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Working Social Media Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Brand

Working Social Media Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Brand Moshi Moshi

Are you looking for Social Media Marketing Techniques to take your brand to the next level?

social media marketing techniques

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in Marketing Techniques for Social Media. But in this blog, you can find 5 Effective social media marketing techniques to promote your brand on social media platforms.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Structure your business goals and the type of audience you want to target. Break down the strengths and weaknesses of every social media platform of your business. Analyze the demographics you are targeting & their presence on social media platforms so that you can structure your social media marketing techniques accordingly. 

If you are an E-commerce platform or a product-based business, consider building your brand on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you are in the service sector, or a B2B company, focus on being active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business.

Focus on Authentic and Quality User-Generated Content

Content Is King! You might have heard this many times before and it fully applies to social media marketing. Nothing engages and captivates the audience more than some quality content. So, create a brand persona for your business. Start by creating high-quality content on topics related to your product/service. Create compelling visual experiences for your audience through infographics, images, GIFs & videos, and build a loyal community for your brand. 

User-generated content is the way to win on social media. Run social media contests to enable user-engagement and attract attention to your business.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Advertisement

There still is a stigma attached to using paid advertising over organic growth as a social media marketing technique. But, we’re here to tell you that paid advertising is as important or perhaps more important than organic growth on social media.

Facebook Ads help many people reach your social media posts/videos. It allows you to target your audiences based on their age, gender, interests, location, relationship status, ownership and so on. This creates an option to advertise your product/service only to those handpicked audiences, who are most inclined to consider your offerings. This is known as Detailed targeting. Detailed targeting increases the efficiency of your ads & saves your precious rupees. It’s just smart advertising.

Structure your social media marketing campaigns according to your business objectives. These objectives can vary from website traffic, engagement, video views, conversions, to App Installs. Make sure to align your campaign with the right objective as this determines the primary structure and the features of the entire campaign.

Continuously monitor your ad performances and keep them fresh from time to time. This, in turn, helps you achieve brand awareness and ultimately boosts more leads for your business.

Customer Service

In a survey conducted by Sprout Social, the majority of the respondents stated that they use social media to directly communicate with brands. This statistic alone is enough to state the importance of customer service as one of the promising social media marketing techniques. 

It is important to note that a whopping 35% of the people chose social media as their go-to place for customer care & queries. The reason for this preference is the ease & utility that social media marketing tools have to offer. It’s much more comfortable & easy for an individual to approach a company for queries & services through social media, as it’s user friendly, requires very less time & effort in comparison to other means of communication such as a telephone, website, or a store.

With the continuous growth of the social media marketing rendering other mainstream channels such as telephones and brick & mortar stores redundant, this number is set to only increase in the coming days.

So, consider promoting your brand with customer reviews and testimonials. A customer can easily be influenced by other customers’ experiences. Use this social media tool to regularly engage, and clear your audience queries. This social media marketing technique acts as a backbone to your company by building a strong reputation in servicing & customer relations and enriching brand loyalty among the customers.

Partnership with Influencers

Another marketing technique trending in recent times is Influencer Marketing. This involves collaborating with an influencer to make him/her endorse your product or service on their Social Media Account. 

But first, who is an Influencer?

A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by their authenticity and reach. They range across different fields and professions such as actors, bloggers, fitness experts, photographers & so on. To simplify, we can divide them into the following 3 categories based on the size of their social media following:

Mega Followers are those with a million or more followers. They include generally celebrated personalities such as actors, athletes, and so on.

Macro Influencers are those who have a following between 100K & 1 million. Expert professionals such as bloggers, fitness experts, photographers can be found in this category.

Micro-Influencers have fewer than 100K followers. This category is difficult to define as budding influencers from all industries fall into this mix.

Some of the most mainstream methods in this particular social media marketing technique are shout-outs, reviews & giveaways. 

Consider collaborating with an influencer who shares the same vision and brand aesthetics as you. Partner with influencers considering their engagement rate and they how they resonate to their audience. 

  • Below 1% = Low engagement rate 
  • 1% to 3.5% = Average engagement rate 
  • 3.5% to 6% = High engagement rate 
  • Above 6% = Very high engagement rate

Social media marketing benefits are endless with an ever-increasing global crowd & swiftly evolving marketing techniques. These 5 Social Media Marketing Techniques when implemented effectively, are sure to elevate your brand to new heights.

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What do you mean by social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms and social networks to market a company’s products and services, it helps to reach new customers, engage with them and promote businesses.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing strategy is a summary and plan of everything you wish to achieve from participating in social media platforms.

What's in a social media marketing strategy?

1. Select relevant social media marketing goals 2. Determine most relevant metrics 3. Decide your social media audience 4. Understand your audience 5. Select the right social media platform.

Importance of Digital Marketing | Benefits of Online Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing | Benefits of Online Marketing Moshi Moshi

With the evolution of modern technologies, small and medium scale organizations are doing all that they can to keep up. Larger organizations are either changing their plans of action to an online one or are reinforcing existing marketing plans with digital marketing strategies. In this blog, we will talk about the importance of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, online marketing, or internet marketing is advertising your organization through the internet. All things considered, internet usage has multiplied over the last decade and this move has influenced how individuals buy items and communicate with organizations. The importance of digital marketing is that you can easily track and monitor your campaigns. So, when you invest your time and money into your campaigns, you definitely want to know whether they are working or not. Digital marketing makes it easy for you to track your campaigns, which allows you to adapt and drive better results.

Let’s Understand What is Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing is promoting or advertising any products and services through and on any digital device. This marketing method is not magic, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to excel at it. If you offer a product or service that the market wants, you can effectively advertise them in digital channels and the channels can include social media, mobile applications, emails, websites, search engines, or any other new channel. 

The list of digital marketing is continuously transforming, here are some common strategies that most businesses follow:

  • Paid search advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Here are some reasons why the use of internet marketing is not only an investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can assist you in developing your business.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

  • More cost-effective than traditional marketing – Small businesses have very few resources and capital. Digital marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers great results.
  • Helps to generate higher revenue – Following effective digital marketing techniques leads to higher conversion rates, which will deliver many profitable benefits for the business in terms of better and higher revenues. Companies who are consistently using these strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy.
  • Can help to interact with the target audience- Interacting and providing your audience with proper engagement points can give you an insight into what exactly your targeted audience wants.
  • Helps to build a brand reputation – If you deliver what you promise, it will help you develop better relationships with your customers and targeted audience. This will eventually lead to a better brand reputation.
  • Earns people’s trust – 90% of the responders claim that they will trust the information about the product/service of any particular brand if it is provided by people they know or the people who have previously purchased the same.

You must keep up with Digital Marketing Trends 2020. If you don’t follow these trends then your business might struggle.

The Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020:

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing has been a critical methodology for brands for a long time, but the format of videos keeps evolving. One year from now, videos will take up a huge lump of consumer traffic on the internet – with over 85% of traffic just from the USA. Most of these videos will not be uploaded by brands, but by individuals. 

Many brands have video marketing as a factor of production. They need these videos to look sophisticated and smooth for the sake of their brand reputation. But the problem is that most viewers aren’t searching for extra-embellished videos. They simply want quality content that is driven by a story, is informative, and engaging.

importance of digital marketing

  • Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is a multichannel marketing system that you set up at several touchpoints to reinforce the client’s purchasing journey. 

In other words, an omnichannel advertising plan suggests you design marketing touchpoints that can be run on most accessible channels. 

Most organizations use email, social media, and search as marketing channels. For eCommerce development, this can be an incredible method of marketing. You can think about these different channels: Virtual assistants and chatbots, podcasts, smartphone apps, and ephemeral videos. Every one of these can bolster your current showcasing system.

Omnichannel Marketing comparison 

Omnichannel is explicitly noteworthy for consumer-facing enterprises since 70% of clients usually use at least three channels to explore before they purchase anything.

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice input isn’t new but it hasn’t been as broadly utilized because of network issues, particularly when the search engines can’t process sounds. Web design and development trends will soon improve in demonstrating voice input. 

