect to put quality over quantity. 

3. Be authentic

Since you’re a brand, instead of only an individual, being credible and dependable consistently pays off. Overcoming the gap between the brand and the customer comes to a great extent with trust and confidence. Authentic communication is consistently in demand. Individuals love to talk one-on-one, and what could be better for your consumers than to discuss with their loved brand! It is essential to depict that the eyes and ears of your brand are constantly open for feedback, just as for communication. The tone of your content shouldn’t sound unexpected and direct, but should rather have space for comfort and great relationship building.

4. Create engaging content

In case you’re making content for your audience, the least you can do is make your content engaging and interactive. Content which is absolutely educational is most often received by the audience without any feelings. Brand communication is powerful when communication occurs on both sides. Along these lines, making connections with content allows your customers to enjoy what you bring to the table.

A standard flow of such content expands commitment and gives the customers a reason to return back again. With only a little bit of tweaking here and there, one can transform their customary content into engaging content and furthermore sharable content. Following this technique effectively, a brand may likewise land up with clients who become brand advocates.

5. Always focus on reliability

Individuals love simply relatable content. The content which is relatable is amazingly sound for boosting up brand communication. The picture of the brand turns out to be all the more inviting, open, and approachable. What’s more, a little attention ain’t really awful. Content other than straightforward brand promotions do incredibly well for such strategies.

6. Create a persona

After you have effectively figured out how to keep up a picture and make a personality, remember to keep it easygoing and furthermore have a ton of fun. Try not to restrict yourself to a specific sort of content, be flexible, and brimming with surprises, buyers love that! Adhering to a specific sort of content limits the huge pool of chances and material that you can work upon. 

7. Create Conversions

At the point when a customer shares a positive experience, go further than saying ‘Thank you’. Give open-finished reactions and strike discussions that help your brand discover its humanized voice. Individuals love it when a brand takes the time to have a discussion with them – one on one. Regardless of whether it’s an enjoyment and fun-loving discussion, individuals will recall your brand more for how you affected them. At the point when you arrive at that stature of having common ongoing and positive discussions with your clients, soon they will be the ones doing your advertising for you.

8. Expand your brand on multiple channels

In the world of social media, networking is most probably the best component that the web brings to the table. Sufficient for us, we can work with it in numerous manners. Brand communication can be reinforced significantly if a brand is available on numerous channels. Brand communication is made viable just when you are dynamic in all the channels you are on. Social media life is like a blessing, particularly for any brand searching for effective communication.

9. Make content for customer fun 

In some cases, you should simply kick your feet up and unwind. Dull nature of the brand communication procedure, where you need to post continually, can accidentally disturb the nature of the content and furthermore become upsetting and exhausting for the beneficiaries. The fun object can come in numerous ways, you should simply analyze and see what works directly for your brand specifically.

10. Leverage customer-generated content 

Give close consideration to what your clients are sharing or saying in comments or forums about your brand. What’s more, when you recognize what they need, act snappy, and give them what they need. Utilizing client created content isn’t as difficult as it appears. Basically, share customer content and change your products/services/communication to give your audience precisely what they want. 

With the coming of the digital age, the major focus is not on how to showcase your products to the buyer, but on how to advertise your item with your customers! With these 10 tips of collective promoting, a brand communication system will do some amazing things by focusing on its customers viably and effectively.

Focus on the following points: 

  • If you need your audience anticipating your blog posts, you have to offer them something that delights them and add some value to their lives. This will improve their trust in you since they will see that you aren’t simply determined to promote your services and products.
  • Don’t be hesitant to attempt new ideas, and ensure your posts spread different topics other than simply your organization or industry. Sharing extraordinary posts by other industry pioneers can be valuable. Fluctuate your content to ensure individuals don’t lose interest. You need them to hold returning for additional. 
  • Helping individuals in social networks is one approach to make a presence in social media. If your brand is known for offering truly supportive guidance, it will give your brand connections everywhere. At the point when you focus around helping individuals as opposed to driving traffic, your business makes certain to develop all the more quickly.

Everybody is aware of the brand Coca Cola, they follow a very amazing communication strategy which makes them brand no. 1.

Let us read in detail about the communication strategy which Coca Cola follows:

Coca-Cola was established by John Styth Pemberton in 1886. Who might have thought at that point, that Coca-Cola would be the moneymaker it is today. The organization is the world’s driving maker of beverages, working in more than 200 nations over the world. The organization delivers in excess of 500 beverage brands and over 1.06 billion beverages are consumed each day everywhere throughout the world. 

Coca-Cola has consistently invested energy towards keeping up a good client to organization relationship. They need their brand and products to be a piece of people’s daily lives, and they use social media life so as to make feelings and sentiments of association towards clients.

At present, the communication that is followed by the brand includes advertising, interactive/internet advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations,  sponsorship promoting & personal selling. Marketing is very important for this organization because its client base is so worldwide. So as to do this effectively and bring aboard new clients, the organization utilizes influential advertising techniques. The slogans utilized in the Coca-Cola promotions are exceptionally appealing and relatable, they make a strong and permanent impact on the viewers.

Medium of advertising: 

Coca-Cola utilizes advertising to make mindfulness among the potential clients about their products. They have various mediums of advertising that are shown the world over.

  • Print media
  • Point of purchase advertising
  • Television commercial ads
  • Outdoor advertising

The organization utilizes snappy or “cheerful” slogans so as to hit the target audience emotionally and urge them to purchase the product.

brand communication

A final word

Responding immediately to client assistance questions is a piece of your responsibility towards your clients. You should be at the place where your clients are and be prepared to help them consistently, rather than simply continually producing official statements to promote your organization. Building brand value is an exceptionally long haul procedure and brand communication plays an essential role in it. We are a brand communication company, Let’s talk. 