Voice Search has been around for some time, however, Siri and Alexa are just getting smarter. Besides that, voice search is a hot current trend in digital marketing – as seen by the following insights: 

  • 50% of all online searches will be through voice by 2020.
  • 13% of families in the United States claimed smart speakers and this is estimated to increase by 2022 to 55%. 
  • Shopping with voice search will increase to 40 billion USD in 2020. 

Taking everything into account, voice search is the digital marketing trend that you will see a great deal of later. For a mobile app development company, this is great news. Now when you make your applications, you won’t neglect to include a voice search feature.

  • Smarter Chat

Chatbots have been around for some time and remain a trend that is encountered consistent change. As indicated in a report by Grand View Research, 45% of clients lean toward using chatbots as an approach to impart for client assistance issues. 

Chatbots have indicated how successful they are in improving client experience and it empowers advertisers to better connect with their clients. They give constant assistance, support, and active interactions for questions relating to real concerns. WhatsApp, most recently, embraced this latest trend in digital marketing. They are offering Business Messaging that organizations are utilizing to manage everyday client exercises.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is being used to offer organizations the reality that a buyer expects. Popular designer brand, Michael Kors used AR effectively a year ago to make Facebook promotions where they requested clients to attempt and purchase their sunglasses. But AR and VR (Virtual Reality) is not limited to simply advertisements; a few brands are utilizing them to create brand awareness as well. 

For example, L’Oreal and IKEA figured out how to boost their client involvement. Through VR, they let clients imagine the products before making a purchase. A year ago, they presented their application IKEA Place that permits clients to essentially place furniture in their homes. While L’Oreal, the cosmetics behemoth, created its own AR stamped applications, for example, Style My Hair and Makeup Genius. Both empower clients to take a stab at hair and cosmetics looks through selfies. 

This Innovation in marketing is incredibly gainful for both attracting and holding onto clients.

Apart from the above artificial intelligence and machine learning trends, push notifications in the browser, social commerce, personalization, emotional evaluation are some other digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020.

Online marketing has outsold traditional marketing in recent years and continues to be a high-growth industry. Here are some benefits of online marketing.

importance of digital marketing

Benefits of Online Marketing:

  • Promoting your business 24/7 – One of the major advantages of online marketing is that you can advertise your business 24/7. Internet marketing has the benefit of selling and pitching your business or your products/services with no time limitations or geological boundaries. With clients/customers progressively going to the Internet for their purchasing needs and required services, online advertising is the need of the hour. 
  • Reaching out to your audience – Online marketing has made it easy to connect with and reach out to a wider audience. When you convey a message, you convey a message to the audience that is already following you, alongside, you convey it to individuals who are looking at the content you post. It is important to remember keywords and hashtags while advertising on the web. In traditional marketing strategies, a business can’t contact an audience that is located at a distance. With digital marketing, contacting an audience who is essentially miles away is not at all challenging. 
  • Better ROI – About profits, organizations are quick to know and adjust each system that causes them to develop their business. This is conceivable by having a phenomenal online presence. It is as basic as getting the maximum output from minimum input. 
  • Analyzing and evaluating every action – In traditional advertising, organizations have to wait for days to analyze their best performing marketing strategies and campaigns. Online marketing makes it easy to assess each business activity within a few seconds. This is possible because you can track the insights as soon the individuals begin to connect with your campaign. These include your traffic on the website, likes, shares, reach, impressions and so forth. Running campaigns on Twitter and Facebook can give you analytics and insights within these applications itself.
  • Better conversion – Online advertising makes the way for better conversion rates. Getting leads for your online business is simpler than traditional offline marketing. Connecting with your audience has become much simpler. It encourages you to create more leads and improve your conversion rates effortlessly.

A Final Word:

We have covered all the importance of digital marketing, there are various benefits of online marketing. In case you’re searching for better approaches to connect with your audience, Moshi Moshi Media an advertising agency in India is here to help. There are numerous services to look through including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click marketing. Connect today.

What is digital marketing used for?

Digital marketing is used to advertise any business using an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Why is digital marketing so important?

Using digital marketing you can connect with an enormous audience in a cost effective and measurable way.

What are the types of digital marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing., Social media marketing (SMM), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Affiliate marketing., Email marketing.

Why do we need a digital strategy?

Digital strategy will give you a clear path to strategic goal. It will help you to create tactics that will lead you to success.

Impact of Technology on Marketing Today

Impact of Technology on Marketing Today Moshi Moshi

Well, we’ve almost made it! For a considerable length of time, we’ve been looking to the future, foreseeing how developments in computerized media, stages, and innovation will shape advertising in 2020. 

Innovation has transformed the world into a worldwide town as far as easily associating individuals from various nations and societies go. In the propelled period, sharing information is easier than it ever has been beforehand. Every year, new devices and advancements have risen and the advertising innovation industry has expanded to endless arrangements. Advertisers would now be able to look over a bewildering cluster of choices to associate with new crowds, advance their items, or manufacture brand dependability.

Read on to find out the latest marketing trends that will help your business to survive and flourish with the new tactics.

Dominance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. A mystery box of possibilities and perils. Somewhat scary, but also very exciting! It generally carries with it a seismic and an irreversible result.

Great content starts with knowing who to target with your message, and what to say. At the point when you know your crowd, connection feels increasingly regular, permitting your brand to build enduring and steadfast connections. 

Artificial Intelligence Marketing, the latest method of marketing strategy that is taking the digital to some next level. At the core of such a strategy – and any business’ plans – should be a genuine responsibility to information and computerized by means of AI (ML) and man-made consciousness (AI).

ML and AI can help companies by providing insightful data about their competitive landscape, current performance, and resource allocation. In turn, marketers can leverage these insights, foster relevant and compelling interactions with customers, boost ROI, and affect revenue figures positively to radically improve performance.

AI helps companies to understand consumer behavior about their products and services by using data from social media platforms and search engines. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are digging in for the long haul. So, it is very important for organizations to truly understand how it impacts the market – something that marketers can depend on and drive value to both brands and consumers.

Impact of Technology on Marketing Today

| Chatbots

When chatbots came into the limelight for the first time, they found a home in customer support. This is the era of texting apps and with that came the innovation of chatbots. Chat in real-time, at any time of the day, with your customers and website visitors. Chatbots are intuitive software platforms that are installed in apps, live chat, email, and SMS and can work and sound like humans.

The world is gradually inclining towards the course of messaging as opposed to calling. Therefore, numerous consumers or clients would prefer to contact customer care via texting rather than calling to a conversation over the phone. In spite of the fact that using chatbots as a marketing tool or a customer service agent is ruling the businesses still it is not exactly enough yet. There is a necessity for businesses and companies to improve chatbots to accomplish the outcomes.

The major reasons why we need chatbots are:

  1. Online customer service is a 24/7 support operation.
  2. Chatbots are used for lead generation, improving customer engagement, and market research.
  3. It lowers the cost of providing services and maintains consistency in corporate messaging.
  4. Chatbots maintain Immediacy, Neutrality, and Personalization.

| Virtual Reality

Marketing is driven by the wants and needs of the customers. The thought of VR that people carried that it is used for gaming only has been completely changed by the marketing sectors. VR is used to offer a digital experience in place of a physical one, which can promote products and services. 

With the introduction of Virtual Reality, engagement rates can be improved as individuals come to you, instead of you expecting to draw them in. Because instead of using advertisement blockers or clicking out as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, individuals search out VR brand encounters.

Along with promoting the existing products, the marketers can also give customers a virtual experience of products under development.

| Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has changed the way the digital advertising market functions in 2020. AR makes advertising interactive, entertaining, allowing marketers and advertisers to reach out to customers in an innovative way. Augmented reality creates an emotional connection with the consumers, encouraging them to purchase.

AR Ads is a great technology that marketers have started using which not only promotes sales but also builds the company’s reputation and leads to brand awareness. Moreover, Augmented reality advertising is usually more affordable and far more immersive than print advertising.

| Internet of things

For a long time, the term Internet of Things (IoT) has been tossed around in the realm of promoting. Be that as it may, in the present day, what does this term mean, and how can it apply to current promoting? Read on to find out.

The Internet of things has penetrated online advertising. It influences basically all ventures, tremendously affects the volume of information, controls and organizes traffic (and how we handle them) and is progressively famous in a purchaser setting. The IoT is likewise reforming business activities that are perhaps less appealing for purchasers however genuine and substantial, from coordination to advertising. 

IoT makes it conceivable to track and access considerably more information about people. When moving toward them as buyers, advertisers can consider each data point a touchpoint in the consumer journey. Contemporary advertising has failed with modern-day analytics. IoT has brought exceptional and personalized advertising and marketing in preference to one-size-fits-all strategies.

The devices include anything from the Amazon virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Echo, security devices like Ring, your own smartphone, or a temperature control unit like Nest. 

Having these diverse keen systems be able to communicate with each other via the internet is an incredible way of communication. Yet, the most critical impact this ability has on advertisers and the world of advertising is related to data, a product that provides unlimited chances.

| Conversational Marketing

The one-to-one approach to marketing where personalization acts as a fulcrum for the marketing strategy. Customers at this hour of marketing want to communicate through chat. They want a conversation. Businesses now use Live chats to connect with their customers. Chatbots are the most used technology to engage visitors and start a conversation. Providing customer support for all day and night is tough but with the help of chatbots, it is just one of the many things you can do and accomplish. 

Businesses need to get over the age-old lead capture forms on their websites. Real-time messaging makes the job easier. Let chatbots do the thing to the priority web pages. People want it that way so brands are reacting.

| Visual Search

Pictures are going to be the future of search instead of keywords. An artificial intelligence technology that allows users to make a search using pictures instead of keywords. Google Lens and Pinterest lenses are examples of visual search. 

62% of Millennials want the capacity to visually look over any other new technology, and the semblance of Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Bing have already evolved huge capabilities in this field. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why clients want to look by means of pictures — people are naturally inclined to image-based hunt, as 90 percent of the data received by the human mind is visual.

| Micro-moments

The present fight for hearts, brains, and dollars is won (or lost) in micro-moments — intent-driven snapshots of decision-making and preference-shaping that happen all through the whole consumer journey.

“I want-to-know,” “I want-to-do,” “I want-to-go,” and “I want-to-buy” moments are what Google called  “micro-moments.” 

Micro-moments happen when individuals reflexively go to a gadget – progressively a cell phone – to follow up on a need to pick up something, accomplish something, find something, watch something, or purchase something.

Micro-moment marketing is used by creating content that targets intent-rich moments. The content that offers value to the customer, providing them with the information they need to act on their desire to buy, learn, or do something or go somewhere. This helps in capturing user attention at the right moment.

Wrapping Up

So, there it is – a complete guide of the latest digital marketing trends you can’t choose to ignore in this era.

For anyone in this field of digital marketing, change is an essential part of the job. One must continue looking forward and endeavor to grasp new technologies, tools, techniques, and strategies so as to increase an edge over their rivals.


Learn: How to Build a Website From Scratch!

Learn: How to Build a Website From Scratch! 800 450 Moshi Moshi

You don’t want your amazing website to simply become another domain URL, do you? But you would like it to be a strong marketing tool for attracting prospective clients. Check out the below stats for web design. 

how to build a website from scratch

Whether your company is small, big or intermediate, well-established, or new, an amazing website will generate sales, foster goodwill among clients, and deliver clear marketing messages. In this blog, we will discuss how to build a website from scratch.

What is web design?

An amazing website is your corner of the internet. You don’t need a Facebook profile, or an Instagram account, or even a prototype. You need a website to get the best for you, and your company. A website will reveal who you are, and will give you the best look possible.

So now you must be wondering, “how to build a website from scratch?”

how to build a website from scratch

It is important to discuss why you need a good website for your business before you come to this point.

|- Your website is your canvas

Be it business, hobby, passion, or a simple product you’re talking about. Expressing yourself via your website has no boundaries! You can experiment, engage with your clients, and reach a large international audience with just a click!

|- Websites set the first impression

The very first impression is the best. When the audience visits your website for the first time, it takes them just a few seconds to formulate an impression about your business. So it is important to give a positive impression as it impacts your audiences’ perception of your brand.

|- Websites build trust with your audience

Is a poorly designed, obsolete website trustworthy? Undoubtedly no, right? 

Your audience may think that your business and approach are as outdated as your website design.

|- Websites act as a certification

Having a website available gives your business a level of authenticity because the first thing a customer searches for is your website. 

how to build a website from scratch

Your amazing website is also your front and salesperson.

|- Websites are all-around workers and cost-efficient

Apart from being your identity, a website is also your business card to all potential clients. It works for long hours, takes no sick leaves, and is available to your client 24/7.

What’s best is that they don’t take extra pay for it! They are affordable and cost-efficient, depending on your requirements.

Websites also have unlimited office space. So you can work, grow, and expand as much as you please.

|- Websites make you edgy

Website advertising for you in the best way possible. They are your best marketing team who are forever present! They give details about your work, make you credible, and give you an edge over your competition.

Websites also help with brand building, don’t they? How many times have you purchased something because of a good website? Or when has a bad website changed your mind about the brand?

Your website is your online profile and hence they reflect and communicate who you are.

Now comes our foremost question, How to make an amazing website? This question can be answered with the help of several points. How to build a website from scratch is not always about technology. Some key principles can make a website great.

Our approach to how to make a great website is quite direct. “Don’t build a website because you need one. Build a website because it accomplishes a goal.”

Once you have a clear goal then it’s not a challenging task to add or remove elements.

Points to remember while designing a website

Content is king

When we started working with Sumanahalli, a society for the treatment of Leprosy afflicted individuals in and around Bangalore, their website wasn’t updated to the requirements of today’s users. Their content wasn’t arranged appropriately which obstructed users from getting the information they needed.

It is important to note that you must not stuff your website with unnecessary content, only create quality content on your website. All the extra content needs to be ignored and removed since it takes away white space which is needed to make your website look great.

how to build a website from scratch

We revamped their website by changing their whole layout. Decluttering the design and formatting it by viewer engagement was our biggest triumph.

Their credentials and pertinent information was added to the home page, making important content more accessible. We also added their portfolio to the home page, to make their work more notable. 

Larger fonts were used, making the content more clear for the user. Their new website looked more clear and easily conceivable.

Don’t confuse your audience

How to build a website from scratch is a challenging question. You are targeting your audience and communicating with them. If you wish to successfully communicate with your audience, make sure you don’t confuse them.

In order to achieve this goal, keep the navigation simple and avoid creative titles by using conventional titles such as “About us”, “Services”, “Contact”, etc

4-5 titles are adequate. More confuse the audience. Always remembers navigation is meant to be used, not to think.

Purposeful visuals are important

Images immediately communicate with the audience. You should give a summary, a testimonial or story with depth and meaning and offer a far more engaging experience than writing alone.

For effective interactions, visual elements are perfect. But never make the website look crowded or cluttered with lots of videos and photos. Too many images hinder the overall aesthetics of the website.

Technical sides of website building

Talking about the technical sides of developing websites for any business, these are the questions normally come up:

  1. How to make a website on WordPress?
  2. How to make a website on Google?
  3. How to make a website using HTML?

how to build a website from scratch

To build a website for your business, you should select a website builder software. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are some of the most common site builders out there. 

WordPress, an open-source software package, is the most versatile builder of websites. You can customize your website to match your core content using WordPress.

1. How to make a website on WordPress? 

What are and The former is where we can find the free WordPress software that can be downloaded and run on your web server. 

The latter is the service that proffers websites that run on WordPress. You can sign up for a free account and receive a fully operating website. You can only use a subdomain on — like

2. Google Sites 

Creating a website with Google Sites is another way to build a website. Site is a service provided by Google which helps you build websites. With only a few clicks, you can use the freely accessible web service to make creative and interactive websites. No knowledge of HTML is needed!

3. HTML in building your website

how to build a website from scratch

HTML is the code that converts your template into what your browser will be able to show. There are lots of frameworks and software available that will help you create websites and templates. It will then translate all of that into lines of code read by your browser and turn it back into your design.

The design and concept of your website is a significant part of your online marketing presence. Your website is your identity, the unique portrayal of your image.