Brochure Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Why your Business Need it Now

Brochure Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Why your Business Need it Now 800 450 Admin

brochure marketing

Have you ever considered brochure marketing for your business? How long did you take to realize that it is a very powerful marketing tool?

Is it only after reaching here? If yes, we assure you that after reading the entire article, you’ll get to understand each type of brochure and its design. If not, we are here to guide you with which type of brochure will be ideal for your business.

Why Brochure Marketing?

A well-designed brochure can be an ideal way to introduce your brand to the industry and prospective clients. Brochures can be easily circulated to a large number of people if distributed properly and make your company’s name stand out in the light.

brochure marketing

What is the goal of a brochure? Well, the answer is here.

Brochure sends the unpretentious message that your business is proficient, solid, and focused on quality. 

Brochure marketing is a powerful marketing tool when it comes to reaching new clients and a well-designed brochure can create a positive impression about your business. That is why a brochure is a great marketing tool that your brand needs. 

Before deciding which brochure works best for you, take a look at different types of brochures that you might be interested in. 

Types Of Brochures

There are 6 different types of brochures based on layout and formats. They are:

  • Gate Fold Brochure
  • Bi-Fold Brochure
  • Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Leaflets or Flyers
  • Folders and Insert Brochure
  • Z-Fold Brochure

| Gate Fold Brochure

Popularised by high-end marketing, this type of brochure is extremely durable since it is made of premium quality paper and its inward folding makes it compact. 

This type of brochure works for single product displays, heavy graphic designs, and menus. They are popularly used for wide-visual artistic designs seen in architectural layouts and landscape pictures.

The standard brochure size is 8.5 “x 11” for the gatefold brochures.

| Bi-Fold Brochure

As the name suggests, it has 2 folds consisting of 4 panels, where you can show all the information about your company, your brand, and your products. They are commonly used in several types of organizations. 

This type of brochure is perfect for simple product introductions, plans, price sheets, city charts, real estate deals, and product sheets which are rich in content, specifications, and images.

The standard brochure size is 8.5 “x 11” for the bi-fold brochures.

| Tri-Fold Brochure

Being the most common type of brochure used by small to large businesses, it has a little more space (6 panels) than Bi-fold brochures, which makes it possible to present more information to the targeted audience. This brochure helps in maintaining a perfect balance between content and design.

The standard brochure size for the Tri-Fold brochure is 8.5” x 11”.

| Leaflets or Flyers

brochure marketing

Have you ever seen single-page brochures, announcing or recommending any product, inserted in any newspapers or magazines?  

These single-page brochures are the flyers or leaflets used to target a mass number of people to convey information. An eye-catchy design with short, crisp, and readably sized content can take it to the next level.

These are typically one of the easiest ways to reach out to a large number of people, providing product information or announcements. For small-scale marketing, the standard size of A4 leaflets and flyers are recommended.

| Folders and Insert Brochure

brochure marketing

Do you want to market your upcoming event? Then go with folders and insert brochures to grab the full attention of your audience, for the promotion of your event. 

This type of brochure features fantastic folders inside. Inserts are the printed sheets of paper that go inside those folders which give information about specific topics, services, and products.

| Z-Fold Brochure

As the name suggests, this type of brochure folds and looks like ‘Z’, with each panel on top of another. It is ideal for displaying lists, user guides, and technical specifications.

It has 3 panels with plenty of room to write about your business offerings. This type of design is commonly used for sales brochures, event brochures, etc. 

We have seen different types of brochures. But how can you create an impactful brochure?

Designing a brochure may seem simple. But designing a brochure that your recipient will keep for future reference is not an easy task. Effective brochure design is crucial in creating one with accessible product and service information. The more helpful your brochure is, the more drawn out its existence is with your beneficiary, and the higher the possibility, it could be passed on to your prospective customers.

Advantages of Brochures:

Now in case you’re thinking about utilizing brochure marketing in your marketing plan, pay heed to the following advantages: 

So what benefits will your business enjoy from printed brochures?

brochure marketing

1. Brochures Build Trust

You can start building trust once you have your future client’s eyes reading your brochure. Many companies portray their goals and objectives in their brochure so that the clients can see the commitment of the company. This commitment helps in creating trust and the establishment of relationships. 

A brochure communicates to the clients that you are a genuine organization with solid accreditation and trustworthy business practices.

2. Brochures Personalize Your Business

As your prospective client browses through your brochure, you can develop a one-on-one contact. A brochure can be read at any moment and give a personal touch to your business. 

3. Brochures are extremely versatile

In contrast with postcards and other types of print materials, brochures can be mailed locally or circulated at events.

Such multi-purpose features help in deciding to print a larger number of brochures since they can be used in the future as well. 

4. Saves Time

Unlike composing a full letter to a client and noting a request, sending a brochure that contains the required information, helps save time, and exposes the client to significantly more information. 

You don’t need to alter brochures or deliver them explicitly to a client. You can pop a leaflet into an envelope and mail it out to potential clients without any hassle.

5. First impressions are everything

So make them count. Working closely with a design team will help in making sure your company brochure has the “WOW” factor. 

This is key if you want to attract potential customers with an eye-catching design, high-quality print, and a lasting impression. A well-designed and written brochure will help generate success in your business.

We design Brochures!

So if you are fully convinced then why don’t you let us design a brochure for you? Take a look at our brochure examples and then give us a call! We offer professionally designed and personalized brochures, which are perfectly aligned with the services or products your business offers, by giving it true meaning.

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