Now that you know how to build a website from scratch, you should know that a website will help you achieve your business goals. You must invest in developing a website that provokes people to learn more about your business.

We help you communicate with the world, and connect with the viewers. We create a home for your brand to live on.

We have worked with many more clients. And we would love to work with you!

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Why do we need a website?

A website is the best way to provide value-added services to your customers and clients. whether our business is small, medium, or large we must have a website for our business.

Why design is important for a website?

Web design is important because it gives a strong impression on your client's mind. Good web design keeps the visitors engaged.

What makes a website a good website?

Good websites are clean, professional, organized, user friendly and ones having fast loading speed.

Product Photography Techniques | Best Photoshoot Ideas

Product Photography Techniques | Best Photoshoot Ideas Moshi Moshi

product photography techniques

In today’s day and age, social media has become an integral part of everybody’s daily life. People use social media all through the day, including the first thing they do while waking up and the last thing they go before sleeping. Hence as a brand, it is very important to create a presence on the Internet and build brand awareness amongst the general public. To gain a presence on social media, one should focus on advertising their product/service by capturing creative photographs. In this blog, we’ll talk about product photography techniques.

High-quality product photographs are ideal for e-commerce advertisements. Customers are always looking for an easy way to gain information about a product and it is said that 93% of them consider images to be an essential decision-making factor while purchasing. 

Hence, using this opportunity to give evidence about the quality and value of your brand should be a smart move. 

But how do you put your brand out there? The obvious answer to this is by having professional product photography.

But product photoshoot are easier said than done. A lot of factors come into the picture like camera equipment, background, composition, lighting, and editing to get the perfect shot. 

These factors vary from one product to another, making product photography an art itself. But do not worry, this isn’t rocket science and we’ve got you sorted. 

Go through our six product photography techniques and tricks which will help you become a professional photographer. So let’s get started!

Product Photography Techniques-

1. Choose the Right Camera

The most essential element to any product photoshoot is a camera. There are dozens of acronyms that might not even make sense. But to make things simple for you, look for the following settings in a camera for product photography.

Product Photography Techniques

  • Choose the correct white balance, preferably the same as the kelvin temperature of your lights.  
  • Do not go for a wide-angle lens. It will distort the product i.e., stretch the product and makes it look wider.    
  • Always know the right aperture for the right shot. Using a wide aperture like f2.8 or f4.5 will narrow down your depth of field which would leave parts of your product out of focus. Using a small aperture like f8 or f11 will give your image a wider depth of field, keeping the whole product crisp and in-focus.
  • Most DSLR cameras have a dial with modes for macro, portrait and action shots. Use these modes to your advantage while shooting.
  • However, if you have a smartphone with a great camera, then you don’t need to worry about investing in a DSLR camera (in case you’re just getting started).

2. A Plain White Background is the Best Background!

Have you ever asked yourself the objective of a product photoshoot? What is it that you want people to observe from your shots? Isn’t it obvious that you want to focus all the attention on your product?  

If you want to ensure that your product is the star of your photoshoot then having a plain white background is the right way to go. This will allow the product to shine amidst a clear and crisp background. 

Though other light colors like pink, light blue, and yellow can be incorporated, a color as simple as white will put all the attention only on your product, which is the main objective of a photoshoot. 

Using a bright color like red, orange, or violet will completely distract the attention of the product while also losing the shape of your product with the background.

product photography techniques

However, a plain background isn’t necessary if your objective is to upload the images on social media platforms and websites. It is mandatory in case the product is to be advertised on e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon. 

It is a highly recommended practice in the industry which also enables the product to have a professional look.

3. Lighting Setup 

It is said that a white background without a light source does not appear white in the photo, it looks grey. 

Light is a major factor that defines the quality of an image. Setting up the right light source can be crucial in determining whether a visitor on your website buys your product or not. 

A lighting arrangement displays all the crucial decision making details for a visitor. 

There are two lighting techniques for a product photoshoot, one is natural light and the other is an artificial light.

 – Natural Light: 

Natural light is nothing but sunlight. It is the easiest light source to obtain if you have a budget constraint because it is free of cost. 

Sunlight is also known to be a ‘soft light’ because the range of light is softer and larger when compared to the light of a lamp falling directly on the product.

product photography techniques

Remember to keep your product near a large window so that the maximum amount of light falls on the product. 

The best time to shoot using natural light is early in the morning and late in the afternoon before sunset. These two-time slots are recommended in our product photography techniques because the sunlight is not very harsh during these times of the day. 

Natural light also creates a natural shadow of the product which plays an important role in providing a sense of space while creating the shape of the product.

– Artificial Light:

If you are uploading a product image on Flipkart and Amazon ads, then using artificial lights for the photoshoot is preferable. 

The setup consists of two softbox lights, generally placed on either side of the product. The key light is the main source of light on the product and the other light can be placed as the fill light or the backlight.

product photography techniques

In case the light source is too harsh, you can always place a cloth or a white paper to diffuse the light. In addition to this, learn more about ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, and other settings to set the perfect color balance on the camera.

 4. Rule of Thirds and Keep the Product in Context:

The composition of an image decides whether the attention of the viewer is set on the product or not. 

Following the rule of thirds can help you compose your shots better. The rule of thirds is very simple product photography techniques that segment your canvas into nine equal parts, like the example below.

Ideally, the object in focus should be placed on the line joining the two intersections on any side of the image. It will help in creating a well-balanced composition for each piece in the canvas. 

The human eye is said to naturally observe one of the intersection points more than the center of the image and hence, following the rule is very vital.

Prospective customers should be able to visualize themselves using the product which they view online and only then will they invest in the product. 

Therefore, the product must be displayed in a way that makes the customer believe that the product can change their life for good. 

These lifestyle shots need a human using the product, which makes them perfect for marketing on social media platforms, blog posts, and emails.

5. Shoot for the Edit:

Always aim to do minimal editing on Photoshop instead of throwing together a few hasty photographs and expecting photoshop to work its magic. 

While editing software can make a notable impact on a photograph, relying completely on one software can only take you so far. They are meant to enhance and give small touch-ups to photographs that are already beautiful.

If you are hoping to change the image completely by cropping things out or changing the backdrop of the photograph, then your skills will only become sloppy. 

By shooting for the edit, your skills will not only get enhanced but the time spent on the editing desk will also reduce drastically.

6. Take Inspiration from Videos:

Even though it is recommended to keep editing to a minimum, it’s a skill that can never be neglected. 

Adding a touch of brightness, contrast and saturation will yield an enhanced – finished product.

Although having formal training in editing software like Photoshop can give you a headstart, there are plenty of tutorials online which will teach you everything from the basics, without you having to spend a rupee. 

In case you are just starting, you must have some basic knowledge about these software and other product photography techniques because there are tons of things that can be done. 

So simply head to YouTube and take Inspiration!

Live Action vs Animation, Pros and Cons | What’s Best For You?

Live Action vs Animation, Pros and Cons | What’s Best For You? 800 450 Moshi Moshi

We know that Dalgona coffee is trending on Youtube. But let’s revisit the hassle-free coffee experience that we miss. check this animated explainer video by Nespresso, In this blog, we’ll discuss the live-action vs animation pros and cons in detail.

In 2017, Nespresso invited Finnish artist Pietari Posti to advertise its limited edition coffee blends. The initiative was called “Nespresso on Ice” and became a trendy CGI commercial later. The footage takes the audience on a relaxing journey around the Mediterranean with the coffee in hand.

This is the power of video advertising. Within 30 seconds you have been on vacation without leaving the comfort and confinement of your home.

Choosing an appropriate video style is an important decision in video advertising. Your choice of design will make or break the whole video marketing strategy, including your target audience and central message.

There are two primary styles for video advertising: Live action and animation. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, depending on your objective. One must study live action vs animation pros and cons carefully, before deciding their video style. For better understanding, check out our video where we cover the topic in depth.

Here are the stats showing how video marketing can help to get better conversions, more leads etc.

live action vs animation pros and cons

Live-Action vs Animation Cost: 

| Animation Video Cost: 

The first step in an animated video is scriptwriting. Scriptwriting is then followed by storyboarding, designing, voiceover, visual effects, and music. 

Let’s assume that you want to proceed using animated videos. The next choice you have to make is to hire a video production company or freelancer.

If you decide to hire freelancers you can get a huge variety of skills and budget. This means if you have a lower budget you can choose freelancers who charge a lesser fee. But you have to take into consideration the time investment required from your end, to manage the team of freelancers.

If you choose a video production company you should hand them the reins and review the project at every stage, without having to take up additional work of team management.

However, make sure you discuss the fees and project deadline in advance, depending upon your requirements.

| Live-Action Video Cost

The process for Live Action videos is complex. 

First, you have to think of the normal script and storyboard, which you can either create yourself or employ a specialist to take care of. The actual filming is quite difficult without professional help.

You have to worry about safety, team, location, costumes, props, etc., for live-action shooting. When you are prepared to do it on your own, brace yourself for a lot of planning which can get tedious. 

Furthermore, there’s a post-production stage which, like in animated films, involves voice performances, scripting, audio, sound, and some graphic design.

If your finances are limited, it is worth remembering that in a few days you can film a live-action video, but it would not look professional.

You can utilize the resources that you already have. For example, use your house or workplace for location and your buddies or coworkers for performers. 

Overall, the ultimate expense would rely on the services you use and the quality of the video you want. You should spend accordingly after weighing all your options.

But the cost is not the only factor that is critical for choosing your preference in video marketing. There are many other differences between live-action and animation videos. Some of which we have listed below. 

Live-Action vs Animation Pros and Cons

| Animated Video Pros:

The most enticing feature of video animation is that they save you money, time, and energy because they require no actors or setups in real-time.

Animated videos often look good for more complex goods and services. Animated videos allow a simple and clear interpretation of more abstract topics while keeping the audience engaged.

Let us consider the above one-minute video describing what it means to invest in stocks. Most people know that there is some investment instrument called shares and anyone can invest in it, but many people do not know what exactly a share is and how it operates. Hence, the animation explainer video explains the working of stocks in a simple way. 

Imagine a live-action movie on the same topic. It would not only cost more but would be very confusing to a layman. 

Complex concepts are more challenging to express in live actions, which sometimes ends up being a mixture of live-action and animation. It is probably why the number of animated videos on explainer videos has grown significantly in recent years.

Furthermore, an animated video can be modified and restored, as we keep the original and can make the edits on the same, which will not be possible with live actions.

| Animated Video Cons:

The biggest drawback of an animated video is that it is a lot less personal than a live-action video and it can be difficult to establish an emotional connection with the audience.

Most of us have lovely memories of home-made food made by our family and we have many emotions attached to it. The above commercial features an elderly lady holding a tiffin for her grandchild who is hospitalized and she has come to visit him.

The nurse is feeding the guy with bland hospital food which he doesn’t like. His grandmother comes every day with the home-made lentils to feed him, but the nurse does not allow this as it is prohibited to bring outside food for patients. This keeps happening for a couple of days but the grandmother does not stop. 

One day, the grandmother brings two boxes of tiffin and gives one to the nurse. What happens next is easy to guess. The nurse tastes the food and feels that it is homemade food which will not harm the patient so she finally allows her to feed the grandchild. 

The same video would not be able to leave a lasting impact on the viewers if it were animated.

|Live-Action Video Pros:

A huge benefit of live-action videos is that they have a more genuine, enlightening, and relevant feel associated with them. Partly because of the human body language, which is more relatable. You will need skilled actors on board, including professional stuntmen if the script requires stunts.

 |Live-Action Video Cons:

Live-action videos can be created quickly provided you create simple videos. But if you want picturesque locales for many subplots and realistic action stunts, the production process will take time and cost money. 

The expense is a huge obstacle in live-action video marketing, which increases if you require more staff. 

You cannot alter filmed scenes in case of a live-action film. It may be difficult to set the scene up again whether you skipped a shot or decide to type in additional terms. Animated videos on the other hand can quickly and almost immediately be revised and improved with little to no extra expense.  

Taking into account all these factors, you must find out what works out the best for you, which depends on the message you want to communicate.

Final Thoughts:

Make sure your video advertisement has a thought-out communication strategy which includes: The brand name, reputation and company culture, aim of your film, the desires of your target audience, and key message. 

Through the above live-action vs animation pros and cons, we can understand that both these styles offer great experiences. You can even combine various formats of live-action and animated videos – a method that would provide you with the best of both worlds. Regardless of whether you choose live-action or animation, using video marketing trends is always a good choice for your business.

Is animation better than live-action?

Both videos have different pros and cons. If you have a lower budget or you want to explain abstract concepts, animated videos can work best in that case. But if you can splurge or you want to make a more emotional impact, it is recommended to use a live-action video.

What is a live-action explainer video?

Live-action video means the video with is actually a shot video footage, i.e: not animation or motion graphics, but videos that were captured with an actual video camera.

Is animation cheaper than live-action?

Animation explainer videos are more time consuming and may require a higher budget but simplify the process if you want to explain something., live-action film can be very expensive if it has some CGI (Computer Generated Image).

Learn – How to Make An Advertisement Video That Converts

Learn – How to Make An Advertisement Video That Converts Moshi Moshi

Video marketing is a technique that should be taken into consideration by any business owner. This method of marketing is not only effective to increase revenue and brand awareness, but consumers often enjoy it. This is why it is so important for your company to produce a successful video ad.

Understanding how to make an advertisement video that makes the product sell effectively can be quite a challenge. Let’s have a look at all the important factors that one should consider before creating a video advertisement:

how to make an advertisement video

Important factors to consider before creating a video advertisement:

a) How to find the right target audience for advertisement?

One of the important aspects of making an advertisement is identifying the primary target audience. Factors like age, gender, income and interests of the target audience have to be kept in mind.

b) What’s the fastest growing video advertising platform?

  • Choosing the right medium for your advertisement according to the target audience is paramount. The most preferred medium for paid advertisements these days is social media as these sites have the best targeting systems.
  • Ads on Facebook: Facebook has roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users. Average age of users on Facebook is 24-35. We get the benefits of micro-targeting on Facebook. More written content = go for Facebook ads.
  • Ads on Instagram: There are 1 billion active users on Instagram every month. Roughly 32 percent of global Instagram audiences are aged between 25 and 34 years. More visual content = go for Instagram ads.
  • Ads on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has 303 million users every month that are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. LinkedIn has proven to give a higher conversion rate than Facebook or Instagram.

c) Best video dimensions for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms

An under 30 seconds, 1×1 square video works best for Instagram and Facebook. For a video for YouTube and LinkedIn, it should be a 16×9 Widescreen video, around 20 seconds long.

d) How much does it cost to make an advertisement video?

The estimated cost of creating a stellar video ad starts from 25,000 and can go up to 1,00,000. Creating a video ad in-house may not be a viable option if you have the following goals for your product or service:

  • To make your product or service stand out
  • To establish a winning brand reputation
  • Get conversions

It’s always best to get video ads done professionally if you want good quality ads that can impact your brand positively.

e) What makes a good video advertisement?

It is essential to focus on the problem your product solves. The seller needs to get into the psyche of the consumers and understand what they need. Whether you are selling a product or a service, or you are marketing a course or an event, there needs to be clarity as to why people should buy the product.

f) Is video advertising effective?

Yes, because…. You know why…

How to make an effective advertisement video

An insightful online video ad is a perfect way to generate attention in sales and grow the brand on the internet, either on your website, on your Facebook/Instagram page, on your YouTube channel, or on e-newsletters.

Here are a few tips on how to make an effective advertisement video that sells:

1. Make the first few seconds impactful:

The beginning of a video is very critical. You need to get the attention of your audience within the first few seconds to prevent them from skipping your ad.

Start with a statement to create interest in your video ad.
Make an attempt in the first few seconds to get the audience to solve a specific challenge, pose a valid query, or communicate something that defines the brand.

If your video ads are on mute, you should start with captivating graphics that inspire audiences to get involved in your video.

The videos of “Tata Tea Jaago” were a favorite across the country.

Alarm Bajne Ke Pehle Jaago: A pre-activism awareness campaign that provokes the audience to take steps before any traumatic incidents strike. It showcases that proactive prevention may help deter bad events from happening.

Here the first scene generates interest by its bold and thought-provoking statement.

2. Showcase what makes your brand great:

Why are people interested in your company? What makes your company great? In your video ad, address this query by stressing on what makes your business better. Show them how you can solve their problems. 

Tell the crowd that your brand is exclusive and special. Share your results. Display your performance track record.

Customer reviews and constructive feedback can also be incorporated. When you highlight the advantages of your company, your video ads will be more effective and successful. 

3. Keep the videos short:

Don’t make your ads look like documentaries. Most online video advertisements are 30 seconds or less. Keep this as the maximum length for all your video ads. 

Having said that, longer videos can also be useful for branding. For example, a long video is perfect if you want to share a tale about your brand involving a consumer or a business representative.

 In either scenario, unwanted lengthy content should be avoided.

4. Use Call-to-Action: 

Any form of advertising aims to inspire people to take some kind of action. Your advertisement shouldn’t be any different. The call to action (CTA) can be either filmed or added through animation and text.

Ideally, it is best to include the CTA at the end of a video. For example, you can add CTAs to show viewers how to visit your website for more information, how to sign up for a discount or how to buy items.

5. Testimonials:

Figure out how people use your product or service. You can make their lives happier by sharing their experiences with the world through videos. 

They would do a much better job at campaigning the importance of your product or service than any planned and well-executed marketing strategy. 

6. Connect through emotions:

The most powerful marketing strategy always consists of empathy and elements of problem-solving. 

The video should start by empathizing with the problems that the consumers are facing and then highlight the features of your products or services that can help resolve these issues. 

Your video can also show an infectiously happy looking consumer and link it to the product being advertised. Remember to focus on the benefits of your product and not on the features. Most consumers are not concerned with the upgrades and properties of a product. They only want to know how the product will help solve their particular issue.

7. Include limited time offer and create a catchy jingle:

Putting a sense of urgency (limited time) behind your post can be a strong psychological motivator. Psychological manipulations are often used in the advertisement industry. 

Exposure plays a key role in selling a product as it leads the consumer to start recognizing the product in the markets, therefore, manipulating them on a subconscious level to buy the product.

A catchy jingle linked to the product can act as a brand recall factor, making the consumers choose the product subconsciously.

8. Niche audience:

It can be tempting to reach as many people as possible in order to make more profits. Yet, even the strongest words only resonate with a small audience. 

Be part of the market that you’re trying to attract and learn about your influencers. It’s easier to target a market that you’re already a part of. Don’t try to endanger it all by guessing what the consumer may be looking for.

If you can aggregate yourself into a group and find the biggest converters in the niche, you’ve done all the work.

9. Use humor:

Add a little humor to your messages. It can help remove the barrier between you and your audience and build a sense of relatability.

You can see elements of humor in the Glycodin Ad as the video tries to show how a little cough can impact your entire life.

10. Connecting with daily life:

Build stories that show your product or service in a typical customer’s daily life without making it look like an ad. This way, the video makes its point but also pushes the marketing needle while still delighting viewers.

Final thoughts:

Nowadays, various companies have started seeking out creative advertising ideas because they learned how to make an advertisement video. A unique idea or concept can work in your favor but more than anything the direction and the execution of the idea are what matters. 

The budget of a video can govern a lot of factors including equipment used, crew, and the platform on which you will promote it.

The product shots taken need to be engaging and the script needs to be written immaculately. A couple of trial runs are suggested pre-shoot at the location to rule out any lighting and sound errors. 

But more than anything, the ad needs to resonate with the audience and needs to represent your company or brand properly.

What do you mean by video marketing?

Video Marketing is using a video to promote or advertise your brand, product or services. A strong marketing campaign incorporates videos.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

Videos are engaging, entertaining and searchers like to watch videos as compared to reading the bulk of text. Also, it is beneficial for the marketers as it gives a high return on investment ROI.

What are the types of videos?

Types of Videos: Vlogs, Webinar, Presentation, event, Product Review, Tutorials, Interview, Q/A's.

Why are videos better than text?

Videos engage viewers it gets 1,200% more shares than text and images. Our brain can process visual much quicker than the text.

What is SEO and How Does it Work?

What is SEO and How Does it Work? Moshi Moshi

what is seo and how does it work

I am pretty sure that if you are a beginner when it comes to SEO, you’ll probably want to call it Severely Exhausting Optimization. So why not learn what is SEO and how does it work? 

I completely empathize with you but once you start understanding the concepts and applying them, you will realize that it is quite interesting. 

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Why not relate it with our life? That’s how I learned.

Imagine SEO being a person who is put on a pedestal in society. But, it requires some effort to achieve that.

Let’s imagine that society is the internet and you are a website. You want to be number one, which you can achieve only through hard work since a huge inheritance isn’t in the cards for you.

Google ads can be compared to the few fortunate ones who have achieved name, fame, money in a short time through their billionaire parents. But I am an AAM AADMI (not from the political party). I am a middle-class person and I am willing to put in all the hard work even if it takes time. Let’s understand what is SEO and how does it work?

There are two types of SEO:

  1. On-Page SEO 
  2. Off-Page SEO

What is meant by search engine optimization (On-Page) is that Google checks if the basic elements of your website are optimized. This optimization is not limited to the appearance but extends to the following factors as well. Let us look at On-page SEO in detail. 

On-Page SEO

Appearance matters and so does your abilities. Imagine you went on a first date, shabbily dressed, without putting on any perfume, not taking the extra effort to look your best (even if your heart is gold). Of course, your date would not be pleased and you would not be preferred over the next date they matched with on Tinder. They would assume you do not want to make an effort to win them over. If you are only good-looking but your brain processes slowly, it can yet again hamper your image.

This is exactly what happens when Google search crawlers (robots) visit your website. They assume the website is of low quality because you have not optimized your page and it is slow in loading and Google ranks you lower. 

Through On-Page SEO, Google checks if the basic elements of your website, design, fonts and color are optimized. The following factors are crucial elements of On-Page SEO. 

1. Keyword Research

This is the most crucial part of On-page SEO. Here, we’re going to discuss Keywords which are basically what our audience types into their search engine. 

Keyword research is very important to rank on the website. Website content should contain target keywords, to let Google know that you provide the information, services, or product that the consumer is looking for. 

Here, we’re going to discuss two different techniques for doing keyword research.

  1. Keyword research using Search Engine Result Page
  2. Keyword research through Your Competitors Site Analysis

|Keyword Research Using Search Engine Result Page

This technique is a very simple and smart way to get started with keyword research where you don’t need any paid tool. Here we’re gonna use Google’s SERP and it’s features to get our keywords.

Let’s say you want to do keyword research for “SEO agencies in Bangalore”. 

How do you start?


Type in the generic terms you would use if you were to look for an “SEO agency”. You would get the list of related searches and Google suggestions for that particular keyword. Pick out the ones you feel like could be targeted.

what is SEO and how does it work?


On the same page, go to the bottom and as shown below, find the related searches. Take all the keywords you feel are the best matches for your services/products.

List out all the keywords that you got from step 1 and 2.

what is SEO and how does it work?


Go to Google Keyword Planner or any keyword research tool as mentioned below, and analyze all the keywords that you have based on Search Volume & Competition.

Note: You will see other keywords that people are using to find services/products like yours. Pick the good ones that you can rank in case you pick up High Search Volume + High Competition keywords.

Take the keywords with maximum search volume and the least competition. Remove all the other keywords after you pick up your target ones from the list.


Repeat the same for all of your Services/products to get all the keywords you want and then you start Keyword mapping.

There are other tools such as – Ubersuggest, Answerthepublic,, and WordStream Free Keyword Tool. You can follow the above process using any of these tools.

|Keyword research through Your Competitors Site Analysis

This is another way of picking out the best of available keywords. Your competitors have most likely done all the keyword research and they might have even used paid tools for the same. 

Why not get some keywords from them? Right?

I’m sure by now you’d have guessed how to go with this technique. But to make sure, I will list out the three small steps.


Search on Google with very generic keywords for your services/products.

I.e. SEO Company India, Digital Marketing Services, Social Media Ad Company.

These are the top keywords in the Digital Marketing Industry on Google. You will find 7 websites on PPC ads and 10 organic SERP sites.


List out all the 17 websites from page 1 and 2. You will get another 14-15 websites that you can add to your list. 

Analyze all of these websites pages (homepage & services pages) one by one and extract the target keywords from that page. Keywords will be included in Title, Description, and Content. Make sure you get the right keywords. 


After you are finished with keyword extraction, go to any Keyword Research Tool and look for Search Volume & Competition. 

2. Canonicalization

A canonical tag (rel=canonical) in the back-end tells the search engine that the particular URL is a master copy. 

E.g., we have an HTTP version and an HTTPS version of the same website. Search engines can get confused about which version has to be shown in the SERP (Search engine result page). 

That is why having a canonical tag prevents the problems caused by multiple versions of the same website.

How to put a canonical tag? This is a code that goes in the back-end of the website.

what is SEO and how does it work?

The canonical tag indicates that the page on which this tag is put should be treated as a duplicate of the mentioned URL.

3. Header Tags Optimization

Header tags are mostly headings on your post. They are HTML codes that provide structure to your content. 

The most significant heading tag is the H1 tag and the least significant is the H6 tag. 

We have to follow the hierarchy that is the H1 tag followed by H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. This helps crawlers understand the content better. 

4. Internal Link Structuring and Optimization

There should be a proper internal link structure that the user can navigate through, to find relevant pages on the website. 

Just like in a family, if the family members are not connected, then there would be a lot of misunderstandings. 

Similarly, website pages need to be interconnected.

5. Image Optimization 

Image optimization is making images readable by crawlers so that they can understand what the image is about.

Go to the back-end of your website in the media section and put keywords in the Alt Text. Let’s take the following example:


You go to the media library.


Select an image from the media library.


Go to the Alt Text part and describe the image. Enter the title, caption, and description. It is advisable to put the keywords here if they are relevant.

6. Robots.txt Creation

Robots.txt is a text file that tells the crawlers/robots, which pages to crawl to or not crawl to. 

When the robots crawl a page, they look for – allow or disallow attributes to know what their instructions are. 

This is done on the back-end of the web-page. 

Disallow attributes are relevant for financial transactions mainly on e-commerce websites.

This tells the crawlers not to crawl through those pages.

7. XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a blueprint of the website. It is a guide to tell search engines which content is available and how to reach them. It helps web robots with faster indexation. It’s an important one. So, don’t ignore it.

There are plugins for the same. Like Yoast, Google XML generator.

8. SEO Friendly URLs (URL Rewriting)

URLs should be written in a user-friendly way and the keywords should be integrated into the same.

Why should it be user-friendly?

So that the user/person can easily understand what the page is about when they look at the URL.

Think that you are looking for some info on “personality_dev” online and you open some link with /xmlsajd/ types of URL which has all the info you are looking for and another one is /personality-development/ which to has almost all the info that you need. In these 2 URLs, you know for sure that the second one has the info you need but you are not sure whether the first one has the info you are looking for or not. That’s why having a user-friendly URL is important. It helps increase your CTR.

9. Title Tags and Meta Tags Optimization

Title tags and meta-description is the title and description that we get on search engine result pages. It should contain the targeted keywords that you are trying to rank on.

The title plays a very important role in ranking your keyword as well as making your prospects get onto your website. Meta descriptions, on the other hand, do not help in ranking your keyword but help in increasing your CTR (Click-through rate).  

As you can see the keyword is “Australian shepherd puppy,” and it is present in both, the Title and the description (meta-description). Similarly, ensure that your keyword is used in these places. 

10. Page Loading Speed Optimization

The page load speed forms an integral part of On-Page SEO. Google gives the utmost importance to speed. It has released the mobile-first indexing update and checks for mobile-friendly websites. 

You can check your page load speed here

Let us take an example of the following website: 

what is SEO and how does it work?

The score here is low since the higher speed score is between 90-100.

You can increase the mobile speed by using Better Amp.

Another plugin to optimize the images is the Smush plugin.

11. Structured Data Implementation

Google shows schemas (enhanced description) if you add structured data to your site which is a piece of code.

Search engines read the code to create these enhanced descriptions. There are plugins available to create the code without coding knowledge. 

what is SEO and how does it work?

In this case, the highlighted sections like group tours, contact us, and stores are part of structured data. It enables your site to rank better for a wide range of content types like articles, local businesses, restaurants, TV episodes, ratings and reviews, Movies, and Products.

12. Content Optimization

Finally, we have content optimization where keywords should be included but keyword density should always be within 3%. The content of the website also forms a crucial part of On-Page SEO. If you provide irrelevant content by keyword stuffing your rank may go down.

By ensuring that you address the On-Page SEO, you show the search engines that you know how to target your audience by providing a smooth experience to the users.

Off-Page SEO

You are known by the company you keep and networking matters.

Let’s say you are a very good person but you often hang out with goons. So you are more likely to be misjudged. 

However, if you have associations (links) with the right people then you would also be respected and trusted. 

Just like in human nature, socializing is one of our many priorities.

Making the right connections, having the right friends, or knowing how to carry yourself at social events adds weight to your portfolio. 

Social engagement is a crucial skillset, and it would be beneficial for you to hone it. What is meant by search engine optimization (Off-Page) is exactly this. It is always about the right connections and associations. If you get backlinks from the right website/page which has a high domain authority or page authority, you will be given priority by Google. 

These connections can be made in the following ways:

1. Creating Shareable Content

It is important to create extraordinary content that is both informative and engaging. This would help get organic backlinks when people share your content on different social media platforms.

2. Using Influencers

If you have created shareable content then you must reach out to influencers and ask them for backlinks if they like your blog. 

3. Guest Posting

There are several blog websites available for guest posting like Medium. Post your blogs on them and get a backlink. 

4. Social Bookmarking Sites

There are multiple social bookmarking sites, like Reddit and Tumblr, that can get traffic to your website when you bookmark your blog page or website. 

5. Forum Submission

Take an interest in forums that identify with your site and business, and make associations with that network. Answer threads, individuals’ inquiries, and offer your recommendations and guidance. Utilize “Do-Follow” links.

6. Directory Submission

Directory Submission attempts to assemble quality backlinks. Pick a viable catalog and select an appropriate classification. 

It requires some time and investment to convey great outcomes, but these outcomes stand out over a greater timespan.

7. Article Submission

 Submit your article in a high-quality article submission directory. Make sure you do not do keyword stuffing. 

8. Question and Answer Sites

Try websites such as Quora to increase traffic to your website. Provide solutions to queries related to your business. If required, provide links to your website.

9. Video Submission

Another technique is to submit engaging videos on video submission sites, like YouTube. Ensure that you give a title and description tags to the video. 

10. Image Submission 

Submit your images in popular image sharing websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Optimize with the correct URL and title tag.

11. Document Sharing

Create unique documents in PDF or PPT format and share them on sites like Slideshare, Scribd, etc.

12. Newsletters

A newsletter is a cost-effective technique to communicate with your target audience. 

Plan your newsletter by incorporating recent content from your site, along with some fresh content.

For the most part, you should keep your newsletter short, however, loaded with intriguing and applicable data. 

While creating content, ensure that you provide proper valuable guidance and relevant data so that you add value to your subscribers’ content consumption. 

But make sure that you abstain from sending an excessive number of bulletins because you will end up irritating your users and will begin to lose them. 

So now you have learned what is SEO and how does it work, you will want to know how to check your SEO score. There are a few sites that permit you to check your SEO Score. One such site is SEMrush

Another option is to hire an agency and learn more about what is meant by search engine optimization. They will also help you optimize your website and other content to be SEO friendly. 

Tools Summary

Tools Mentioned Function
Keyword Planner It researches on keyword search volume and average bid cost
                     Ubersuggest It finds trending keywords and search volumes
                  Answer the public   It searches and maps keyword suggestion that you see when you perform a Google search Generates hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords 
Wordstream free keyword tool Allows marketers to pull out lists of  actionable keywords to use in their marketing campaigns
Yoast SEO It gives you tons of flexibility over your site’s content by letting you set up titles, meta descriptions and manages sitemaps
Pagespeed Insights It calculates your website speed and gives recommendations
Better Amp Improves loading speed of your website in mobile search
Smush Plugin To optimize images 
Google XML Generator To create sitemaps

What is SEO in simple words?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is done to improve the ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the purpose of SEO?

The main purpose of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to gain organic traffic to your website, to increase the visibility for your website, and to increase the possibility of the conversion.

Is SEO important in 2020?

SEO has been around for more than a decade and a half and contributing in the share of traffic for successful websites, optimizing your pages for SEO is going to be even more important in 2020 as organic search continues to rise above other search traffic.

What is whitehat SEO?

It is a practice that improves the website rankings on the search engine result pages without doing any unethical activity.

Top 5 Types & Techniques of Animation for Beginners

Top 5 Types & Techniques of Animation for Beginners 800 450 Moshi Moshi

What is Animation?

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

Well, we know animation is much more than simply making drawings in a book and flipping through the pages. The process of manipulating pictures to appear as moving images is animation.

techniques of animation

The illusion of motion created by a series of images is more precious than any other form of art. Animators create their own way of telling a story to the world in the most interesting and engaging tone. Animation videos play a major role as it keeps your visitor engaged with your website. 

Let’s watch this video to understand the importance of animation videos for a business.

This blog is a great way of learning the basics of animation. Through this blog, we will learn about how animation was done and what are the different types and techniques of animation for beginners.

Animation Today – An Ultimate Tool of Communication

Each of us must have spent hours watching animated shows and movies. Animation today is more than just a mere form of entertainment that we enjoy.

Have you seen the successful animated commercial of Swiggy?

They used 3D Animation for the proper conveyance of the message through this ad. They have depicted their service in an interesting way, by showing Swiggy’s go through the traffics, struggling on roads, but still giving a swift delivery of orders.

Animation today has a lot more to offer than just entertainment. Animators use this powerful means of communication to tell stories and educate others. 

Animation has effectively evolved today that it can improve marketing and branding strategies. 

techniques of animation

Statistics reveal that including an animated video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80%. You will definitely choose to buy a product if it’s visually illustrated well on a website.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of brilliant animation ads.

Educate while you entertain

When we educate people through entertainment, it gains more engagement. Animation helps achieve this at a drastic level.  

Animators have conquered the world of animation, a powerful media to convey a message and educate the world through entertainment.

Link with the audience emotionally

The animation is capable of connecting you with your audience emotionally. Good animation can get the audience emotionally attached to the characters and the storyline.

– Quick delivery of a message

Animation gives life to the concept and product visualized in the video. The quick delivery of a message keeps the audience engaged with the content of the animation. 

The complex process which cannot put in mere words is pretty much easy with an animated video, wherein the communication is as magic.

– Increase audience engagement

Visit this site & take a look yourself –  FreshOair

An animated video included on a website can add life to the page. While these are embedded on video networks and posted on company websites, search optimization and increased traffic from video channels such as Twitter, Youtube, and other social media platforms could be accomplished.  

It makes the audience understand the concept better. 

Unlike olden days, there are several different types and techniques of animation for beginners available for marketers to use. Let’s deep dive into the types of animation to make your business approach easier and more visible!

Different Types of Animation Techniques

  • Traditional Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion Graphics

1. Traditional Animation – Beginning of Animation Era

To begin with the types of animation techniques, it is appropriate to start with traditional animation techniques. The oldest form of the technique used since the 20th century wherein everything is hand-drawn on paper. 

In this technique, every frame is drawn in a sequence, and then it is put together. 

I am sure you would have seen the flipbook in the movie “Taare Zameen Par” which explains it all. It’s all about creating the illusion of movement from sequential drawings. 

Animators draw pictures on a clear piece of paper, fitted on a peg employing a colored pencil, and work on one frame at a time. 

Animators sometimes check animations with terribly rough drawings to visualize what number frames they’d want for the figure. Contemporary animation has become a style that combines the techniques of traditional with digital animation.

2. 2D Animation (vector-based) – A technological hold on tradition

“Technology is a friend of traditional animation. It doesn’t have to replace it. It can help you do it” – Tomm Moore.

This is exactly how 2D animation, one of the oldest and most used animation techniques began.

2D animation techniques started out as just drawings on flipbooks and have evolved into the digital motion picture, creating beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry.

With the development of technology, animators started to step into an era of digital advancement. They upgraded their techniques by using 2D animation. 

Vector-based is a computer-generated 2D animation technique used to create a story to tell to an audience. Even though it’s one of the oldest forms of animation it is still used today in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games, and websites.

Some of the best 2D Animation Softwares are Adobe Flash, Toon Boom Harmony. CelAction2D, Moho (Anime Studio) Pro, Stop Motion Studio, Synfig, Opentoonz, Tupi, and Pencil2D.

Some of the best 2D Animation Softwares are Adobe Flash, Toon Boom Harmony. CelAction2D, Moho (Anime Studio) Pro, Stop Motion Studio, Synfig, Opentoonz, Tupi, Pencil2D.

3. 3D Animation – An avatar of realistic characters

“I believe in 3D for certain kinds of films. I certainly believe in using 3D for all things in animation because animation has such clarity and so much depth of focus” – Steven Spielberg

techniques of animation

Let’s talk about Avatar before 3D animation. 70 percent of this film has been animated. For this film alone, a whole new technology has been developed to make the characters look super realistic. The realistic animation seen in Avatar makes the movie different from other 3D movies. 

3D animation techniques or Computer Generated Image (CGI) is the latest frontier in animation which makes unreal characters look real. 

3D animation techniques show a complete 360 view of the models and make them look super realistic. 

Brands like Michelin, Mortein, Pillsbury, Kitkat, and many more have used 3D animation techniques to make their brands more visible and set a brand image.

Software to use for 3D animation is Blender, Wings 3D, K3-D, Source Filmmaker, Maya, Cinema 4D, Mixamo, and Houdini.

4. Stop motion animation 

Techniques of Animation - stop motion

1                                               2                                             3                                               4

Take a picture of a model/product. Then move it a little and take a picture again. Repeat this process to get strings of images with tiny movements. This is what stop motion animation is. 

Stop-motion is a simple form of animation technique, which gives out realistic, moving, and stylistic results. There are various pros and cons of stop motion animation.

Tim Burton’s films like Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie portray that stop-motion is not a genre, it’s a medium that enables artists to produce anything they think. 

Each protagonist in the film has multiple heads and body versions to capture the most human expressions.

Some of the Softwares for stop motion are Movavi Video Editor, Stop Motion Pro, Dragonframe, stop-motion, iStopMotion, and Stop Motion Studio.

pros and cons of stop motion animation : 

Cons: You have to be prepared and patient enough to erase and redraw when you make mistakes because you do not have an undo button for this style.

Pros: The visual of the animation will look comparatively more appealing if you are using toys because they look so real

5. Motion graphics

While still regarded as an animation form, motion graphics are quite distinct from other types of animation.

Motion graphics are animation pieces or digital images that create the illusion of movement or rotation and are typically paired with audio for use in multimedia projects.

It is not guided by personality or story, unlike the other kinds of animation. It is the art of transferring graphic components or texts creatively, which are generally for business or promotional reasons. 

Motion graphics are usually used to explain complicated ideas in simpler and engaging manners so that the audience is excited and learning something at the same time. 

For example, McDonald’s has produced a motion graphic video ads to inform people what they serve. They used it for the promotion of their business.

The best software to use for motion graphics is Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Maxon Cinema 4D.

Before You Go…

Think about taking your brand to the next level by incorporating one of the mentioned techniques so that your product/service appeals well to the audiences and keep them engaged and excited. 

To help you with this, we are right here at your service. Check out Animation at Moshi Moshi. 

What is animation?

The animation is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts, and preparation of photographic sequences which are integrated into the multimedia and gaming products.

What are the 5 types of animation?

5 Types of Animation: Traditional Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion.

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